Nintendo Switch Launch/Hype

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    But it's not uncommon for a game to have a patch larger than 32gb.

    On what, Vive? The Switch is a handheld — none of the full games announced for release so far have had that kind of file size.

    Speaking of which, $70 200gb micro sd cards should be more than sufficient for all of the games one would normally buy (most of them being Nintendo games which actually use good file compression) between now and mid 2018.

  • @Haru17 sorry, you're right. They aren't commonly that large. I do feel like I'm constantly downloading large patches of several GB though.

  • @matt you're going to get patches whether you go physical or digital.

    may as well just go physical and only have the patch data on the card instead of the whole entire game as well as the patch on there filling up even more space.

  • @Yoshi I actually do.

  • @Yoshi Does it patch to the game cartridge? That's really cool if true. I hadn't thought of it working that way.

  • @Haru17 3DS got updates all the time. they applied to the system not the cartridge though.

  • @matt said:

    I have a family and prefer not to have every console I own hooked up, accessories and all, simultaneously.

    Just keep this hooked up anywhere with an electrical plug. You can store the console itself until you need it. The Fisher-Price Dust Collector™
    Switch is basically exactly this with it's dock, except it looks nicer and the bits with the controls pull off and slide on to separately charge them from the base unit.
    @Musou-Tensei You do realize that pictured below is basically the same as the Switch dock now right? How have I never swiped this thing off my desk before?

  • @Yoshi I know, that's not what I asked.

  • @Haru17 Well Switch would probably act the same way was my point...

  • @Yoshi but what about all my digital only titles??

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    Just saw commercial for 1-2 switch here in UK, I am so happy that they showed of the milking game! Im kinda hyped for it.. a little bit

  • @mbun But I can charge my Wii U pad while playing without having to buy extra shit, that option is gone with the Switch.

  • @Musou-Tensei no it isn't. USB C means you can charge the thing pretty much everywhere.

    most people already own something like a phone battery power pack charger already lying around the house somewhere. it's easy enough to use something like that if you need to charge the tablet on the go.

  • @benoit489 what you mean the digital only stuff like virtual console games that only cost you about $5 bucks each in the first place?

    i'm sure you'll live. besides they're adding online multiplayer to some of those old NES and SNES games which already makes paying for them again infinitely more persuasive than miiverse features ever did for Wii U VC games

  • @Yoshi No I meant in home console mode where you disconnect the joycons from the system to play, it's like with the Wii where you couldn't charge the Wiimotes while playing.

  • @Musou-Tensei you get 20 hours battery life from the Joy Cons. that's more than enough.

    it's not Nintendo's problem if you're too paranoid to leave electrical devices with the power on and charge stuff while you sleep.

  • I just realized the charging joycon shell comes out at the end of March, or at least Amazon has it listed for the end of March.

    So dum question, but I mentioned this in one of the community comments videos, but does anyone forsee a Switch Car Crash happening? I don't know why but I have a feeling that a month or so after release (or when Skyrim comes out) Someone will be dum enough to play and drive.

  • @DMCMaster hehe no, I wouldn't think so. it's not like it's the first portable gaming device. There may be an increase in dog walking accidents though....

    After a lengthy discussion and given the circumstances, I've put off the Switch til Mario comes out. I checked the stores here in Tokyo and game stores have signs posted indicating they're sold out. It's not looking like it's going to be readily available at launch and I'm not hyped enough to hunt one down. The only thing worth playing for me is Snipperclips. Playing Mario Kart and Zelda on the Wii U is fine by me.i have no desire to play them on the go.

  • @matt said:

    Playing Zelda on the Wii U is fine by me.

    Hearing that makes me sad every time, knowing these people are going to miss out on the audio of the Switch version with the compromised, inferior Wii U version. A game like this doesn't come along every day. Gotta make that first playthrough as special and memorable as possible.

  • @Mbun i don't see the problem. can you even tell the difference without a side by side comparison? Would we even notice if Nintendo didn't list the differences between the two versions? Do we know the extent of how much higher in quality the audio is for the Switch version?

    The audio for the Wii U shouldn't be bad. Nintendo just stated the Switch audio samples will sound better. I'd hope that Nintendo wouldn't have the gall to sabotage one of their most important games just to make their new console more enticing.

    Let's not get carried away here. It looks to be really good game, maybe great. Historical? I doubt it, but we'll see.