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    @matt @Art Mbun is referring to the audio mapping, which for comparison was said to be a single, looping track for horse footsteps on Wii U, with a different one for galloping. Meanwhile the Switch version will dynamically play the sounds for each individual hoof fall when transitioning from a walk to a trot and a gallop.

    And for a game as ambient as this Zelda looks to be, a little audio fidelity could be worth a lot — who knows!

    Honestly, I wouldn't have caught that nuance until you told me. I'm sure the sound design for the Wii U is in line with previous 3D Zelda entries which never had any serious issues. Its not like they're gonna bork the Wii U's audio to mono. Haven't heard anything about enhanced audio mapping though; just "higher quality" environmental sounds. Is there a source for this?

    I'm surprised Nintendo isn't enforcing devs to support both play styles. Hopefully the the list of unsupported TV games is short and trivial. Learn something from PSTV's failure.

  • @Yoshi I'm all for it honestly, what i want is some games to be more designed for mobile gaming and some others being more for couch play.
    being limited to just the traditional controller would be a waste.

  • @matt said:

    Haven't heard anything about enhanced audio mapping though; just "higher quality" environmental sounds. Is there a source for this?

    Forgive me for not digging up wherever I saw them say this was a difference between the Wii U and Switch versions, getting this alone while dodging spoilers was hard enough, but here you go. 4 minutes, 53 seconds

  • @matt I think comparing this to PSTV's anything is a bit of a stretch. That launch was uneventful even for a peripheral.

    It isn't a stretch that mobile game ports will rely on the touch screen — those have always been low-effort titles. A major AAA publisher making the same choice just doesn't make any sense, as those games are all button-based.

  • @Haru17 relax. the situation is similar. I didn't compare the two consoles themselves. I think it's too early to assume anything really

    @Mbun regardless, thanks for the vid. It was a good watch. Not sure if it's really true about the Switch having enhanced audio mapping for Zelda. I would think something like that would be well documented. Instead I just see the repeated broad statement claiming higher quality audio which will make the environment sound more realistic. That's actually not saying much at all.

  • Any reason for telling me to relax? Seems pretty uncalled for. I'll let you know if my em dashes are RAGE dashes.

  • @Haru17 relax on being overly defensive about the Switch. all I said was that Nintendo could learn from the failure from the PSTV. People were annoyed that it didn't deliver on its sole premise; a Vita that used a TV as a screen. Then people found out that simply wasn't the case when it didn't support all Vita games.

    There's a reason why this is news. The premise of the Switch is to be able to seamlessly "switch" between TV and portable. Now we're learning that some games won't be able to make the "switch".

    That's hardly a stretch from the issue I described about the PSTV. Obviously we don't know if this affect will anything. The Switch isn't even out yet and we've yet to hear all of the details for the games coming out for it.

  • @Yoshi No, I'm talking about I Am Setsuna, Sonic Mania, and the plethora of indie titles that won't see a physical release. No matter which way you cut it, 32 GB is small and 64 GB should have been the standard.

  • @matt I don't think you realize why pstv failed, it's because the vita failed

  • @Bigdude1
    Honestly we could probably go on for a good while why the Vita failed, although I'd think that the biggest issues with the Vita is the proprietary Memory Card, instead of using a SD or micro SD card. the Cost of said Memory card, with a 32GB Vita card costing up to $90, while a SD card of the same size at the time it release was $30-$40. The lack of games, admittedly the Vita had a pretty strong launch lineup with Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Wipeout, Rayman Origins, UMvC3, Katamari and Blazeblue. Not a bad launch lineup, but it seems like not long after promised projects (Bioshock Vita for instance) and missing functions (why weren't all PS1 games, and PSP games avaliable from the start, and still are not available), and one major game not being give a Western Release (PSO2). Its really not a surprise in retrospect that the Vita died, oh and not to forget COD VIta bombing, along with AC Liberation.

    To me it seemed like Sony's plan was to have a strong first year, with a mix of old and new IP's on the Vita's release (Uncharted and Gravity Rush), with the major yearly third party titles (COD and AC) sort of picking up the slack towards the end of the year, along with cross buy titles helping things along during the summer season (Sly 4, PS All Stars, and others). However when that didnt go as planned, the idea must have been internally to switch the system to a PS2 on the go, thus we started seeing the HD collections pop up on Vita (GoW, R&C, Sly, Jak, MGS) sales were still slow, at this point the PS4 was about to release, so then the idea was to try and sell the Vita as a companion device to it, allowing you to stream your PS4 games on the go. Another year passed, sales barley moved, which eventually leads us to now, with the Vita pretty much just being on Life Support thanks to the handful of third party titles that get released for it on occasion.

