Is anyone watching Euro championship?

  • My dream final of Iceland vs Wales is still a possibility :D

  • Oh man, those penalties last night were insane. Insane! That was the craziest penalty shoot-out I've ever seen, I believe. I was cheering for Germany, so I'm glad they pulled it off, but man, what a rollercoaster that ending was. So many total failures, but also great saves from both Neuer and Buffon. When Schweinsteiger had the chance as the fifth man to end it I was sure he would do it. But no!!! Absolutely ridiculous ending, I loved it in so many levels.

  • Proud of our guys, we've lost to penalties against a great germany, seeing Buffon crying was tough , feel also bad for zaza and pelle, the latter especially, he played a great euro but sadly he will only be remebered for that awful penalty.

  • Respect to Iceland. Their set plays and crosses were pretty epic. Fought till the end.

  • Big big match coming! I'm gonna have to get up at 3am to watch it, but I'll be there! Go France!

  • We're in the finals! noiice

  • Hyped for the Finals, still anything but a clean win for France would be a surprise

  • Was a dull final. Portugal won and probably deserved it more for in this game. France were juat too reserved. There wasn't any spark or the same creativity from previous performances

  • France were playing too safe & Portugal got them with a sucker punch. At least Ronaldo is happy.

  • France won often enough. Portugal deserves it.

  • I don't think France were too safe in the match prior to extra time, they just failed to finish. Griezman in particular had a couple of headers which could have easily found the back of the net.

    And the Eder substitution for Portugal was brilliant. It was like two separate games once he came on.

  • The Euro of Upsets.

    That one was really painful. We had so many clear chances, the Portuguese goalkeeper was just unbeatable last night. And just when I was beginning to think we'd lose on penalties... we lost even earlier.

    Can't complain though, Portugal did everything right, even without Ronaldo. It was our final to lose, and we did. I'm really sad for our players, they gave it everything they had.

    There's always the next one, let's win the World Cup in 2 years guys!

  • I didn't even watch the final. No offense to any Portuguese but odds were that it was going to be an awful match and it sounds like that was the case.

    Been a weird tournament for me as the matches have been on at such awkward times that I've only caught a few games live so I can't really comment on the quality of the tournament however I will say personally, it's not as memorable. Just because I'm so far away from it.

  • As much as I like watching big sports events, I'm really glad it's over. See you at the Rio Olympics in a month?

  • For a such a small country we've produced a lot of football talent over the years.
    Some of the best players and coaches in the world, but for one reason or another we were missing a national title. We came close on more than one occasion, but in a ironic turn of events, just when our best player was out and we were playing our "ugliest" football - here it is...

    We're UEFA Euro Cup Champions!

  • @Tiago-Ponte Congrats!