Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • @Light Yeah, I realized afterwards that there's an awful lot of cats on the team for me to call myself Rain Dogs, but my headcanon is now that's intentional obfuscation. Like I'm calling us team Dog so they won't look for a bunch of people running around dressed as and in the company of a cat! Trickster!

  • I named my group the dumb name of The Koshis because it was late at night, I was tired, and my cat Koshi was being adorable next to me.

    I'm into the third dungeon now, and it's still amazing.
    Occasionally the story bugs me, but just for a moment

    The idea that the cops want to catch the Phantom Thieves, seemingly more interested in us than these criminals who have confessed, bugs me. Only for a moment and then I remember it's a game. I mean if they find out what are they gonna do? There is nothing that could be proven in court. I get over my annoyances when I remember it works for the themes of the game, about people in charge ignoring terrible things like abuse in favor of focusing on what is important to them.

  • @Inustar Dude, grown ups are bad. That's all you need to remember. BAD!

  • @Inustar I mean, if Batman can get away with it that being a thing, I'll give Persona a pass.

    @alanpk @TokyoSlim I'd say Mementos is much more similar to Tartarus from P3 (or the Factory from P2), but maybe that's me being picky. Randomly generated floors of the exact same area with a bit of a color swap that locks off areas until you get farther in the story. I'm so grateful that locked chests in this game actually reward you with useful equipment. I remember most of the locked chests in P4G just provided less than stellar accessories to the point where I never cared if I found a chest.

    Just got to the third dungeon. I'm liking the setup much more for this one and the music was already getting me groovin'... but it's time for work now. Damn you real life!

  • The difference is that I hate Tartarus, and I don't (yet?) hate Mementos. ;p

  • @TokyoSlim

    I loved Tartarus, more so than than the P4 dungeons...though I'm liking how P5's are shaping up to be, only have completed the first one.

    Something spooky about Tartarus, it was mysterious and I think it fit with the tone and story. Wouldn't have worked in P4 or P5

  • whats with atlus and minty fresh dungeon names

  • @FF7Cloud said in Persona 5 - (PS4/PS3):

    whats with atlus and minty fresh dungeon names

    Minty fresh? You're not a fan of Christopher Moore's book A Dirty Job are you?

  • @ACardAttack no im not why lol

  • @FF7Cloud

    There is a character in the series called Minty Fresh

  • @ACardAttack said in Persona 5 - (PS4/PS3):

    that's awesome lol

    I was just pointing out that

    Tarterus sounds like evil toothpaste

    and Mementos sounds like the mints

  • The party member you obtain in the 3rd dungeon can only be described as awesome. Super happy with their character arc so far, their Persona design, and those sweet Nuke skills. Might be my favorite character but I'll let that sink in a little more.

    Although fusion/registering still isn't super friendly to newer users, I feel like they've greatly improved the systems overall, especially using Lockdown and especially especially gallows executions. Being able to put a Persona in a Pokemon day care can be helpful, although if you've got the cash, sacrificing Personas using the gallows is probably the easiest way to level lower fellas up.

    In comparison to P4, the pace here is so much more consistent. New areas and new mechanics are still opening up for me at a steady rate, while P4 eventually fell into a very noticeable routine.

    Yusuke being able to paint cards to duplicate skills is such a beautiful nod to the painter in P2.

  • I can't stop watching this.

    Youtube Video

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Persona 5 - (PS4/PS3):

    The party member you obtain in the 3rd dungeon can only be described as awesome. Super happy with their character arc so far, their Persona design, and those sweet Nuke skills. Might be my favorite character but I'll let that sink in a little more.

    I 100% agree. I'm not amazingly into the motorcycle motif — Especially since they were all like 'Should we call her 'Rider' like effin Aragorn!? Let's not. — but the character is just great. Especially where her confidant / social link leads. I wish she had a more concrete connection to her dungeon boss like Ann or Ryuji, though. I feel like the antagonists haven't been as strong as Kamoshida while hitting some similar themes, but hopefully that'll change soon.

    Also, I really loved meeting the temperance confidant.

    It really is the joke that keeps on giving, as well as being one of the more subversive confidants.

    In comparison to P4, the pace here is so much more consistent. New areas and new mechanics are still opening up for me at a steady rate, while P4 eventually fell into a very noticeable routine.

    Oh man, I'm kinda afraid to play Persona 4 now because the social link rank ups and dungeon arcs in 5 are noticeable predictable to me. It hasn't hurt the experience yet, but someone really needs to call the player character in the middle of the night and ask to meet up or something. Little deviations to the predictable schedule can be leveraged for powerful character moments just like in Majora's Mask.

    That being said, it greatly pains me that the new Persona game has much better and many more dungeons than the new Zelda game. Especially since the budget of both have such a clear disparity on top of different priorities.

  • @Haru17 Agree, I haven't felt like the villains following Kamoshida have really hit a mark of being "more evil" or at least giving me more motivation for taking them down. They set the bar pretty high with him but I trust some of the late game stuff will significantly raise the stakes.