    As for the Vita TV or Playstation TV, I feel like that was an attempt to appeal to the western market that released in Japan first for some reason, although the only thing I really have to back that up is alot of comments from the Playstation Blog saying things like "Id love to be able to play P4G, or Uncharted GA, on my TV with a DS3" or things of that nature. However with the PSTV not having access to all Vita games, and still relying on the proprietary memory card, it just didn't have a chance.

    Ill admit I love my Vita, P4G, and PSO2 saved me from many a boring night at work (Gotta love being finishing work at 1-2am, and being locked in till 5am), but I feel like its Achilles heel was the memory card, with them being outrageously priced in comparison to a regular micro SD card (again $80 for 32GB Vita, like $20 for micro SD)
    Sadly Sony missed its chances to correct this issue with the revised Vita system, or with the PS TV, which has put the system in its current state.

    (well that went on longer then I thought it would.)

  • @matt I think you might need to relax with overly attacking the Switch because of this news.
    If a developer wants to make a game that would ordinarily only ever come out on the 3DS because they want to utilize the touch screen are they just supposed to stop making those games now? Switch owners will now be able to play every Nintendo game available and won't have to own the console and handheld. If you can't play a touch based game on the TV at least you can still play it.

    Now on the other hand, it'll be a problem if the next Fire Emblem or Pokemon games are not playable on the TV because of reasons, unless that reason is touch capability is the game's core.

  • The game was originally made for iOS, it wasn't created for the Switch with the intend to have a Switch game that doesn't work on TV.

  • @matt said in Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype:

    @Haru17 relax on being overly defensive about the Switch.

    @Haru17 said in Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype:

    I think comparing this to PSTV's anything is a bit of a stretch.

    How many conditional phrases are required before I'm not being overly defensive to you? Let's talk about the game system without making comments at one another, please.

  • @matt I also found a Treehouse video that spends more time talking about the horses and the accompanying audio. Warning though, this video might have more stuff than people want to see before playing the game. Mild spoiler warning.
    Mild spoiler warning for the video above. Nothing too nuts, but might have stuff you haven't seen before if you just watched E3 demo and such.

    Cool your jets though guys. No need for the hostility toward one another.

  • Nobody is talking about the Nindies Showcase?

    Youtube Video

    In my opinion, there's a lot to be excited about!

    SteamWorld Dig 2, loved the first one, so they probably can't go wrong with this.
    WarGroove, basically Advance Wars reborn. Doesn't look like a cheap rip-off, it seems packed with interesting features, I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.
    Shakedown Hawaii, that's a really nice surprise! I have Retro City Rampage on 3DS but still haven't gotten around to playing it, I'll probably do that soon.
    The Escapists 2, good to know it's coming, and with local coop.

    Some previously released games made for local coop: Overcooked, TowerFall Ascension, Enter the Gungeon, Stardew Valley!

    I'm not surprised by this because it makes a lot of sense, but I'm very glad Nintendo saw the potential in having all these indie titles find a perfect home on the Switch. So many indie games are inspired by Nintendo games of old, they'll find a dedicated audience on this console. And since most of them are built for short sessions and/or local coop, the Switch becomes the de facto best platform to play them on.

  • @Axel Totally, that was the best Nintendo Direct / thing in a while save for the Breath, Odyssey, Splatoon, and ARMS trailers.

    Steamworld Dig 2
    For me, an attempt at Motherload — an old flash digging game that got a sequel on consoles. Digging in the first one on 3DS didn't feel good and combat felt straight up bad, so I hope they work on that! I beat the first one, but don't really remember anything, so hopefully the metroidvania upgrades do more to differentiate themselves and the levels this time.

    I love the pixel art. Not quite sure I'll ever enjoy Fire Emblem combat, but hey, there's a lot of people waiting for that same game on the Switch.

    Mr. Shifty
    A version of Hotline Miami with cel-shaded graphics that actually make me want to play, this will be a great early Switch release in April. And that TRIDENT throw, dude!

    Gravity Rush in 2D with more spinning platforms and basically Lucario's aura sphere move. This game IS the coolest shit.

    Stardew Valley
    I love sinking into a good grindy life game like Animal Crossing, but Stardew Valley is something I would never be able to muster up the energy to play on PS4. It sounds like just a perfect fit for the Switch to play around the house.

    This game is already out on PS4, but I live with firm non-gamers. Trying to get them to play this with me would be a fool's errand. It's a perfect fit on Switch, as I can take it to college or whatever and play with friends who play games.

  • @Haru17 said:

    I love the pixel art. Not quite sure I'll ever enjoy Fire Emblem combat, but hey, there's a lot of people waiting for that same game on the Switch.

    @Haru17 said:

    Fire Emblem

    *Advance Wars

  • I really want the switch yo. If someone could kindly lend me some money I'd be in your debt.