Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype

  • Hey the Wii U Gamepad has the same range or better. Oh the irony.

  • So much about this system and launch has me ticked. Accessories are way overpriced, launch lineup is meager outside of Zelda, and after the smash success of the NES Classic, they couldn't be bothered to have the VC up and running on day one. Don't even get me started on 32GB of internal memory, that was bad even when the Wii U launched.

    The worst part is that I'm actually gonna try buying this thing at launch without a preorder. I'm seriously looking at trading in my Wii U (collecting dust, poor fella) along with all my Wii/Wii U games and accessories so that I can get the Switch. I'll probably take it all in to Gamestop tomorrow so I can at least use their 50% trade in credit bonus towards Switch games and accessories.

    Goodbye Wind Walker HD, I hope Breath of the Wild is an adequate replacement. I think the worst casualty is gonna be Metroid Prime Trilogy, I never got around to playing it.

  • @benoit489 If you are unsure about the Switch at launch and want to play Zelda, just get the Wii U version instead.

  • @benoit489 Hmm it really sounds like you'll end up regretting selling your Wii U, I would reconsider if I were you ;)

  • @Haru17 said in Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype:

    @TokyoSlim Yeah, not sure about walls and such. However, if you hold the controller directly behind folded knees and try to adjust the camera in dual analogue stick control games, the camera will keep drifting after you release the stick. It's annoying until you figure it out and clear the line of sight.

    @benoit489 said in Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype:

    @TokyoSlim I sit 5 feet from my PS4 and I can confirm knees make the controls go absolutely wonky in the worst ways possible.

    Weird. I have never noticed this being an issue. Do you have to like press it up against your legs or something?
    I generally sit with the controller in my lap and feet up on my ottoman, with a blanket over my legs. So the line of sight on my controller is blocked to my ps4 by my legs. Is that what you're describing causing the problems? I have 2 launch era black Ds4s, though one is the replacement I got for peeling analog sticks.

  • I was quite hyped to have my first Nintendo console since the N64, but having my Legend of Zelda BotW Master Edition preorder cancelled due to fulfillment issues took all the wind out of my sails. I may just resale my Switch out to eBay for a profit in the first week since I won't have anything really to play on it. It all depends on whether I can snag another Master Edition preorder till then. (I do realize I could buy a regular or Special maybe, but I really wanted the statue to enjoy next to my console.)

  • @benoit489 said in Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype:

    Don't even get me started on 32GB of internal memory, that was bad even when the Wii U

    ummm you do realise that microSD card memory only currently exists at retail up to 256gb's right don't you? and those 256 gb microSD cards aren't exactly cheap...

  • There are plenty of valid criticisms, which is good for Nintendo to hear. Hopefully they'll take some of the feedback to heart. However, I personally don't really take any issue with things as they stand, and I am super excited to be receiving a new Nintendo console/handheld so soon. They were a huge part of my childhood, and I still love their games and franchises. I'm currently just getting a system and Zelda, maybe a screen protector too.

    I've been so busy lately that the release has sneaked up on me! But it's my birthday at the end of the month and I just landed a new job as a rescue EMT, so it's a good present to myself.

  • I am beyond HYPED!

    To the point that I keep having to talk myself down from buying to much extra accessories and games on launch day

  • @Yoshi Yup Snipperclips at launch, that's great news, and the price is decent too! After the confirmation that Fast RMX and Shovel Knight will also hit March 3rd, the lineup is starting to look very decent!

  • Damn was planning to request the week off so I could jump completely into Zelda, but just found out one of my coworkers is in the hospital.

  • My hype is somewhere between ecstatic and nonexistent, it depends on what side of the bed I woke up on. I am not buying one Day 1 and don't have plans on picking one up for a while. I am going to miss being apart of the festivities though. Watching all the Switch videos from The Nine is not going to make it any easier. The main reason I'm out for the time being is because of the lacking launch lineup. I could talk about how much money it is once you factor in all of the accessories and such but if I really wanted it I wouldn't think twice about dropping the money. Portability isn't at all important to me so I'm deaf to the main draw. I can get Zelda for my WiiU so I am set. I still find myself wanting one just because its a new Nintendo console but I already have too many games on my backlog I don't need a new console yet. I might buy one Holiday 2017 when Super Mario Odyssey launches, but most likely not until the next big release or two happens.

  • @Yoshi Yes! I forgot about that game. Snipperclips is definitely on my list.

    @Mbun ugh, I'm still bummed about the D-pad. Nintendo had the best D-pads. NES, SNES, GB and GBA games are best played with a D-pad. I can't play Street Fighter, Tetris, Super Contra and Super Metroid with an analog stick. I'm not paying $50 for 1-2 switch, so the only 2-player joycon game I would be interested in is Mario Kart.

    @Sentinel-Beach Thanks for the vid. I had no idea they posted this.

    I think I'm convinced, I would rarely/never play Zelda BotW on the go. So I'm gonna stick with my Wii U and bite on the Switch when Mario Odyssey comes out.

  • @matt said in Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype:

    @Mbun ugh, I'm still bummed about the D-pad. Nintendo had the best D-pads. NES, SNES, GB and GBA games are best played with a D-pad. I can't play Street Fighter, Tetris, Super Contra and Super Metroid with an analog stick. I'm not paying $50 for 1-2 switch, so the only 2-player joycon game I would be interested in is Mario Kart.

    Just use a Pro Controller then. that still has the D-Pad

  • @Yoshi my main gripe is that they advertise it as a device that's great for travel based local multiplayer. Getting two $70 pro controllers and having to travel with them defeats that function. I understand it's their design choice to be able to give everyone two mini controllers standard with the console. I understand the available solutions. I just think the solutions suck. If I wanna play contra on a plane with my bro, I'm not gonna pack-in two pro controllers with me.

    I just realized I can't even charge the joycons while playing off the TV. Not without buying an accessory or a secondary controller. No other console has this problem.

  • @matt no other console has that problem because no other console can be played on both the TV and off the TV as a handheld.

    any other console you would have had to lug around two bulky controllers to play street fighter with someone anyway. not to mention a huge ass console.

  • @Yoshi just because it's a portable console doesn't excuse it from not having a way to charge off the dock. Its not like the solution doesn't exist. It's shitty that Nintendo chose to charge extra and have two separate joycon holders (charging and non charging). They have no problems making other hardware options standard. This was a business decision, not a limiting factor because it's a hybrid console.

    If Im ever playing off the TV and run out of juice on my joycon I have no choice but to go handheld. If I have two pairs of joycons, by default I can only charge one set at a time.

    I have games like metal slug and King of fighters on my phone that work with Bluetooth controllers. I have an 8bitdo on my keychain for $15. I had those games running on a $50 Android go phone no problems. Each can be charged independently if need be with any standard microUSB and USB adapter. The Switch may be a nice console and cutting edge portable, but portable local multiplayer is handled better through other means. I'm not saying it won't be a problem for everyone, it's just not very enticing for me. And thats a third of the key features.

  • Decided a while back I was gonna wait on the switch, maybe till there's a bundle that comes with a game or something. After today with all the positive impressions of Zelda (which really isnt a surprise) I'm on the fence again. If the Switch is available on the floor without having to pre order or wait in long lines the temptation might be too much.

  • @matt the Joy Cons have a 20 hour battery hour life. are you actually going to play the thing 24 hours straight or something?

    just put them on the dock to charge when you go to bed each day. what's the bloody problem?