Video Essay: Playstation Experience and Couch Games

  • After talking to the EasyAllies at the Meet and Greet at Anahiem last year. They inspired me to finally to create content I am interested in. So with that, I decided to talk to about my experience at PSX in video form. Hope you guys like it.

    Check out my first video

    Youtube Video

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  • Good stuff!
    What camera where you using to film? I don't if it is the way you've edited it or the footage itself but it has a jumpy quality to it that makes it hard to pick out the details of what you have filmed.

    I've been thinking of joining in on the video essay trend for a while now. Just need to dedicate some time to come up with a few ideas and to start piecing things together, this might have just given me the push I needed :)

  • I think your vocal delivery could use some work, but it's a fantastic start! It can only get better from this point.