Easy Allies and Kinda Funny Collaboration shirt

  • I know I can't be the only Ally that also loves the Kinda Funny guys. I would love if they made a collaborative t-shirt like the mock up I did below.

    alt text

  • Honestly, those two kinda annoy me. I do like Kevin, i wish he was on P.S. I Love You. Sure, I still watch them, but you know...

    That said, I really like your design, and "Kinda Easy" just works. :-)

  • Blasphemy!!!! Lol. Pretty cool, but kinda funny and easy allies would be awkward. the more I watch kinda funny the more I can't stand them, which is to bad I use to really like them pre and early kinda funny days. I feel like they've become strictly Internet personalities. EZA brings a love, passion and knowledge of games that I don't see much from other groups.

    Sorry I know you didn't create a bitch about kinda funny thread, was just what came to my mind when I saw it. Anyways, nice design :)