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    Anyone want to take bets that with the Hound alive and Melissandre headed south, that their stories will intersect? I have a very slim dim hope for a possible lady stoneheart appearance but I'm not holding my breath at this point

  • @Ochi You and me both, man.

    Sadly, Beric is alive, which pretty much confirms we won't get any Stoneheart action.

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    Eh, at this point in the show it wouldn't surprise me if they fudge things a bit and start next season off with Berric telling Sandor something along the lines of "We serve a higher purpose, blah blah blah lord of light, here meet my boss, lady stoneface!"

    Generally speaking I'm not super sure how I feel about Sandor living since his plot line seems pretty removed from everything at the moment. Part of me was expecting him to cross paths with Baelish since they're theoretically in the Vale, but at this point... shrug

  • Well this is weird. Samuel L Jackson narrates a summary of Game of Thrones up to this point.

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  • Hey guys, has anyone else seen these last two episodes for Season 7? I really liked them, the plot's building up nicely for some interesting situations. I hope the writers give us unexpected events in the mould of the early seasons instead of going "by the book", so to speak, like in the last season.

    How hardcore was Euron Greyjoy at the end of last night's episode?

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    I'd recommend only using spoiler tags for posts that contain information about things like cast, sets, trailers, basically things that are coming up.

    As long as an episode has aired (US time), it's fair game to talk about openly.

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    @Ironside Just after watching the second episode there. I have to say with Euron, they are really overdoing it with the hysterical villain type. First man off the boat and laughing hysterically.

  • Do people think Arya is going to Winterfell or to Kingslanding, "that's not you" line threw me off.
    I like how Jamie Lannister who has only a short entry in the White Book but is said to be a great warrior and in this season he is picking up his game. If Queen Cersei wins battles I think it will be mostly thanks to him.

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    Two episodes in and I love how Euron has an "I don't give a fuck" attitude and kills off the snakes immediately. They were shitty characters anyway.

    @ib0show She's obviously going back to Winterfell after learning about Jon.

  • So Sansa x Arya reunion next episode, hopefully Bran is already on his way to winterfell and hope Howland Reed makes an appearance soon.

  • @ib0show said in Game of Thrones Discussion [Spoilers]:

    Do people think Arya is going to Winterfell or to Kingslanding, "that's not you" line threw me off.

    Episode 2 is absolutely littered with references to the 1st Season, this is no different.

    It's meant to be a reference to a conversation between Ned and Arya, I forget which episode but it was definitely one of the first few where they're still in Winterfell. Ned is describing how Arya will one day grow up and marry a handsome noble and one day have children of her own, la, de, da, de, da. After which Arya exclaims back "But that's not you!".

    This line is a sort of realisation for Arya for what she is becoming, a sort of mini-Hound. Before, she was dead-set on revenge. Now, she has realised that she wants to do what her father would be doing. Protecting whatever is left of her family.

    At least that's what I think.

  • @Hazz3r I thought of that line as if you go to winterfell you will marry a noble and have children but "that's not you" so she's going to go and kill Cersei anyway.

  • Clearly she was talking to Nymeria, who she realized has moved beyond being her pet and tagging along on her adventures. Nymeria has her own family and responsibilities now.

    Obviously she's going North. Doesn't mean she's giving up on her quest or anything. Verys can teleport to and from Dorne as the show dictates, Arya going to Winterfell is not much of a detour. ;)

  • Next episode Arya learns instant transmission

  • Great episode, love the queen of thorns. She knows how to die like a boss. Even though Cersei took more from her(Her son and 2 grand daughters) I think Cersei will be pissed to allow her to die with mercy. Even though it looks like Cersei is winning, I can easily see the Dothraki go to Highgarden so the Gold never reaches the Iron Bank and the tide will turn quickly. I guess the Stark reunion will happen next episode and Jon Snow learning about his heritage the episode after just in time to arrive at Eastwatch by the sea. I wonder if Reek and Jon Snow will meet but I expect him to meet with Jorah Mormont next episode. Next episode is going to be short but I expect to see a lot of action.

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  • I liked the "dirty dozen" at the end of the episode. A lot of really interesting characters just all kinda got thrown together. FUN!

    Also on that note:

    MOTHERFUCKING GENDRY BOI!!!! I thought he'd be rowing ashore on the last episode and seeing literally everybody dead and being the king of like some sheep and stuff.

  • Many bombs this episode. I feel like Littlefinger

    is going to end up stabbed.

  • @Haru17 The sansa and arya story line felt off