Wild (PS4)

  • So, Michel Ancel posted some new off-screen shots of WiLD on his Instagram.

    "Young shaman / Old forest . All my games start with old trees , rayman 1&2, Beyond Good & Evil's ancient oak . Most of this passion comes from Japan and specially my fantastic uncle : #bdelorgeril"

    alt text

    "Getting lost in your own game is a great satisfaction . So many landscapes and situations to be discovered . I will try to post regularly some screenshots of the wild . And I promise , I will not spoil the game´s plot !"

    alt text

    Despite what he said, Ancel's comments seem to imply that WiLD begins in an area like these with the shaman character starting as a child (there are also female human characters, so we may be able to expect a character creator). I must say, I like that it's not just the generic-ish gruff shaman dude from the 2015 on-stage demo. The original 2014 trailer made me the most excited for this game, but the game's environments are only looking better with time. It's high time for another trailer and release window — here's hoping!

  • I always forget about this game because we go so long without hearing anything about it. It's always looked great to me though.

  • I'm actually looking forward to WiLD, and I think that Michel Ancel doesn't quite get the praise he deserves.

    I think this will be a bit left field, but something that could end up being quite a calming or meditative game, like Flower or Journey.

  • DAY 1....to 30 buy. Depending on my money situation at the time.

  • WiLD looks interesting but I need to see/understand more before committing to playing it.

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