Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype

  • Well, the launch of a new system is upon us. It's almost 1 week from now. Regardless of how you feel about the Switch, it is still exciting to witness the next big move from one of the big three console companies.

    I'm not planning on hunting for one. No preorder for the Switch. Actually I just preordered Breath of the Wild for Wii U instead. interesting that I will be in Japan at the time of launch. I feel like if I do come across one in the wild, I would probably convince myself to get one, assuming a Japanese Switch can be used to its full functionality in the US.

    A couple of things that keep me from being hyped for this console. One is accessories. Wii and Wii U had a ton of various controllers and accessories. Most of us own more than one console so these controllers and pieces get to be a lot. Wii U I play using the gamepad, Wii mote, and pro controller. And usually they're not charged and ready because I don't use the console that often. I worry about the Switch starting off with too many pieces. The 1p controller I assume would be charged mostly, but charging a second seems like a pain in the butt. Also, is this the first Nintendo console with no Dpad? 4 buttons is not a Dpad, contrary to the EZA podcast belief that PlayStation has 4 buttons for dpad (incorrect). That will ruin a lot of virtual console games for me. I'm better off with my 8bitdo keychain controller and my phone.

    I'm really on the fence. For me:
    -Full portability (even at home this is good since I have baby to watch)
    -Zelda and Mark look good

    -Not the best looking default controller. Assume it's not the best feeling either.
    -Probably battery life
    -Not many games I'm eager to buy at the moment.
    -not convinced this will be the best virtual console solution I wanted.

    Despite the unbalanced list I would still buy one haha. How do you guys weigh in?
    So what are people's big plans?

  • Well I'm just gonna waaait for the swiiiiitch!

  • A big issue for me is how much all the "extra" stuff costs. Like the closer to launch we got more and more stuff that feels important to buy got revealed and all seemed rather expensive. Like recently we found out the Switch doesn't have an ethernet port and an adapter would cost 30$?
    This combined with the weak launch lineup only makes me want to wait for the next iteration of the Switch and for a pricedrop.

    I have enough games coming out for other systems to keep me busy anyway, so I'm not desperate to shell out a couple of hundred € on a new system.

  • Bunch of preview outlets reporting Joycon connectivity issues. Prooobably just a software issue Nintendo can fix. Just a PSA.

  • Huzzah Tax refund finally hit my account, gonna try and track down a Pro controller.
    But so far I'm just getting the console and Zelda, maybe Bomberman too.

  • I'm pretty much anti hyped.

  • @DMCMaster my EB Games australia membership sent me an e-mail a couple of days with a Switch checklist for customers check off if they've got all their pre order items in.

    anyway i was really like wtf when i looked down and it said Zelda and 1 2 Switch were pre, selling fast. but they also happened to say Super Bomberman R had pre sold out it's first shipment of copies. i was like HUH?!?!?!? i would expect bomberman to outsell 1 2 Switch but it having more pre orders sold than even Zelda BOTW is what really confused me.

  • This is the most exciting console launch in almost a decade for me. I love my PS3 and PS4, but they were nothing interesting. They were just stronger versions of what I already had.

    Wii and Switch have a whole layer of excitement because they do new, interesting things.

    Being able to play console level Nintendo games where ever is a huge deal. Their first party is untouched in terms of quality and design IMO.

  • Overall I am very excited, this will be the first console I have ever picked up on launch day.

    I have made some adjustments to my original order (originally had all of the Zelda Amiibo ordered) and currently have:

    Grey Switch (have been changing between Neon & Grey for a while but have now settled on the latter)
    Zelda BOTW Limited Edition
    1 2 Switch

    I plan to pick up a few e-shop games at launch and have got a 128GB MicroSD card to accommodate this.

    One thing that interested me is that my Wife (who has very little interest in gaming) has seen some Switch adverts on the TV, I originally had zero plans to pick up 1 2 Switch but she pretty much insisted I did....we on holiday for a week in early March and she wants me to bring along the console.

  • @EvilMonk3y i actually think the Guardian is probably one of the best Amiibo's out there. i love how large and detailed the model is and then finding out a few days ago from GameXplain that they've even actually made all the legs of it adjustable to different positions which they haven't done with Amiibos before at all. love how much detail and thought has gone into it's design :D

  • @Yoshi Yes, the Guardian was the one I was tempted to keep however I simply don't have the space for them any more, won't be taking them with me if I plan to play Zelda out & about and finally with having a 6 month old who wants to eat everything at the moment....I think it may be best to give it a miss for now haha.

  • @matt said:

    this the first Nintendo console with no Dpad? 4 buttons is not a Dpad

    In the box sure, but you can just buy a Pro Controller and you should buy a Pro Controller for Tabletop Mode anyways. I know people are upset about cost, but the system already practically comes with 2 controllers, both with built in motion controls, HD Rumble, etc. in the box.

    @Yoshi They announced back at E3 they wanted to make the Guardian legs adjustable. Nice to know it made it into the final product though since back then they called the one they showed off a "prototype".

    I'm worried about the battery life of the actual base game system but not the joycons so much, because it's pretty simple to just click them into the main Switch unit while it's in the dock and charge them that way. No need to fish for double A batteries. If you're the kinda person who drains a controller charge and wants to keep playing more, grab either a pro controller or a second set of joycons to alternate with. This will also double as a second, full controller for a friend should you ever need one.

    Since I missed out on preorders, I probably will be hunting for a Switch at launch. Already preordered Zelda and Bomberman R to arrive launch day, so I just need to get my hands on the system itself. Pro Controller will probably be the most annoying thing to find, but I'm fine as long as I get it before Splatoon 2. Gritting my teeth and believing Nintendo's lies for now about how they won't have stock issues even though no preorders going on past the initial wave seems to indicate otherwise.

  • Apparently a 200 gb micro sd card is around $70, which seems like the best price point of the bunch. The price basically doubles for 50 more gb of storage, so it makes more sense to me to just buy two 200s at that point. Plus Switch gbs are going to be worth a bit more than PS4 gbs, cause each game is basically going to be under 25 gb in total.

  • Youtube Video

    Super cool that the guys had their own Switch this way. That Damiani had his Switch now! I'm not even a big Nintendo guy, but I like what I'm sensing in the air now around this release, and watching this video was just really fun and even heart-warming. There's that passion in Damiani's speech even if he isn't exactly jumping around. Really nice to see that. :)

    And was that some new EZA music we get to hear for the first time here? Almost dreamlike. <3
    Next week two group streams? Oh fellas, you're spoiling us! <3

  • Looks like the desync issue may just be weak bluetooth radios in the Joycons. You may have to sit closer than 10 feet from the console and not obstruct the line of sight to use them reliably with the docked console.
    Nintendo might also be able to address this with upping the broadcast strength or something in a firmware update.

    Youtube Video

  • For comparison's sake, the Dualshock 4 lags when you hold it behind your knees and try to move the camera in a dual analogue stick-controlled game. Holding the controller in line of sight from the system is a pretty universal rule, desync or no.

  • @Haru17 I fairly frequently use my DS4 from 20ish feet away in another room while I'm cooking. So, i'm not really sure a comparable situation. DS4 radio seems plenty juiced to me.

  • It will be really interesting to see Nintendo's official explanation of this. They will make it right one way or another. If Microsoft can come back from the red ring of death then this can pass too.

  • @TokyoSlim Yeah, not sure about walls and such. However, if you hold the controller directly behind folded knees and try to adjust the camera in dual analogue stick control games, the camera will keep drifting after you release the stick. It's annoying until you figure it out and clear the line of sight.