The "INSIDE" is amazing thread SPOILERS.

  • So i just finished INSIDE in one sitting, did it in about 6 hours. Anybody else think this game was totally J Horror (Japanese Horror)? At the beginning I got a real E.T / George Orwell vibe, but by the end the game was clearly J Horror inspired from start to finish.

    I felt the game invoked mostly THE HOST and GYO if anybody is interested/wants to agree with me, with a little RING/GODZILLA thrown in.

  • Immediate things I thought of towards the end:
    alt text
    alt text
    Phenomenal game.

  • Was Shinji raped by naked loli mermaid girl?

    I'm 100% serious.

  • Hey. I still want your thoughts on this: Was Shinji raped by naked loli mermaid girl?!? It couldn't see, it was too dark.

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