Anyone else weirdly interested in Nier: Automata?

  • Okay, I love action games, especially when the leader of the pack is arguably either Ninja Gaiden Black/Sigma, or Devil May Cry 3/Special Edition. (Or God of War for that matter.)

    I found Nier not interesting until E3 2016....

    Youtube Video

    What really got me on-board is THIS...

    Youtube Video

    I watch that during E32016 since it was a demo during Sony's E3 conference, I see it, and I am getting spine chills not just because of the music, but also, it reminds me why I love video games. It reminds me of DMC3. Your job: Destroy anything that moves in a world where robots and machines are taking over the world.... And in this game, you can do just about anything Dante could do in DMC3, albeit with a unique drone that follows you and aids your quest.

    Honestly, I'm not bothered by the protagonist, at all. No matter how odd or weird he/she is. Not bothered by the boss' oddness, either. I say: Bring it. This may be Square Enix's best selling video game since Final Fantasy 7.

    Seriously, I am looking forward to it. Anyone else?

  • Im interested.
    I don't think its weird at all.
    Then again, I play a lot of weird games ;)

  • It won't do FF7 numbers, but I think it'll be the best selling game in the Drakengard/Neir series. What Square really needs to do is amp up the availability for Neir now that it's one of the most fiercely defended cult classics of the last few years.

    But yeah, I'm totally interested! It's one of my most anticipated for sure.

  • The boss battle gameplay is what sold it to me.

    Holy shit when I saw the vertical nature of the fight, I screamed.

  • I loved the first game so I've been on board since it got announced. I'm still a little worried that Platinum will drop the adventure and RPG aspects of the first game in favor of nothing but action and combat... but I'm still excited about it regardless!

  • I'm convinced. Visuals are great and looks like it runs really smooth. That bullet-hell section gave me goosebumps :heart:

  • No weirdly about it. I'm excited for the game.

  • I was sold the moment I learned Nier was getting a sequel.
    Now if only Square would let Yoko Taro direct FF16, that would undoubtedly be a gloriously crazy fucked up experience.

  • NieR was my fav game on the PS3, I was already hyped for Automata as soon as they announced it and is my most anticipated game.

    Just based off the experiences from the original you know this is going to be a masterpiece with Taro Yoko's creative mind, music by Keiichi Okabe as composer + Emi Evans amazing voice :heart_eyes: and now with Platinum Games doing the combat as well this is a match made in heaven.

    I wish they released a HD remaster of the original before Automata though will help with people getting into the series however I don't see it selling well unless it gets crazy 10/10 reviews, it's always felt like it's had a niche cult following and just been a hidden gem which is underrated.

  • I can't wait. It's games like these that give me that PS2-era-of-gaming feel. I hope it's great, and sells well.

  • I'm very interested, mostly because I absolutely loved Nier. Nothing weird about it though.

  • If you've never played a Yoko Taro games before, having weird interest is probably a good idea going in :)

  • Are u kidding me!!? I screamed when they first announced this at E3 last year. I'm way pass beyond the point of just being "interested". I'm anticipating this game as mush as Persona 5.

  • Been waiting for this since the first NieR game!

    I was bouncing off the walls with excitement when it was announced that Platinum was developing it.

  • Bro, you're weird if you're NOT interested it!

    Joking but there's no weird about it for me. Loved the original game and very much hyped for the sequel :D

  • It's by Platinum, I'm naturally excited!

  • Very very interested.
    I've played through both versions of the original (Gestalt in English and Replicant in Japanese) and attended the Nier Concert & Talk Live they did in Roppongi a little while back. Shame it got delayed into next year, but I expected as much honestly.
    At least it's avoiding this September - Persona 5 and FF XV coming out here in Japan which means that's going to be one heck of a month...