What Genre Mashups Would You Like to See?

  • Me, I'd love a good car combat RPG. There was a game on early PC's (C64, Apple II, etc.) called Autoduel that was a ton of fun, but that and the table-top Car Wars is about all I can think of. But man, can you imagine a modern game with Twisted Metal style gameplay, leveling up yourself and your car, driving from town to town to fight in arena battles, earning money and salvaging parts for upgrades? I really, really want some of that.

    What about you guys? What types of games are just dying to be mixed up into something new, or a new version of something forgotten?

  • I really have a love for 2D platformers. They are easily my favorite genre of game. That being said I also have an ultra disinterest in RTS games. Time and time again I have tried to find an interest in real-time strategy games and it never happens.

    If someone made a really solid 2D platformer mixed with an RTS I think that would be a great stepping stone.

    TL;DR 2D RTS Platformer

  • @Paragon That has a lot of potential! I'd probably play it.

  • Banned

    There really need to be more non-linear 2.5D sidescrolling beatemup RPG fighters like Guardian Heroes.

  • I'd Like to see a Schmup/JRPG Hybrid. Don't ask me how it would work but it would be cool if CAVE & Vanillaware got together than would be amazing. Suppose Nier is the closest we'll ever get

  • Rogue-like combined with a turn-based RPG. Each run starts you off with a random character with a random move-set and of course, randomized party members that you can find throughout the world. If I could also mash in an open world as opposed to just one dungeon you constantly crawl through, I wouldn't need another game ever.

  • Rhythm JRPG. Gimme.

  • I want to see an RPG with JRPG mechanics but a Western RPG style and characters. Would be interesting.

  • @Greymarch said in What Genre Mashups Would You Like to See?:

    I want to see an RPG with JRPG mechanics but a Western RPG style and characters. Would be interesting.

    It doesn't happen enough, I agree. Anachronox is the one that stands out, and it was great.

  • I've seen more great ideas in this thread than I have from EA in a decade. :)

    How about a platform twin-stick shooter? Think Contra with the shooting mechanics of Enter the Gungeon or something. Heck, add in Diablo-esque loot and leveling, and make it a twin stick platform action RPG.

  • I always thought a mix of Fatal Frame and COD (the older, more grounded ones) would be interesting. Find a way to survive during a massive battle, all the while taking photos of the horrors of war.. ...that or Idolmaster meets Ace Combat where you manage Idol "Aces" and take part in mock engagements where the winner is determined not only by shooting down your opponent, but also who puts on the best show.

  • Rhythm/Fighting

    I've seen one or two attempts but they always looked like just fighting games with some rhythm elements tacked on or the opposite rather than a proper hybrid.

  • @DeweyDTruman
    I've always wanted a Patapon versus game like that, all the online modes for that franchise so far has been cooperative. It'd be so sweet to build your army, build your castle, then take on invaders controlling one squad at a time versus their invading squad.

  • More FPS/RPG

  • I was thinking about it and I'd like a 3d platformer RPG. Super Paper Mario was a good mix of 2d platforming and rpg mechanics like leveling and items, but I want that in a 3d world. Thimk Ni No Kuni cross Super Mario Galaxy. I want to actually traverse the fantastical worlds in JRPG's, not just walk around in them.

  • I'd love something with the Valkyria Chronicles combat, and very heavy town management, like Sim City or Banished levels of town management, so that you actually manage all of the soldiers aspects of life, as well as the rest of the town stuff.