Final Fantasy XV Battle System

  • Funny how turn based magically became a problem and archaic for Final Fantasy over night yet Persona and Pokémon have kept that style around and we have seen much better games from those franchises than Final Fantasy has produced in well over a decade. I even heard the argument that turn based RPG's don't sell. Tell Pokémon that.

    Anyway, Final Fantasy XV was trash, i only played for a few hours before i gave up on it because it was really shitty but the whole combat system was doing warp strikes and holding circle, no challenge especially when i was like lv10 or something and could kill the lv50 or whatever giants at night by eating a stat boosting meal. Didn't really see any abilities from the skill trees that would have made me change my mind about the combat system either.

  • The battle system in XV is really basic and paired down for an RPG but I still enjoy it.

  • @Art Best reply ever.

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    The combat in traditional Final Fantasy boils down to pressing X to Attack while occasionally going into the Magic/Item menu to cast a spell or use a potion.

    The franchise as a whole has never that deep or complex. So in a way XV keeps that tradition alive.

    I think FFX had a pretty good battle system or at least the beginnings of one, they should have developed more in that direction imo

  • I haven't played FFXV yet but I played the demo and felt like I was fighting against the game just trying to aim at the enemy and do that teleport up the walls and such. That felt complex in itself. I honestly couldn't imagine a whole game like that.

  • @GoTaco the warp striking and targeting works alot better then it did in the demo

  • I haven't played XV but from what I've seen of the battle system it doesn't seem like anything great, and for what is worth I always prefer turn based RPGs by a landslide.

    My favorite non turn based combat is probably the one from Tales of Vesperia, but I usually find non-turn based to be kinda messy.

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    Square is dead set on XV''s, Nier's, KH's and FFVII Re's live action combat so complaining about it is a bit of a futile effort.

  • Haven't played FF 15 yet. But plan to do so just because its FF and the wait. Gonna take some strong interest though to keep me off Destiny.

    I am one of those gamers who still enjoy a well designed turn based system. FFT battle system, is still like crack in terms of addiction. Also really like VC system.

  • I felt there was just enough action to keep me engaged, but not so much that it felt cumbersome. Post game, it felt like I was having to prepare properly to survive certain battles, but I was waaaay over leveled for the story to be challenging. Then again, I enjoyed the story battles and missions, in spite of it.

  • @Art Nier seems to be a completely a different thing to me, in terms of combat.

    It also saddens me that they would do that for FFVII, I've never played it and I'll probably play the remake once it is all out, but I'd like it to stick to the original to get a feel of the original game, but I guess Square just doesn't care about that.

  • @Art i think ff7 is gonna be a hybrid battle system because theirs gonna be a ATB gauge

  • @FF7Cloud Yeah I can't really tell what its going to be. One of the screenshots looks like it would be the original battle system and another that looks very actiony FFXV. I would be happy with the original or some hybrid if its done well.

  • @Art said in Final Fantasy XV Battle System:

    Square is dead set on XV''s, Nier's, KH's and FFVII Re's live action combat so complaining about it is a bit of a futile effort.

    I'll still bitch about it and hate it and demand they change it until they do like Capcom with Resident Evil.

  • @Stephleref You want 1st person JRPGs?

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    @Stephleref You want 1st person JRPGs?

    Nah i want Final Fantasy to be Final Fantasy and not you know, shit like it has been for a while.

  • @Stephleref And how does Capcom fit into that?

  • My problem with FFXV battle system is not that it action RPG, its just its not good action RPG.
    I wish it would play like KHII FM, which u have to time your block perfectly. In FFXV when enemy is about attack u there is gaint bottom in middle screen that tells block and then perry and honestly thats just not satisfying. Also in FFXV never have to study your enemies moments or any weakness because as long as u have healing items and phoenix down u mostly power through any fights.

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    @Stephleref And how does Capcom fit into that?

    Resident Evil 6 was nothing like RE in an attempt to be "modern" and catering to non fans and they fixed that with RE7. Turns out they are still one of the best when they stopped being retarded and catering to their fans again. Final Fantasy is and has been doing the same dumb shit of trying to be modern and catering to non fans of the series. I will shit on this series with everything i have until they fucking do. I will NEVER accept this fucking bullshit.

  • @Stephleref But mainline RE was never 1st person in the past, and I personally don't want 1st person to be the future of it. I really hope they don't mess up RE2make, it should be what REmake was to RE1.