Game of Thrones Discussion [Spoilers]

  • @sentinel-beach Oh ok my bad, it was so specific that I assumed you had seen it in the trailer. Never mind then!

  • There are people on this show named Jamie and Brienne.
    There was a thing.
    Spoilers abound.

    I think the Jamie and Brienne thing worked out in the only way it really could have. I still think she chose poorly though.

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  • Ok, but I didn't really spoil anything though :)

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    "When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!"

    " I will take what is mine with fire and blood."

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    Well that was some television entertainment right there. Damn. I mean Dany's madness was pretty high on my list of things yet to come, but still, seeing it unfold like this made me honestly Feel Things, which hasn't happened in a while with the series. The bells didn't mean shit to her. When the first civilians were engulfed in dragonfire that was a Moment with capital M. And that butchering of armless Lannister troops, some powerful images right there. Grey Worm was suddenly an unrecognizable savage, but it all still kinda made sense, too.

    Loved the Lannisters. The siblings, all three of them. They've been / they were honestly my favourite characters in the whole series, both in this one and in the books, as they often felt like the most complete ones with intriguing reasonings and backgrounds and all. I got a bit teary-eyed during that final scene between Tyrion and Jaime as you knew that was it. Brotherly love, that hits me. But also Cersei won me over one final time. Seeing her so helpless there, and then having Jaime to hold on to in the final moments. Really great stuff, liked it a lot. Such a trio, these were. I hope Tyrion makes it alive.

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    I liked the episode, very shocking episode that made the good guys since the beginning look like the good guys and the bad guys were the good guys. The stark soldiers destroyed the lannister army. They raped the women and killed children. Looking forward for Azor Ahai to be born in the next episode as Jon Snow kills the White Queen :P

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    I was wondering how Dany was going to handled the laser guided harpoons which were the obvious only threat to the dragon, it is a shame they couldn't think of just dodging them last time and forgot to put the plot armor on the other dragon.

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    Unlike the last few episodes, I didn't dislike this one. Not entirely at least!

    Despite the groundwork that's been laid for a while now (since the beginning of the show really), Dany finally snapping felt a little unjustified to me. Like why now that the battle was won? You can't just tell me she got carried away in the heat of the moment. The fact she had to weigh going through innocents just to get to Cersei was already an interesting dilemma for her, and it could have been considered a means to an end.

    But razing the entire freaking city to the ground just for the hell of it, that feels out of character.

    If there had been one final push, just as the bells rang, if like one last soldier took a shot at her or something, just to make her go "Fuck it, I've had it", I would have maybe understood it more.

    Now they're basically telling us she was a psycho all along, I guess? It's not like it's the first time she shows cruelty and ruthlessness. But it was never misguided, until now.

    Meh, doesn't feel earned to me.

    Everything else was handled well though. The battle of the Cleganes was better than I anticipated, and it ended in the most symoblic way possible. Euron and Jamie duel for Cersei, I didn't see it coming but it was cool, and the couple's final moments were fittingly tragic. Was it Jones who said in their last impressions video he foresaw a Romeo & Juliet death for them? He got it!

    Arya freaked me out in the final 10 minutes, I really thought that was it for her.

    Phew, a lot to unpack. I'm gonna let it breathe for a bit longer and maybe have a second round of impressions later.

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    I can't believe she did it. That seemed like more something Cerci would do but not her. She was thoroughly hitting every part of the city as well. Just wanted to say RIP poor King's Landing people. You should have tried moving to Oldtown were nothing ever happened.

  • I liked the general direction of the episode but the writing is beyond bad. It just not there at all in many aspects.

  • My pick for who will sit on the iron throne:
    alt text

  • I was pleased with the finale, I think it worked well. A suitable amount of surprise and "that makes sense" in the mix, mainly concerning the three biggest character destinies. Daenerys, Jon, Bran, in this case. Really liked the council scene, it's been a long time since those early days of the show.

    Hopefully we'll get the books some day as well. Knowing the end doesn't bother me at this point as I seem to be at peace with its happenings, fairly okay with everything. But to get to walk the path again in a much wider and deeper style on GRRM's pages would be a bliss after such a long time. So many more side stories and characters making the world all the more interesting.

  • I'm mostly happy it's over so that soon I won't have to hear people complain about how they would have done things differently in public.

    The episode itself was fine. Edmure Tully and crazy moon door titty sucker kid made an appearance, so that was an additional bonus for me.

  • Spoilers....

    Thought it was crap, and in hindsight of the end, I thought the vast majority of the Season was crap. There was more emotion and poignancy in the finale of Blackadder Goes Forth. This has to be the biggest fall from grace in the history of TV.

  • Everything felt rushed this season. Eight seasons and somehow nothing felt earned. The last 20 odd minutes of the episode felt too much like the final episode of a long running sitcom.

  • Season 8 is great! Sure some improvements can be made here and there, but when I think about writer’s task for season 8 (wrap up story for dozens of characters with their individual plots, keep intrigue until the final episode, introduce new story lines to make season 8 an actual season instead of a giant epilogue, and do all that in just 6 episodes to stay in the budget) I must admit they did an amazing job. Also many forget that this is not a book, this is a TV show - a visual form of art. So if producers decided to make season a few episodes shorter and use those money to produce great action sequences, they made a correct choice.

    If you aren't happy and want to ask someone of something, ask Martin to finish books 6 & 7. HBO isn't responsible for producing a piece of literature and it's not fair to demand it from them.

  • @ffff0
    I’ve never read the books. I expected a Season on par with the rest of the show.

    Season 8 doesn’t give anything remotely resembling substance, which the rest of the show, especially the early seasons, delivered in spades.

    It continuously throws multiple seasons of build up in the bin in the interest of “getting to an ending”.

    But that’s absolutely fine because we got to see the really cool dragons fly about and breathe fire!

    Fuck that shit.

  • @hazz3r Sure, Game of Thrones is all about getting what you deserve.

  • @ffff0
    Who said anything about “deserving” anything?

    I’m not entitled to anything on the show. It could have had the plot of a teletubbies episode.
    That doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion.

    If you can’t respond to my points, please don’t put words in my mouth.