Any Allies Tuning in to Games Done Quick?

  • Games Done Quick is a series of week-long speed-run marathon livestreams to raise money for charity. They are amazing events that show the astounding things the gaming community can do if we work together, last year they raised more than $1,200,000 for the prevent cancer foundation. Also the stream gives me an opportunity to see some of my favorite childhood games played in a way I've never seen before, the really fast way. Their next event starts July 3rd (Summer Games Done Quick) and I was wondering if I'll see any BackSeatBosman's in chat or be able to talk to any allies about our favorite runs. Love & Respect.

  • I usually just catch highlights after it's all said and done. I love the mastery on display and the passion behind it, but I'm just not game to watch an hours and hours long stream. I've always read up on the goings on and have even tuned in to donate once because it's a great event, but I almost never watch entire segments of it in person.

  • I rarely sit down and watch it for hours, I usually check the schedule and try to tune in for my favorites like Donkey Kong 64.

  • Yea, I look through the schedule to find games/runners that I like but will usually leave the stream on 24/7 as just background noise when possible. Classes will probably limit what I can catch live but hoping it's a good time nonetheless.

  • I freaking love GDQs, they're the most fun I have all year. What runs do you guys like watching? I always make sure to catch Gimmick when it's in there, that game is glorious.