Xbox Game Pass

  • People are gonna have to start reevaluating their finances and hobbies:

    • Netflix
    • Patreon
    • Adobe CC
    • PSN
    • XBL
    • the list goes on and on

    I recently cancelled Netflix cause I find they don't carry enough old movies (at least in Canada). Had to lower my EZA support to afford Adobe CC.

    Idk how people can do Apple Music, Netflix, XBL, XBL Game Pass, Amazon blah blah, etc etc

  • @GoTaco Yeah, eventually a person can only have so many services. I was thinking about this too. Most of them are affordable, but it all adds up eventually.

  • @GoTaco Eventually people will stop buying games. Subscriptions are more convinient. At least for not enthusiasts.

  • @LordBaztion

    I just find that paying, say, $10/mo for games may be entirely pointless if you aren't playing much. I'd much rather purchase a full price game and have it forever and play it when I have time as opposed to streaming and never owning the game.

    I can go months at a time without playing anything so it would be much better for somebody like me to just outright buy a game and have it for when I can play it. I'll never have time to go through more than a game per month anyways.&

  • So... bringing this topic back from the dead. I'm got the 14 day free trial earlier so I can check out Sea of Thieves on PC.

    I was curious, is there a list of the PC games on Game Pass?

  • @tokeeffe9 Game pass games avaliable on PC are only Play Anywhere titles.
    So far: Gears 4, Halo Wars DE, Super Lucky's Tale, Zoo Tycoon, Riptide GP, Halo Wars 2, Sea of Thieves and Recore.

  • Banned

    @lordbaztion Oh wow. That is... ouch.
    Considered signing up to play the games that were available on PC, but if that is all they have to offer, no thanks.

  • @el-shmiablo It's basically a xbox service but it's nice that also gives something for PC users.

  • Banned

    @lordbaztion That is something I hope to see their new Streaming division address. Have the play anywhere games available to download, but everything else streamable. Would be a great answer to PS Now.

  • sounded cool until i realised that you lose the games if stop your subscription.

    if you got to keep the games like you do with the Xbox Games with gold service then that would have been amazing but since that isn't how it works, i don't really give a crap about the new Game Pass service. don't care enough about any xbox title enough to want to subscribe to that type of service.

  • @yoshi wait what... can you keep the free games you got from Xbox Live Gold even after ending the subscription??

  • @jaggafredde correct. Xbox Live Games With Gold allowed to keep the games even after ending your subscription.

    i've just bee alerted by petition that's been alerted in my Xbox Owers Australia Facebook Group that apparently this has changed though. you used to keep all the games with gold even if you stop paying. but apparently since the new Xbox Live Game Pass has become a thing, apparently Xbox Games with Gold as been changed and you don't even keep the games with gold anymore after ending your Xbox Live Gold subcription which is bullshit.

    before Xbox Game Pass became a thing if you had downloaded a game with games with gold, you kept the game even if you stopped subscribing. apparently it's changed over the last year and you don't get to keep them anymore facebook has been telling me.

  • They couldn't realistically allow you to keep the games from Xbox Game Pass after ending your subscription though.

    That would mean subscribing for one month would grant you access to all the games forever. There would be zero incentive to even keep the subscription active, you could just get a month twice a year or something and get all the latest stuff for 10$. That would make no sense as a business model.

  • @jaggafredde @Yoshi Cue corrections music please, Microsoft allowed you to keep your Games With Gold on 360 but changed the policy when Xbox One was released, just for that specific console though. Game Pass didn't alter the policy, it's been that way for years.

  • @sabotagethetruth Thanks! Yeah that's how I assumed it was. Didn't know you got to keep them forever on 360 though, that's pretty awesome to be honest, I boycotted the whole thing last gen since online was free everywhere else. I've been lured to pay for Gold this generation though but I don't play online so I should probably end the subscription. Initially I thought cloud saves and Play Anywhere were Gold features but that's available without Gold too, right?

  • @jaggafredde I never picked up an Xbox One (don't plan on it either) but from what I'm seeing online, you don't need Gold to use cloud saves.