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  • @Luepp25 Maybe his blood hasn't activated, like super saiyans!

  • @Whoaness XD well now that he's been resurrected by R´hllor he might be invincible to fire...and death. time to pick up Dany and Tyrion and go full Voltron. :)

  • Jon may be son of Rhaegar, but if he didn't marry Lyanna, that would still make him a bastard. Whatever is the case, can't wait for season 7... Shit will go down. Also, I'm somewhat disappointed that Lady Stoneheart didn't appear at all in the TV series..

  • @Light It doesn't all take place at the same time, no, but some things like Varys being able to go from Meereen to Sunspear to Meereen again in the space of a two episodes while Sam takes a whole season to get to Oldtown is absolutely ridiculous.

    Chronologically speaking, it would mean that Sam hardly made it past episode 2 of the season, and that next season will either spend a lot of time with him, or go a bit overboard with the time skips if they want his storyline to catch up.

  • @sonmi Sam didn't have much to do this season. They spaced out his content because if they did let it play out chronologically he may have only been in one episode. As for Varys, it was definitely visually jarring but there's not much the writers could do. If they had shown him earlier it might have spoiled what happens in King's Landing. But they still wanted to end with him, Dany, and everyone else setting sail for Westeros. It's safe to assume that the final scene takes place at least a week or more after the scene in Dorne. You can let the way it was presented annoy you or you can just accept the realities of a television show. If they had shown Varys traveling back to Dany people would have complained that the scene was boring or a waste of time. He obviously wouldn't have much to do during those scenes or they would have included them. They can't win either way.

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    Jon may be son of Rhaegar, but if he didn't marry Lyanna, that would still make him a bastard. Whatever is the case, can't wait for season 7... Shit will go down. Also, I'm somewhat disappointed that Lady Stoneheart didn't appear at all in the TV series..

    Targaryeans have been known to take multiple wives in the past. There could have been a secret wedding.

    Just stellar season all around. The best in the past three years for sure.

  • I feel like we don't have enough talk about the Battle of the Bastard.

    When I was watching ep9, it felt like I was watching Return of the King and Saving Private Ryan in one battle. It's so damn brutal.
    I wonder how they could pull off such a quality set piece without movie budget (I think they get a million an ep?). Especially that one camera cut of Jon weaving through battle, killing what he can, after the charge clash.

    That cut was Oscar worthy.

  • King in the North scene with Jon made me cry, reminded me of Robb and Catelyn, brought back memories of season 1 Starks in Winterfell. Also a culmination of all of Jon's trouble, finally being recognized for his ability not his 'bastard' name. The North, Free Folk and Knights of the Veil all stood up for him, I loved it.

    The White Wolf! The King in the North!

  • @Light They could have just had Varys stay in Dorne and wait for Dany.

  • @Light They could have had Sam only show up during the first two or three episodes of the season, it's what they did with the dreaded Dorne storyline after all.

    As for Varys, he could have stayed in Dorne and met Dany there. Daenerys doesn't need more ships to make the trek to Westeros, what Asha/Yara and Theon stole from Euron and the Masters' fleet is plenty enough. Dany has never met him on the show in any case, all she knows about him is that he was one of the people who tried to kill her and Viserys way back, by having him magically pop up behind her in the final scene, we are robbed of a confrontation between the two, and are simply meant to believe that it happened off-screen, or that Dany doesn't care.

  • @sonmi @eschatological

    They could have done any number of things. I'm not arguing that the story is perfect or that they made the best decisions regarding all the characters on the show. I'm just saying that these characters are not "teleporting" illogically like so many seem to believe. They just decided to show what they felt was important. Whether you think those decisions were beneficial to the story or not is up to you. I don't really care to argue about the quality of the show.

  • @Light The problem with the "teleporting" is that they're showing scenes at different speeds. Arya's scenes occur in one night, and they sandwich Jaime arriving at KL (when he was in the first Arya scene), and Varys travelling back and forth to Mereen. And, in that sandwich, news of the Sept blowing up (first scene) has reached Olenna and Dorne, and they've had time to work out a plan to meet each other when those two Houses have been particularly hostile over the years.

    No one complains about time skipping, really, when it's like season 1 and they basically skip the trip from Winterfell to KL when Ned becomes Hand of the King, because everyone's story skips forward the same amount of time, even Dany's across the Narrow Sea. What they've been doing the last couple seasons with the "teleportation" is bad narrative technique, and they're forced to do it because television isn't a medium which tolerates off-screen actors earning beacoup bucks while being forgotten by a casual viewing audiencel. Sam left Winterfell almost two seasons ago - did they even get waylaid in Braavos on the show? Regardless, he should have gotten to Oldtown last season. What D&D are saying, essentially, is that Sam has been at this library for the past season, but we just delayed you the showing of it til the finale of the current season.

  • @eschatological I guess my mind finds it less distracting than yours. I'm not assuming that every event is happening in order and it's pretty easy to assume that they're skipping weeks or even months ahead when nothing important is going on. I don't need to see all of Sam's journey because it happened before all of the other stuff. I don't need to see all of Arya's plot line in one episode either. You say it's a poor narrative technique to display events like they do but I think it would be a much less compelling show if they focused on events in chronological order and had nothing regarding Jon Snow until we were done with Arya or we had no Sam this season at all so we end up completely forgetting about his relevance to the story until he comes out of nowhere with some relevant information. If they did it that way people would make entirely different complaints about not seeing characters for extended periods of time or perhaps even Sam becoming a deus ex machina.

  • Time isn't really a thing.

    Bran's been missing for literal seasons, but it probably hasn't been that long since he's been stuck in the cave.

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    Anyone want to take bets that with the Hound alive and Melissandre headed south, that their stories will intersect? I have a very slim dim hope for a possible lady stoneheart appearance but I'm not holding my breath at this point

  • @Ochi You and me both, man.

    Sadly, Beric is alive, which pretty much confirms we won't get any Stoneheart action.

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    Eh, at this point in the show it wouldn't surprise me if they fudge things a bit and start next season off with Berric telling Sandor something along the lines of "We serve a higher purpose, blah blah blah lord of light, here meet my boss, lady stoneface!"

    Generally speaking I'm not super sure how I feel about Sandor living since his plot line seems pretty removed from everything at the moment. Part of me was expecting him to cross paths with Baelish since they're theoretically in the Vale, but at this point... shrug

  • Well this is weird. Samuel L Jackson narrates a summary of Game of Thrones up to this point.

    Youtube Video

  • Hey guys, has anyone else seen these last two episodes for Season 7? I really liked them, the plot's building up nicely for some interesting situations. I hope the writers give us unexpected events in the mould of the early seasons instead of going "by the book", so to speak, like in the last season.

    How hardcore was Euron Greyjoy at the end of last night's episode?