What is your favorite old school Sierra game?

  • Was watching Jones's Toy Box Tuesday and asked him what he thought about the VO in the Space Quest series. He said he was planning on streaming it, which gets me incredibly excited.

    SO, have you played any of the old school Sierra adventure games? I'm talking Quest for Glory, Space Quest, Police Quest and, of course, King's Quest.

    I know for me, those games made up such a huge part of my childhood and felt so huge and immersive. Even when games came on 9-15 floppy disks, they felt just as large as many of the open world games of today.

    If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Space Quest. It was hilarious, often times brutal and so innovative for its time.

    Quest for Glory would probably be my second favorite as it really captured the idea of an RPG and injected it into the old adventure games of early computer gaming.

    So, let's hear it!



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    gobliins is a really comfy point & click with screen by screen puzzles. The solutions and objectives keep you cracking up on how absurd they are and how your expectations to solve a simple puzzle are continuously being crushed...but when you finally manage start get use to the nonstop curveballs and you actually manage to predict how the puzzle plays out before trying every other solution, the satisfaction becomes reality.

    Oh and the other thing with this game is that you actually have a healthbar and you get damaged if you try to force thro every possible solution and scenario - HIGH STAKES BABY

    I think the orginal game was ported for iOS/android devices so I recommend peeps to check it out. Gobliiins is a game for the ones who are looking to play some point and click adventure that is not hard lore and dialogue driven game, but just a well crafted JOLLY game that keeps you smiling FOR DAYS.

    ...Gobliins is a sierra game, right? at least published by em I reckon? :crocodile:

  • I believe Sierra joined in on Gobliins on the third installment. Still a fun series, nonetheless.

  • Police Quest was pretty damn awesome

  • SWAT 3

    Man, that game was a lot of fun. For a brief period of my life, someone yelling "GO DYNAMIC!" was hardwired into my brain to the degree where I would hear it randomly in my head even when I wasn't playing.

  • @Paper-Lion SWAT was intense. Loved it.

  • @MonsTruz Those games were so brutal for their time.

  • King's Quest 3

    alt text

    I could write a ton about this game but I'll keep it to one point.

    The game features an innovative timer system, putting chores in the way of the player that must be completed to avoid punishment, time wasting and sometimes instant death. You have to tip toe around the main antagonist and plan your escape properly. You have to grasp power for yourself, in secret and against the clock. To this day I've never encountered a system quite like it, it's utterly thrilling.

    I have, like fucking everyone else I'm sure, a game idea based on a modified version of the mechanic. Until I make my masterpiece there's King's Quest 3. Highly recommended if you have the patience for old and admittedly somewhat clunky adventure games.

  • I loved Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel. But my absolute favorite Sierra title came much later, Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for sail! It's hilarious and the artstyle is really timeless.

  • Quest for Glory 3. I mean I liked all the Quest for Glory games (or Hero Quest as it was known originally) as well as most other Sierra games. Just not Kings Quest so much.

  • @flower_arrangement You have excellent taste, as that is definitely the best in the series for its unique approach. I adored this title and I highly recommend you try the AGD VGA remake of the title which you can find here. They do a bang up job of taking that classic feel and making it with the more modern point and click interface. Their renditions of the previous two King's Quest games are phenomenal though and alter the plot in a way that unifies the entire series in a masterful way.

    As for my personal favorite, it has to go to the entirety of the Quest for Glory series. I was sitting there thinking about it for a long time before posting and I could not say that any one title was better than the other. The game features a unique system, mixing classic adventure games with RPG elements, with stats and skills that raise as you use them. What makes it super special though is the class system, allowing you to pick from three classes (and a fourth unlockable class from Quest for Glory 3 and on): The Warrior, The Wizard and the Thief. Each class has their own specializations and puzzles can be solved in a variety of ways that cater to each classes abilities. Also, there are side stories and activities that you can do that are class specific, further entrenching the replay value. Want more? Your character can be exported to the next game so your inventory and stats all carry over, giving you that personal attachment to your character across all 5 games.

    The thing is, I grew up with Sierra, playing Space Quest II on my Apple IIGS as a kid in the 80's. They thought me how to read and type and really made me love games as a storytelling medium. They all hold a special place in my heart.

  • Also Phantasmagoria, while I cant say I liked it very much, it did some bad things to my 11 years old mind. So it was really memorable. Game was really disturbing, the FMV made it even worse I think. I was shocked today when I learned that Roberta Williams was behind the game, that really nice lady who did King's Quest.

  • Leisure Suit Larry.

  • Ahh, my favourite developer. It's a bit of a tough one really, one part of me wants to say Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards and another part wants to say Police Quest 2: The Vengeance. Ultimately though, I am going to plump instead for The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery as my all time favourite.

  • @Sheria said in What is your favorite old school Sierra game?:

    Ahh, my favourite developer. It's a bit of a tough one really, one part of me wants to say Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards and another part wants to say Police Quest 2: The Vengeance. Ultimately though, I am going to plump instead for The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery as my all time favourite.

    Oh man! You good sir/lady, your choice is absolutely spectacular! I am a huge fan of FMV games for the cheeseball style and execution, but The Beast Within is the one game where I point to everyone and say, "This is FMV done right!"

    I feel like the Gabriel Knight series is one of the best narrative games ever! I want more! I need more! The art, the storytelling, the voiceacting, the everything! I am loving this whold thread!

  • So many great responses. I'd love to see the Easy Allies tackle more of these games and I'm excited to see Jones and Amanda start on Space Quest. I can't believe I forgot about Phantasmagoria (a game my brother made me watch him play) and Gabriel Knight was just incredible.

    What I loved about these games was having no walkthroughs or direction on how to complete them. It was so painfully challenging, but I loved every second of it. Who else here found themselves constantly saving before moving on to a new area?

  • As far as kids games go, Sid and Al's Incredible Toons had no equal (Other than Freddie Fish).

  • The Gabriel Knight series. Sins of the Fathers is probalby my favorite game of all time. It's definitely the game that's closest to my heart. I played it with my dad because I was to young to understand english. We played Police Quest before that but GK changed my life. It got me into gameing and made me want to write stories which is what I do for a living today. I still play though it sometimes

  • Definitely Space Quest 1 VGA and Space Quest 4, though the Jim Walls Police Quest games (and Blue Force) are right up there. Gary Owens as the narrator really took SQ4 to another level.

    The Two Guys from Andromeda did a Kickstarter a while back for SpaceVenture, development seems like it's been pretty up and down but you might want to check it out.

  • @dafoomie my brother actually helped develop some of that game.