Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • I much prefer playing with the dub.

  • @Musou-Tensei Huber had made the case a long while back (I can't recall for which game) but the idea is that developers generally want you playing the game in a language you understand. It does depend on the game and personal preference but in something like this one, the intent is very clear - they want you walking around and listening to all the mini-conversations that occur. I'd argue a little of that magic is lost if you're reading subtitles since it's actually pretty immersive how the dialogue is mixed.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Sorry, but I think that's dumb, unless it's like NieR which has only 1 version worldwide with both languages, I don't think it's the actual creator's intend, especially for japanese devs who often make games for a japanese audience 1st, and if no one would take on localizing it they probably wouldn't care either way. I highly doubt Compile Heart cares in the slightest if us gaijins can understand their games or not, it's IFI who decides what we get and what not, but they aren't the creator's.

  • @Musou-Tensei Why would you want to develop a game and not have the audience understand it? Especially in this case where you have an extreme amount of incidental voice-over work that is meant to be heard as if you were actually walking down the street, in a hallway, etc. That is a very deliberate design decision that was not present in any other Persona game (hell in most games in general) that becomes a lesser version of itself without a language you understand - you would either need to stop walking to read it all or ignore it all entirely. There's an argument to be made about whether or not these interactions are necessary (they aren't) but they certainly add more flavor to the world and help it feel more alive.

    You named some very niche companies that yes, primarily create games for a Japanese market, so you are more than likely correct when saying they don't even keep other markets in mind. I'm going to make an educated guess though and say that is not the case for Atlus and the creator's intent here is to have everyone understand what is being said - hence delays just to perfect localization.

    I also just want to point out I'm not saying playing with subtitles on is wrong by any measure, play how you want to play.

    Now it's time for me to squeeze in a few hours of sleep and get cracking at a Palace right after, whee.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I would argue now that because they give me that option, the creator's intend is for me to play how I prefer it, else that option wouldn't be there.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Persona 5 - (PS4/PS3):

    @Musou-Tensei Why would you want to develop a game and not have the audience understand it?

    There are tons of japanese games that only have english dub because that's more correct for the setting, take for example, Deadly Premonition, because it's set in america it's only in english even in the japanese release. It sets the tone and style of the game..

  • Out of a whim I decided to take my Vita out of its slumber last month and started Persona 4 Golden.

    My intention was to just get a feeling of the game to gauge my interest towards P5...

    The last Persona game I played was P2 on ps1 back in 1999 or so.
    Had a weird style, good story and unforgiving difficulty. Cant say I enjoyed it too much but it definitely left a impression.

    Man, how the game evolved.
    P4G is already one of my all time favorites, im 65hrs in, and for the looks of it, im going past the 100th hour mark.

    I finally get it when people say that its worth spending $200 just to play this game.

    And Persona 5 seems to continue the series evolution in a wonderful way, i´d say its the culmination JRPGs as a whole: turn-based, colorful, confident, stylish and not a single bit ashamed of being 'too japanese'.

    Cant wait to play P5 but im taking my time with P4G and probably will give some weeks for it to 'sink in' before diving into the sequel.
    (already bought it tough, and the P5 pre-order theme is AWESOME.)

  • 1: the 10 second load before you start playing for the first time is great. I assume the rest of the game is loading behind the opening level and fmv. Slick design.

    2: the first like 3 hours is essentially tutorial, but they hide it pretty well.

    3: digging these characters so far.

    4: only been in the first dungeon so far, already way better than any previous randomized corridor dungeon in any previous Persona game.

    5: Guns and demon negotiation!

  • I have no idea what ATLUS was trying to do with the surname pronunciation though. That shit is just wacky.

  • @TokyoSlim Worse than Mor-o-oka?

  • @alanpk

    Yeah, I think if I was forced to rank them P5 would be worse.
    I'm not going to die or anything, but I want to know who signed off on "suh-COMMA-toe"?

  • @TokyoSlim Yeah, I thought it might just be one person, but every single voice actor says it wrong. At least one person would have had to know the correct pronunciation, and we're instead told to say it wrong.
    It's not enough to destroy the game, of course, but it's bizarre.

  • Just more reason to play with JP dub :P

  • @Inustar yeah apparently per one of the voice actors, the pronunciation was specifically requested by Atlus JP for some reason.

    "Say Sakamoto, but like Terry Bradshaw would say it"

    @Musou-Tensei see above. .. creators intent, man! Lololol

  • Just finished the first real boss (which I'm sure those playing can already guess who it is) but again, it's such a marked improvement over P4. The only thing that surprised me was it was fairly easy while most of the regular enemies have given good pushback in Hard. I'd recommend having Media before running in though because... why not? Full party heals all the way.

