Game of Thrones Discussion [Spoilers]

  • Role play night at Gendry and Arya's house could be intense, she can steal other people's faces.

    This is the last of the shorter episodes this season. Next week is the longest at 1 hour, 22 minutes.

  • What's the point of spoiler tags if it's written in the preview for the topic
    I couldn't watch that Arya sex scene.

  • @iboshow Nobody using spoiler tags this year yet. I'd say that if you know something from the book that hasn't happened in the show yet (which is getting less and less likely, now that the show is mostly past the books, I think) that's where you should employ spoiler tags, if you have to mention it.

  • I'm glad my boy Ghost was represented even though he was tiny.
    Can't wait for some returning faces return as wights next week. Bran is going to Warg into Hodor 1 last time and snap the Night Kings neck.

  • @iboshow said in Game of Thrones Discussion [Spoilers]:

    I'm glad my boy Ghost was represented even though he was tiny.

    He's almost as tall as Sam, he just has a teeny head. lol

  • @tokyoslim and skinny

  • @iboshow it's because he was dry. When he's exposed to snow, he regains his full girth.

    Also, he has spider legs now.

  • @tokyoslim Also, was it weird seeing only Sansa so happy about Theon being loyal to the Starks and in the council meetings. Seems like she will wed Sansa and have a non-consummated marriage just like he wanted.

  • @iboshow They kinda went through their lowest rock bottom time together at the hands of the same guy and got each other out alive. I dont know that it's a romantic relationship type of deal, more like a survivors kinda deal. But I could be wrong.

  • We are 1/3 of the way through the final season (by episode, not runtime) and nobody's died yet.
    Prepare yourselves.

  • @tokyoslim How dare you dishonor the death of the last great umbers.

  • ... who.gif

    I meant of the people we care about smarty. Lotta sheep died too, but apparently not as many as normal.

  • @tokyoslim That's true no one has died, I think next episode we should take a shot everyone important dies.

  • @iboshow If you'd have asked me before the season if it was going to be a super fast paced season I would have said yes. So far, they are really taking their time.

    This means though, that all the deaths are basically gonna happen at once and it's gonna be one big band-aid to rip off instead of a bunch of small ones. Which i guess is better? I dunno. If they just kill like 5 people next episode, will we even be able to grieve properly?

  • @tokyoslim we have 80+ minutes to grieve.Don't forget the red wedding had many deaths.

  • I liked the episode quite a bit. A lot of good conversations and moments between even more characters. Time was given enough for all this. Around the war table I suddenly realized that damn, they're basically really all here, like 85 % of the main cast.

    One scene I especially enjoyed was between the Mormonts. "You're the future of our House" etc. And then Sam giving ser Jorah the Heartsbane. Jorah's been one of my favourites through all this, both in books and in the show, and now seeing him gallop to the battlefront with that serious face of his in the moment before dawn, while Jenny's song was echoing in the background, was just somehow a really sad vision to me. This might be it...

  • @iboshow I don't even think it's comparable. The Red Wedding was a bunch of Tully Bannermen, Lady Stark, Robb and Talisa. That's it. And they let you feel that for almost half a season.

    The next 4 episodes probably gonna make the red wedding seem quaint in terms of body count. Even if only 75% of the main characters left on the show die, we're looking at an average of 5 main characters killed off a week for the next 4 weeks.

  • @tokyoslim Robb Stark, unborn child, 2 lady starks, Greywind and his bannermen. This happened when Arya was so close to her family.

  • @iboshow The point is that that's not that bad. There are like 31 major characters left on the show and 4 episodes until most of them are probably going to be dead.

  • We know that white walkers can essentially be skeletons. Like the ones that killed Jojen at the Three Eyed Raven tree. So... Aren't there a bunch of skeletons down in the crypt at Winterfell? Aren't there skeleton dragons underneath Kings Landing?