PS3 Game Suggestions for a Non-Gamer

  • I'd suggest Rayman Legends/Origins. Its hard not to have fun playing those

  • @Stormcrownn Well since she said she has no preference, see what interests has outside of games that there could hopefully translate well. For example, if she likes serious dramtic stuff: The Last of Us, Tomb Raider. If she likes adventure with some humor, you can't go wrong with Uncharted. If she likes to create things then Little Big Planet is a good choice. If she likes "cuddly" characters with wonton destruction, Ratchet & Clank is pretty good. If she's a Batman fan, the Arkham games are the best for that license. If she likes puzzles, Portal 2 is a great game. I don't know what to classify it as (because I have never played it) Journey I hear is a wonderful experience.

    All games provided are from personal experience and highly rated Metacritic scores.

    I hope this helps. Its always great to see more people try gaming! :smiley:

  • Katamari Forever! I think the Katamari games are pretty universally appealing/bizarre so it's good place to start. Okami HD too; the platforming and battling are fun and easy to pick up.

  • Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. They're marketing for an audience that don't need to be traditional gamers. Everything you need to do, gameplay wise, is on screen.

  • @TheMarcV
    I think it's an incredible game. They really show how to do a modern adventure game.

  • Costume Quest 1 - Charming, funny, simple mechanics, great at halloween.

    alt text

    Stacking - Lovely art style, you control the difficulty through the hint system.

    alt text

    Machinarium - Sweet little point and click adventure game.

    alt text

  • I agree with many of the posts here.

    My girlfriend enjoyed Portal 2. FPSs require coordination of both sticks , but its slow enough that she could play it. Be sure to avoid games that have complicated control schemes or require lots of coordination if shes not a gamer. It also has a good coop mode where we figure out the solutions together.

    Journey is great but may require her to allow herself to get immersed in the world....It also doesn't have a clear purpose.

    Lego games, little big planet, rachet and clank would be good.

    Maybe old school arcade stuff (N++, geometry wars)

  • Journey and Costume Quest are really good suggestions.

    How about some Ratchet & Clank HD Collection?
    alt text

  • Final Fantasy X HD!

  • did Brothers A Tale of Two sons come out on PS3? My girlfriend never plays games and was thrilled watching me play that, i think she may have even had a go.... also any of the Telltale games are great for non gamers.

  • @x-Dredgen-Yor-x
    It did yes, was going to recommend it but haven't played through much of it so couldn't in good faith.

  • I agree with the suggestions for Journey, Life Is Strange, the various Telltale games, especially if she likes the property they're based on.

    I love Terraria, which is most commonly called a 2D or 8-bit Minecraft, but I've never played Minecraft so I can't say if that comparison holds up. A lot of fun, a lot of chances to be creative, a lot of cool boss fights, but keep the wiki handy.

    I absolutely adore Tokyo Jungle and think it's one of the most fun games on the PS3 even if it isn't much to look at. It's pretty cheap, too.

    If she likes South Park, The Stick of Truth is pretty much required playing.

    If she likes horror, the Silent Hill 2 & 3 remaster is of course great. It was broken at launch, but they've patched it.

    Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. Those are always jolly. Even if she hates golf. Trust me, I loathe the "sport", but Hot Shots is great stuff.

    Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time is pretty much inarguably the best in the series.

    Thomas Was Alone is way better than a puzzle-platform game starring squares and rectangles should be.

    Oh, the entire DeathSpank series. Damn, I wish they'd put out some more of those. They're like very silly Diablo games with cartoony graphics.

    How does she feel about pinball? The Pinball Arcade is a great simulation of authentic classic tables, Zen Pinball is arcadey and not at all realistic, but still fuin.

    Castle Crashers is an old-fashioned side-scrolling brawler with great couch co-op. Same goes for Scott Pilgrim.

    If she can't find something in there to enjoy, she should find a needy young gamer to give that PS3 to. :)

  • Shadow of the Colossus - because ambision.

    Edit: Because of the 3rd colossi;

    alt text

  • any good platformer

  • Oh, Catherine is also all kinds of fun, but it's very much about being a dude trying to navigate relationships. But hey, maybe in the interest of understanding?

  • @Mortambulist Catherine is a Hard game I will never let a new comer play it

  • @waleed Well, it does get pretty hard, but there's an easy mode.

  • How about Quiplash? Something a bit different, you can play it together, make a party game of it etc.

    alt text

    There are videos of the GT crew playing it somewhere on twitch.

  • @Mortambulist easy mode in an ATLUS game is not really easy for a new comer

  • The Telltale games or Life is Strange. Telltale it's easy just go with the property she knows and go from there.