    The overall flow of 3, 4, and 5 leads down some predictable paths. New month, new objective, new dungeon, etc. 4 basically plays most of its hand early though, in terms of where you're able to explore in the city. Certain confidant/social links are naturally a little later on along with a few extra part time jobs, but very few additional activities unlock, while I feel 5 has been drip feeding things at just the right pace. Since I recently finished 4 for the second time, I've been making a lot of comparisons with what 5 does better (nearly everything) but P4 is still very well made and worth a chance, if you've ever got 80 hours to spare.

  • @SabotageTheTruth So yeah, the bad guys haven't made me hate them like Kamoshida did. They're terrible people, but not to the personal effect of a teacher sexually, and physically abusing students.

    But I guess that's more on me then the game. I've been to school, obviously, and I did indeed have a teacher at my school whom was fired for assault on a student. Plagiarism and extortion haven't really been part of my life. But I would guess for some it has been, so I kinda over all like having bad people who do different terrible things. Though it was a great choice for the first dungeon. It really motivates people.

    Makoto is currently my fave as well. She's the one to beat for a romantic choice for me as well.

    I don't know about fusion though. I do think it's easier to understand here. The visual of the executions really made me understand it better then I did in P4. I hardly ever fused in that game, and had no problems. I might not be doing optimal fusions, but I'm certainly doing it more and it's pretty lenient over all since I can always re-summon the personas.

  • They dedicated more time to Kamoshida and we got to see more of his "evil". With the other targets (so far) they mostly just have like 2 dialogues where the target says some nasty stuff (or rather, their shadow version does).
    Also Kamoshida was directly connected to the protag and other people around him while the others are less personal.

  • @suplextrain Those are just all of the characteristics that make up a good antagonist. Hopefully the ones near the end of the game are more interesting and in-depth.

    The chapter of the game I'm in right now is much more interesting than art or drug smuggling, I totally understand not wanting anything after 7/7 streamed. Not sure about the foreshadowed overall antagonist, though. He/she needs to be more interesting when we finally get to his chapter.

    Does anyone know if the deadlines actually game over you or how that all works? I never even came close to one (and I ran the third dungeon all the way to the treasure in one day ;), but some of the dialogue sounded like it would adapt if the party had failed and supposedly been expelled. Obviously the story would find some way for you to still attend that high school, but I'm not sure if Persona changes much like that.

    The last in my list of disparate thoughts concerns full spoilers for the first chapter / dungeon arc of the game.

    One thing that bothered me about the writing is how — only a day or so after Shiho was heavily implied to have been raped and beaten and she tried to kill herself — one of the characters described Kamoshida's actions toward her as 'sexual harassment.' Now, obviously even if Kamoshida had been unsuccessful that would still have been sexual assault. It just feels like the game is apologizing for its antagonist in a weird way, using inaccurate and less severe terms like that. Whether this is intentional or just an oversight by one of the dialogue writers I couldn't say. However, I've seen this instinct even within media about difficult subject matter to shy away or otherwise lessen the issues like this, which seems like very intentional and wrong-minded decisions. Or maybe this instance was due to the translation — I couldn't say, however it did undercut and take me out of the story for a moment.

    Another thing that bugged me was the subplot / running joke about Morgana's crush on Ann, especially since it started off on the wrong foot during the Pervert Castle arc. Like, if these characters were real people you'd think that the cat would at least wait until after they destroy the castle with busts of the asses of high school girls in gym shorts to start hitting on the girl who — as far as he knew — was being sexual harassed by Kamoshida as well. And that's ignoring the weirdness of an anime cat plushy character being into a human woman, and how little it develops in the first several chapters of the game. It just seems beneath the level of storytelling in Persona 5, and to undercut the story during the — we've agreed, well-made and important — Kamoshida arc.

  • @Haru17 Y'know, in all my experience of playing Persona, I've not once failed to hit that deadline, not even for fun just to see what happens. I can assume it causes a game over and sets you back a day or two to try again, but I've got nothing backing that up.

    And yep, those are both solid points for the first dungeon. The Morgana thing still comes across as a little strange and out of place for me. I can only think they're leaning a little too heavily on past characters like Teddie in P4 - a giant fuzzy bear that would always hit on girls and make bear puns. I think Morgana is much more likable, besides what you mentioned.

    I realized upon waking up this morning I was going to have a long closing shift with absolutely nothing to do. Then I realized I have a Vita and remote play is a thing. It's gonna be a good day everyone!

  • Just popping in to say that I don't own a PS3 or PS4, so I've been experiencing the game by going over to a friend's house and talking about it in real time. It's been a lot of fun so far to be able to talk to another big Persona/JRPG fan in real time while seeing the game after going in with almost no information (HARD media shutdown on this one). He even waited for me to come over before starting the game, which I was really touched by given that he's had it since release day. I just re-completed P4 to build the hype, and it's cool to see the way that P5 has been updating its references, dialogue, and technology to mirror the jumps we've made since P4's release. The use of smartphones was a weird moment of "oh, right, we're not in 2008 anymore".