Middle Earth: Shadow of War (PC/PS4/XB1)

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    They're getting too close to "Not really an RTS Brutal Legend territory". Jack Black not included.

    That's fine. With BL that came out of left field part-way through the game and wasn't that good. Here we know what we're getting and the Nemesis system was one of the better aspects of the first Mordor game, so they expand and improve it then it can only be a good thing.

  • I really don't like the name, don't know why, it just rubs me the wrong way. Looking forward to playing it though, I really enjoyed the first one.

  • I enjoyed the first one but my problems with the game were that the mission design was lazy, basically only relying on what the system can bring up, in this one it seems they are giving more diversity for, at least one, mission.
    My second problem was that, by the end it became easier and I didn't die, which is an important part of the nemessis system. However, now it seems the game is even easier. I'll asume that the game in hadicaped for demo purposes.

    It seems this one is going to be a Scorpio showcase, I'm eager to see that.

  • Still little cautious about it, but if this game executes what it tries to do, this just may turn out to be a fantastic game. I hope they've learned enough from the first one to make this one a success.

  • I really enjoyed the first one, and the LotR setting is like a cozy blanket to wrap myself up in. Even if it is fanfiction-y orc slapstick. The most heartening thing I saw in this trailer was the Gondor areas. By the narration, it sounds like each of these map markers are different areas, so it'll be great to explore some more charted lands.

    The gameplay looks like a huge number of moving parts. I hope it's as easy to pick up and play as the first one — what made it a sandbox and not an open world — as that was the best thing about the first game. Let's hope it's not another case of cramming cumbersome crafting, RPG, and strategy elements into an action game. It could be a really fun game if not, especially if they polish up the combat mechanics, beast riding, and add some diversity to the areas.

  • I absolutely loved the nemesis system in the first game, and the additions to it look super amazing. I'd totally be down for exploring this world all over again but ... to be honest, I'm kinda at the point where I'm hoping some of these games get pushed back to next year. When am I ever going to have the time to play this?

  • I think the back half of 2017 looks pleasantly light. In terms of my radar at least, last year was Deus Ex, Dishonored, Final Fantasy, The Last Guardian, Pokemon one after the other to the point where I couldn't finish them fast enough to keep up. This fall is just Middle Earth, Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Mario Odyssey, the Zelda DLC, and Ace Combat 7 maybe. If all goes well, I'm going to use spring and summer to catch up on the last fall and this March.

    Admittedly E3 (or rather the two week period of announcements before it) hasn't come yet, but I think it's safe to say that relatively few people here are way into Destiny, Battlefront, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and the brigade of sports games. Those are basically the only games announced at and aroundE3 that will be out this year.

    And of course Bethesda or Nintendo might have some before end of year games to show, but whatever takes the place of Elder Scrolls / Fallout could still be a ways off, and Nintendo still has to establish 2018 for the Switch.

    Sorry if that's too off-topic, just organizing my thoughts. Point is: Middle Earth is a day-one buy barring something crazy like it launching at the same time as the Zelda DLC.

  • It's been delayed to October 10.

  • Want to see what this game can be, now that last gen console limitations are out of play here.

    Really liked the 1st game. Once you upgraded everything though. Side missions became meaningless. So I got a bit annoyed trying to finish the game.

  • I enjoyed my time with the original for a short handful of hours before it became an absolute bore to me. I'm not even sure why I completed it, but I'd go as far to say the difficulty becomes completely broken.

    I only died twice before I learned to adapt to enemies who won't allow me to hop over their heads. I defeated the Black Hand in under 60 seconds without swinging my sword one time. My team just killed them all. Unless there was some sort of difficulty option that I completely missed, I felt like the game was a bit of a broken and boring mess. The sequel looks to be the same game so I'll likely skip it.

    It's a shame because I really liked the first few hours but then it never changed and the world was so ugly and that only changed scenery one time. At the least, if the new games doesn't rely only on the nemesis system and if the locations change up more then maybe I'll give it a fair shot.

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    Holy hell, I didn't think they could make a narrative trailer that engaging for this game. And it even got the Bailey bump to boot. We'll have to see how much the game really takes the Lord of the Rings spinoff story angle — it is still Talian of the woman in the refrigerator, DLC ending clan after all — but this is an easy day one for me.

  • That lady's face looks really good. A nice trailer otherwise as well, LotR is a strong name.

  • Youtube Video

    BEN DON'T LOOK! Also, why is she suddenly a sexy spider lady like in Nioh? Creative freedoms aside, this game looks continually nuts. I'm pretty excited to play through it before Mario comes out at the end of October.

  • @Haru17 I was wondering why she was a sexy lady too... but then I remembered that she wasn't a giant disgusting spider anymore and I stopped wondering. Good change.

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    why is she suddenly a sexy spider lady like in Nioh?

    Considering what she is it's not a stretch to think that she would have some shapeshifting power.
    That said, this game is basically fanfiction.

    But personally I won't watch anymore story trailers for this game, since it'll only harm the experience if and when I play this game. I'll wait for some reviews to read through and decide then-

  • @Inustar @suplextrain You guys crack me up. I have some speculation that I think is pretty likely at least for her character, so spoiler warning if you're worried.

    Considering the shadow realm and darkness she steps out of, I think Shelob's new bod might be how Talion sees her after she stings him with some sort of hallucinogen. So this is how you're talking to the character in cutscenes, however, we did see her spider form animated. There is no doubt in my mind that this game is going to have a spider boss fight. The only fantasy game that has avoided one is Breath of the Wild, and that's because they forgot to make more than Keese as animal monsters.

  • @Haru17 thank you for giving me another reason to want to play Breath of the Wild.

  • @Inustar You couldn't get a Switch?

  • @Haru17 not couldn't, didn't try. I'm waiting for more games to release that I want to play. Zelda alone wasn't enough, but I'll probably try and get one after Mario releases.

  • @Inustar tbh you'll probably like Breath of the Wild if you like open worlds but don't care that much about Zelda games.

    ...but. you. should. tho.

    Anyway, Mordor =P

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