  • @SabotageTheTruth yeah, I had no problem with the boss but got killed a few times by normal badies, and I was playing on normal. Though while I love these, I am not an optimal player.

  • Youtube Video

    I definitely didn't stay in the airsoft shop for over 10 minutes dancing to this and gazing at the menus, nope.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I really love that track, especially how creepy it starts.

  • It's a little unfortunate how Persona 5 arrived in the west just in time for all of its convenience and quality of life improvements for the turn-based JRPG genre to be behind the curve of the Switch's one really big convenience. I mean obviously this game could run on Switch. I'm not taking a magnifying glass to the textures or bemoaning the loading times here, but it's a PS3 game that could load faster on PS4 if it had been optimized before. Yes, exclusives and so forth, but I own both of these platforms and is obviously better suited to one than the other, as Persona 4 and Sony's own handheld system has proven.

    In general, after completing Zelda and starting this it's a little disheartening that games are so seemingly cash strapped that they can't do both high quality graphics / gameplay and writing / characters. God knows open world games have been downright unwilling to have half-decent plots over the span of their existance.

    But obviously I am liking the game as a series outsider, and Persona 5 would be great even if it was only a kick in the teeth to and circles run around all of the open world AAA's 'stories.' You could find some niggles in the tutorial, anti-adult, and dungeon boss lines if you're a boorish and pedantic person, but by and large this plot offers so much more The Witcher 3's low-fantasy wild goose chase that people are always excusing with 'but they have characterization if you've read the books.'

    Obviously Persona 5 clears that pathetically low bar of being a self-contained work that develops its characters within its own extent. IMO the second chapter is a bit of a step down from the first, but at this point I have ever confidence that the game will continue to deliver on quality character scenes and twists, for it has already given more than an open world game would ever be willing to.

  • Any expectations that Person 5 was going to be some outrageously well made and polished JRPG that would simply blow away and win over new audiences due to its awesomeness totally gives up the ghost within the first few hours. Maybe Stockholm syndrome sets in some time later but don't count on that to impress quickly. If you like Persona 4 you will probably like Persona 5. That's it, that's all. This is merely the next Persona game and nothing more. Expect hours upon hours of mildly interesting anime strapped to your home console.

    I will be blunt and unrelenting: the story setup is absolute trash. The main character is given this bizarre and unsubstantiated -criminal history- that is totally incongruent with anything else about his character, situation or context. Even the subsequent attempts to deliver exposition with some scene setting are absurd. For example, the character is treated like an absolute degenerate in a sequence of profoundly disturbing and abusive scenes relating the school faculty to his caretaker, who is presented as some kind of sleazy low level pimp or money launderer, yet ironically disturbed by some obnoxiously contrived disciplinary situations-- i.e the character being late for class. Even as the main game scenario gets more complicated, the quality of writing struggles to elevate the mute and uninteresting protagonist beyond the annoying and ridiculous minor characters.

    The narrative contract between author and reader is thus established in situ: please endure an exceedingly long period of time where we will draw out annoying and superficially constructed archetypes through the most mundane of interactions possible. Everything that succeeds this mess is unfortunate at best; and at worst, sadly reminiscent of the lamest anime you could ever imagine. Maybe it gets better eventually, but the extent of my 6+ hours experience is a complete write off. Truly, only the diehards will ever know.

    But he's a mysteriously handsome and demur transfer student so anything can happen!

    Say, maybe this all appeals to your sensibilities? Well, that sure is great. You probably already watch or buy into everything else that the anime/JRPG industry could ever hope to sell you. And spoiler nobody else gives a single crap. This probably turns normal audiences further away than the new Ghost in the Shell or anything else since they first watched Ninja Scroll in 1995. Within the niche of complicit and uncritical enthusiasts the milk will be lapped, adored and dogmatised as cultural gospel. Outside the fandom, we call this "crap".

    Adding to that is this totally bloated non-controversy about its streaming limitations. What a complete joke. Guidelines that Atlus released really only present one hard cut line-- an in game date exceeding 3 months in at month/day, 7/7-- literally dozens of hours in, and presumably major plot points abound. For context, my experience lasted over five hours and went through only 3-4 days. Other than that they hint at "please don't spoil it" recommendations [read, not enforcing] 90 minute segments. The 'so called' ham handed approach is ironically overshadowed by the hyperbolic pitch forked moron squad initiated by the likes of Jim Sterling. The faux outrage that ensued is so pathetic I can hardly even face palm in response. Streaming has become the next wave of fandom entitlement that carries with it the fallacious axiom that the magic of mass exposure will simply result in higher revenues because of social media impressions.

    Persona 5: 3/5 stars

    • It's probably not as OK to like anime as you want to believe
    • Could not muster past ~5 hours
      I'd rather be playing Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (GB)