Game of Thrones Discussion [Spoilers]

  • @tokyoslim and skinny

  • @iboshow it's because he was dry. When he's exposed to snow, he regains his full girth.

    Also, he has spider legs now.

  • @tokyoslim Also, was it weird seeing only Sansa so happy about Theon being loyal to the Starks and in the council meetings. Seems like she will wed Sansa and have a non-consummated marriage just like he wanted.

  • @iboshow They kinda went through their lowest rock bottom time together at the hands of the same guy and got each other out alive. I dont know that it's a romantic relationship type of deal, more like a survivors kinda deal. But I could be wrong.

  • We are 1/3 of the way through the final season (by episode, not runtime) and nobody's died yet.
    Prepare yourselves.

  • @tokyoslim How dare you dishonor the death of the last great umbers.

  • ... who.gif

    I meant of the people we care about smarty. Lotta sheep died too, but apparently not as many as normal.

  • @tokyoslim That's true no one has died, I think next episode we should take a shot everyone important dies.

  • @iboshow If you'd have asked me before the season if it was going to be a super fast paced season I would have said yes. So far, they are really taking their time.

    This means though, that all the deaths are basically gonna happen at once and it's gonna be one big band-aid to rip off instead of a bunch of small ones. Which i guess is better? I dunno. If they just kill like 5 people next episode, will we even be able to grieve properly?

  • @tokyoslim we have 80+ minutes to grieve.Don't forget the red wedding had many deaths.

  • I liked the episode quite a bit. A lot of good conversations and moments between even more characters. Time was given enough for all this. Around the war table I suddenly realized that damn, they're basically really all here, like 85 % of the main cast.

    One scene I especially enjoyed was between the Mormonts. "You're the future of our House" etc. And then Sam giving ser Jorah the Heartsbane. Jorah's been one of my favourites through all this, both in books and in the show, and now seeing him gallop to the battlefront with that serious face of his in the moment before dawn, while Jenny's song was echoing in the background, was just somehow a really sad vision to me. This might be it...

  • @iboshow I don't even think it's comparable. The Red Wedding was a bunch of Tully Bannermen, Lady Stark, Robb and Talisa. That's it. And they let you feel that for almost half a season.

    The next 4 episodes probably gonna make the red wedding seem quaint in terms of body count. Even if only 75% of the main characters left on the show die, we're looking at an average of 5 main characters killed off a week for the next 4 weeks.

  • @tokyoslim Robb Stark, unborn child, 2 lady starks, Greywind and his bannermen. This happened when Arya was so close to her family.

  • @iboshow The point is that that's not that bad. There are like 31 major characters left on the show and 4 episodes until most of them are probably going to be dead.

  • We know that white walkers can essentially be skeletons. Like the ones that killed Jojen at the Three Eyed Raven tree. So... Aren't there a bunch of skeletons down in the crypt at Winterfell? Aren't there skeleton dragons underneath Kings Landing?

  • @tokyoslim Yes, but there's something magical in the crypts.

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    Man.. that episode was everything I feared from Game of Thrones. I've probably said in this topic how I feel like the show has gone downhill since season 4.

    I thought that episode was a mess really. Between being pretty much unwatchable for the first 40 minutes and having these weird logistic moments and stealth moments. The episode just had this constant inevitability about it with all the times everyone just kept on surviving and the only question really was who was going to finish off the job.

    Ugghh... it's late I guess. I'll see if I've more to say tomorrow but ya, I didn't enjoy that episode at all.

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    Well, we got to see Stark zombies after all. And seven fairly major characters died. Eight if you count Viserion again. So we are slightly ahead of schedule.

  • I think the episode was rather good. Things felt more dire than I had expected. The outcome of everything still surprised me the most, I mean... people won? The dead are gone? This changes the whole "endgame" from the one I had imagined. But for better, luckily, as now it'll be actual persons going against each other in King's Landing etc.

    Ser Jorah was a true knight til the end, a sad end for him. "I'm hurt." Melisandre's death didn't feel... so necessary? In any case, it was nice to see her arrive right at the start as it was pretty much given that she'd be there this episode. Bran's actions led to nothing, which was a bit underwhelming. I mean, sure, an "eagles are coming" sort of moment could've felt cheap, but now there was nothing.

    I liked the long piano melody at the end as the camera was showing us pretty much everyone in their desperate situations. I'm usually an easy target for these.

    Top 3 most beautiful moments of the episode:

    1. Dragons over the clouds with the moon behind them
    2. Sansa and Tyrion behind the grave, with the music and the looks on their faces
    3. Melisandre trying to light up that trench, with the camera getting closer and closer to her face, lips and eyes

  • @tokeeffe9 Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels that way.

    This episode was extremely disappointing to me.

    Ok I've skipped enough lines for my spoilers to not appear in the sidebar, so I'll get to it now.

    The pacing and indeed logistics made no sense at all, so many shots showed a character being swarmed by a dozen white walkers, only to cut to someone else, then come back to this character having cleared house somehow. Brienne and Jamie were pinned against that wall for the better part of an hour, they must have killed 200 zombies each at that rate. The last half-hour was literally ONLY the named characters still standing against hundreds and somehow making it. The plot armor has reached ridiculous levels. This is not Game of Thrones anymore, it's Lord of the Rings.

    There must have been at least 4 or 5 "This is the last stand" montages, with cheesy slow-mo and overdramatic music, only to go back to a little more action and then another montage with the same characters in the same desperate situations they were in 15 minutes ago, with nothing of significance happening in between.

    What was that stealth section with Arya? How did she somehow escape the battlefield, find herself deep inside the castle, only to be cornered by the only few zombies who were not running around trying to kill everyone in sight but instead peacefully, aimlessly strolling around the room?

    Nothing made sense, everything was put together just to create "moments", with no logical connection between them at all. And despite taking their sweet time to hammer home certain parts, the action was still confusing, I had no idea what was going on when the dragons were fighting each other for example. When Jon was surrounded at the end, why did Dany take so long to start burning shit around him? And then what was he trying to accomplish running inside the courtyard and... running back and forth between cover spots like a bad Division 2 player? Only to seemingly give up at the end, looking at the dragon like "Screw it, kill me now" and obviously, conveniently being saved at the last second. Soooooo cheesy.

    The whole Bran thing was also absurd, he didn't do anything. What was the plan, what was the idea? Or did he simply see the future and knew Arya would somehow catch the Night King unaware at the very last second? Again it feels like they set up this scene so there would be a pretty background, not for actual story reasons (if I'm missing something please correct me, I'd love to be wrong).

    Compared to Avengers Endgame which was in my opinion a masterclass in plot and action sequences, this episode felt amateurish.

    Hopefully they'll find their groove back now that they can focus on humans vs humans again.