Game of Thrones Discussion [Spoilers]

  • Speaking of leaks. I hear HBO Spain somehow aired episode 6. So please use spoiler tags if discussing this before the actual air date.

  • I'm sure no one watched the leaked episode

    Holy fuck what an episode

  • I watched it this morning and it just continues the downward spiral of quality that I've seen in the show.

    I'm genuinely surprised by the positive comments I see so often.

    I'm only watching now because I've invested so much time, for the odd bit of humour and the little bit of spectacle here and there.

  • @tokeeffe9 what's wrong with the quality

  • @ib0show It's just nowhere near as good as it used to be. For me the decline started with Season 5. While every season has had some good, even excellent episodes, the overall seasons just haven't been that good. I can point to several things that I'm sure people would just call nitpicks but it's not just that, it's the whole style has changed.

    GoT did it's best to try and be a more realistic and unforgiving version of fantasy. Now it's just a load of nonsense of moving from one plot point to another, characters with plot armour and Deus Ex Machina moments galore and let's just call it travel plot, you know what I mean, just to name a few things. It just feels like there are absolutely no stakes anymore, like a marvel movie to me. I've no fear of someone important dying here because you won't let it happen.

    And just to give some example on the quality of storytelling without spoiling the 6th episode. When your best plan to get a bunch of characters together is to go beyond the wall to capture a single whitewalker, you know you're seriously struggling. The plan with dynamite in TTE was honestly a better idea and that's improv.

  • @tokeeffe9 It's still the best series on television.

  • @ib0show I'm assuming you agree with everything I said so? Doesn't that bother you? It just find it so disappointing.

    I don't watch much television currently but I seriously hope not. The only other show I've watched this year was House of Cards and that was very disappointing too.

    From the little I've seen, Fargo is a far better written show and I've heard the likes of Black Mirror (only seen one episode) and Better Call Saul are excellent.

  • @tokeeffe9 nothing wrong with plot armour and moving the plot in a quicker pace.

  • @ib0show The idea of plot amour in itself is a bad thing and moving plot in a quicker pace is clearly a bad thing as we're getting some awful storylines to compensate the quicker pace.

  • @tokeeffe9 The only awful storyline is the Sansa Arya story

  • In this thread, mods argue with each other about whether GoT is shit or not while talking about how they both eagerly consumed a pre -release, accidentally leaked copy of the show. Lol

    I'm waiting until Sunday, nerds!


  • Gotta agree with tokeeffe, the show's style has dramatically changed, at least finally with this season. I'm kinda ok with it, though, with this super fast pace with everything, but it's very very far from the days of the Red Wedding, for instance. It's not dramatic, it's like some fan fiction these days. Everything comes together way too easily and quickly. Still an enjoyable show to watch, but the dramaticness and impact of things has dropped many spots in a lot of ways.

  • Eh, it just means less waiting. I don't see what the point of giving Danerys allies in Dorne and the Reach at the end of last season was though. But really if you have any show go on for this long and kill so many characters you're going to become desensitized and things are going to matter less. I'm happy the still-living Starks are seemingly getting a shred of plot armor now because we don't need another 10 dramatic betrayal / death scenes.

  • @TokyoSlim Ultima was the one who leaked it.

  • @ib0show ULTIMMAAAAAAAA!!!!!

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  • @Haru17 The issue isn't really about being desensitised to the major deaths though. It's just felt like the show just did a better job of showing when you did something dumb, you paid for it. That's just not the case at all anymore and it really hearts the tension and it's been this way for a while.

    For me, the show started to slip after Season 4. That was the last great season of the show and since then we've had a sprinkle of some very good episodes.

    I don't want to keep on complaining about it anyway. I'm glad other people are enjoying it a lot more than me. I'm just so invested that I'll stick with it. I did the same with Dexter, which had a similar trajectory however that show never reached the peaks of GoT and had a hell of lot of lows... ridiculously bad lows.

  • Well yeah season 5 was pretty meh. It never was even made clear why Littlefinger gave Sansa to the Boltons anyway. I feel like the stuff since is a lot better though. TBH the Purple Wedding felt like wish fulfillment with how it slotted into season 4, but I didn't mind it.

  • Does Jon Snow's parentage matter at this point? He doesn't want to rule, He doesn't need to legitimise himself since the northerners follow him. Milesandre doesn't need this information to think he's Azor Ahai. Cersei is already his enemy so all I can think of is that this would cause distance from Danerys.

  • Does anyone find it odd that HBO leaked 2 episodes of 6 so far and the hackers have leaked none

  • Well well. Someone got a new toy.