Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype

  • @thenerdtheword I'm going to be applying mine this weekend. (Similar brand I think, mine has green packaging). Happy to see yours worked out!

    I am really psyched for the Switch this year. It is a bit of a bummer to really have just Zelda + Indie games, but once we hit holiday this year that won't be the case. Zelda+Splatoon 2+Mario Kart 8 Deluxe+Super Mario Odyssey+Fire Emblem Warriors...

    Not having Smash is really going to hold the system back though. My dream is for Nintendo to announce it at E3, to be released before Super Mario Odyssey.

  • @Stormcrownn I've already got more games than I have time to play, and Zelda was super long, so I'm not complaining about launch lineup. Mine already has Zelda, Bomberman, the full Shovel Knight package with three campaigns plus a fourth on the way, and the Snipperclips demo in case I'm ever anywhere and someone wants to try the console out with me since Switch removed the stupid demo limit 3DS had.

    I'm actually happy Splatoon 2 isn't at launch, because it gives Nintendo time to smooth out their online before the game I'll most heavily use said online with. I know 8 Deluxe is sooner, but I probably won't pick that up until the holiday since I already have enough to play and have Mario Kart 8 plus all the DLC on Wii U.

    I still have a ton of games from the last Steam sale on PC and a couple Wii U games to work my way through too.

  • I gotta say when I first saw the console I thought the red and blue joycons were bad and that I would never want mine to be that colorful and mismatched. After seeing a real picture of it though from @thenerdtheword that's a pretty console! I really like those shades of red and blue and I think it looks great. I take back my previous uniformed assessment.

  • @Tragosaurus the colours make a big difference. I'm really glad I went for it.

  • @Tragosaurus I know! I picked the grey one but several of my friends got the red/blue one and every time I see them I regret my choice!

    I foresee a future with limited edition joycons anyway, it's such an obvious thing to do.

    So my second pair will be the Metroid Prime 4-themed one.

  • Rumour has it supply is gonna be short all year. Nintendo must really like to watch money pass them by. Was wanting to get one but I think I may jump on a new GPU instead of waiting until who knows when to get a switch. At least PS4's were continually being brought in on a regular basis.

  • @CGamor7 Where do you live? They've been getting restocked gradually around here.

  • @Mbun In Alberta Canada. Where you live? I've heard places in Europe have been getting them. It's been a dry spell here as far as I know.

  • @CGamor7 im in New Brunswick and while Walmart and stuff have been pretty short stocked in them all EBgames i go to seem to have atleast 6-8 consoles

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