Is anyone watching Euro championship?

  • I know that many of the EZA fanbase is European, or even if not, share your enthusiasm here. Tell who is your favourite team, who will advance in the next round, or talk about about the latest match. From unreasonable judge decisions to most epic goals. E3 probably takes the priority but it is not the only event worth watching. And like for E3, bets are encouraged :D :soccer:!

  • i am betting (literally) on a England vs Belgium Finals :soccer: Not a logical decision - just mad intuition.

  • I'm watching Romania - France right now, since it's my country that's playing. We kinda suck though so let's see how that goes. No high hopes or anything, I'd just want us to get a bit farther this time around, haha. :soccer:

  • I always get into the World Cup but the Euro Cup has evaded my hype sensors for a long time. I'd love to watch more good football. Give me the run down. What teams are good? What matchups are exciting?

  • I'm from Germany, so i root for the german team of course. I don't think they will win this thing though! My guess is France, they have a talent to play great when they are the Host Nation. Other teams i can see are Spain, Belgium, maybe England or Portugal!

  • @Exist-2-Inspire Cool! I'll probably arbitrarily pick a country and faithfully root for them until they are eliminated! :soccer:!

  • From Ireland, not expecting much but it'd be cool if we got out of the group!

  • I've been so busy with school that I didn't even realize it was so soon! I grew up watching European football with my dad but haven't as much since starting college.

    Last time, I was in Venice during the Italy vs Spain match. It was so much fun to see how excited people were before and during the match! Afterwards was a bit of a downer lol


  • It's a great time right now. We have the Euro and E3 starting. Gonna be a fun week and then into July for the Euro.

    Really rooting for Iceland to make a good run. Just want to see a great fun tourney with some upsets. I think Germany will win it though.

  • Yeah i have been watching the opening game. My country isn't even qualified no.2 at the 2010 world cup and no.3 at the 2014 world cup. And now not even participating such a shame.

  • Romania played well, but France was definetly the better team. Deserved win, especially for penatrating the bunker at the end.

  • I have a feeling Spain won't get past the group stage , they haven't been the same since 2010 , I'm hoping for a surprise from Italy and England.

  • Oh ya, I'll be watching as much as I can but all the matches are on really early/late here in Oz.

    I think I'll get up for the England match tonight but my main focus is on Ireland vs Sweden during the Microsoft press event.

    I still think Germany will go on to win personally but I do like the look of this French team.

  • @Nillend I just saw a gif circulating on Facebook about the Khaleesi encouraging Romania for the match last night. It basically went something like: we don't need to win, we don't need a draw, just please don't let France win with more than a goal in difference. :sweat_smile: That's basically where we're at.

  • I was going to start a similar thread titled "Is anyone watching Copa America" but I figured it would be a one post thread. Messi certainly put on a show last night and even against 10 men it was still an impressive hat trick.
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  • @roobieroo Oh, I didn't know that Copa America was happening at the same time. Thanks for the info. Will keep an eye out

  • If anyone is interisted, in aprox. 2 hours at 9pm CEST (7pm UTC) a match between Russia and England will begin, which I think is worth watching.

  • Excited to watch England and Russia, shame about the cowardly violence between "fans" in the city though :(

  • Of course! I'm rooting for Croatia, we are playing tomorrow before all the E3 stuff. So if we win, there is a big chance that I will watch EA drunk (which is maybe a good thing?) :D