Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype

  • @matt said:

    a common problem I have are drained batteries because it hasn't been used. I have an Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii, and Wii U at my main TV (and most major retro consoles at the CRT). Usually three are hooked up to the TV and are ready to play.
    It sucks to fire up the Wii U after it's been on hiatus and have both pro controller and gamepad depleted. But at least I can charge them at the couch while I use them.

    I also don't buy that you just can't leave your Joycons hooked up to your Switch until you're ready to play, just as you should leave your Wii U on it's charging dock until you're ready to play. I've had problems before with Wiimote batteries being dead when I am ready to play, because they tilted over and leaned on a button that depleted their batteries over the course of days, but Wii U and Switch both come with devices that allow you to simply hook these controllers up to them and charge passively and stay charged until you're ready to play.

    If you can't walk a couple steps over to put your Wii U Gamepad back on it's charger or dock your Joycons back with your Switch after you're done playing that's on you.

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    If you can't walk a couple steps over to put your Wii U Gamepad back on it's charger or dock your Joycons back with your Switch after you're done playing that's on you.

    lol you say that, but there's a whole generation of gamers that are willing to pay extra and lose half their rights as consumers to digital media so they won't have to physically get up and change game disks when they want to play something else. :p

  • @TokyoSlim I mean there's more to the physical/digital debate than just that, but here isn't the place to get into all that.

  • It is a major factor

  • Never been the reason I chose to buy any game digitally over physically unless you count a single game on my 3DS, because I knew I'd want to play it daily, and I didn't want to have to buy a case for my 3DS to carry extra games around to switch them on the go.

  • Well, if I was specifically talking about you, I wouldn't have spoken in such general terms. :)

  • @Musou-Tensei its a neglegable amount of money you save, not worth the hassle

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    @Mbun The grip that comes with the switch has no charging capability it's a blank plastic grip. You have to buy the one that you can charge the joycons from.

    it mainly used for if you have a 2nd pair of joycons

    throwing them on after a game session will practically be second nature i feel. not all that inconvenient.

  • @Mbun My Wii U came with a charging cable for the pad, I can play Wii U while charging, that utterly basic thing got taken away from Nintendo just so they can sell the overpriced Charging Grip which really should be included with the overpriced Switch. Seperate overpriced Pro Pad, fine, but this is just pure bs, they are going backwards.

  • @Musou-Tensei Your Wii U Gamepad came with a charging cable because the things battery lasted for 3 hours AND because you physically couldn't dock it on the Wii U console and recharge it there.

    the Jon Cons batteries last for 20 hours and if you want to recharge them, just dock them on the system when your sleeping at night or eating dinner or something.

    you can't charge them while youre playing in TV mode right out of the box though? oh boo hoo. cry me a bloody river. i'm sure you'll live.

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    @benoit489 said in Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype:

    Don't even get me started on 32GB of internal memory, that was bad even when the Wii U

    ummm you do realise that microSD card memory only currently exists at retail up to 256gb's right don't you? and those 256 gb microSD cards aren't exactly cheap...

    64GB isn't a stretch. 32GB is just Nintendo being cheap.

  • @benoit489 i'm going all physical. so space isn't really an issue to me anyway.

  • @Yoshi I will, because I'm not buying that shit.

  • @Musou-Tensei we already knew you weren't buying a Switch. you've said that multiple times already, so why do you care so much about such a meaningless problem again?

  • @Yoshi I'm not so space will be an issue just like it was on the Wii U 5 years ago. I'm ready for Nintendo to show that they have learned something.

  • @benoit489 well it can hold up to 2TB's of microSD card memory which isn't even avaliable at retail yet and supports USB C charging which futureproofs the console on 2 parts.

  • @Mbun like I said. I have a ton of games and systems. At most I have three connected at a time. And realistically I'm actively gaming on two out of three at most. Wii U is the one I am using the least. I have a family and prefer not to have every console I own hooked up, accessories and all, simultaneously. That's a lot of clutter. I don't even game everyday, but I never have just one sole console.

    I'm not gonna cry about it. I'm just probably not gonna buy it right away for msrp. Most likely I'll just wait and get it on resale with a more complete package when Mario comes out. I'd gladly support Nintendo if I thought it was worth it. I guess I don't feel like it's worth it at this time.

  • @Yoshi Because eventually I will have to buy one.

  • @Musou-Tensei no you don't. you don't have to do anything.

  • @Yoshi To play certain games I have to buy certain consoles/handhelds, why else would I have a Vita?