EZA D&D Group?

  • I'm sure a lot of us have become interested in D&D from Tabletop Adventures on GT and Tabletop Escapades on Easy Allies; has anyone attempted to get a group going?


    I have never played before, but through watching various videos and reading a bit of the player's handbook I feel like I have a good idea of how it's done.

    I'd eventually like to DM a game in my own home-brew world with non-Tolkien races, BUT as a newbie I think that's probably putting the cart before the horse. Are there any experienced players or DMs who'd want to try running a game? I feel like we can probably all get on board with our mutual Love & Respect and fandom around TTE to create a pretty harmonious group of gamers.

    So... anyone interested in this idea?

    -Ian, Alexander Arts

  • Oh okay, thanks! Believe it or not I did use the forum search feature to look for D&D stuff and that thread didn't show up.

  • I'm actually involved in two D&D campaings thanks to that forum we made for that, and I imagine there's got to be more people out there interesting in playing, so there's probably a good change you can get something going.