Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • @Haru17 Y'know, in all my experience of playing Persona, I've not once failed to hit that deadline, not even for fun just to see what happens. I can assume it causes a game over and sets you back a day or two to try again, but I've got nothing backing that up.

    And yep, those are both solid points for the first dungeon. The Morgana thing still comes across as a little strange and out of place for me. I can only think they're leaning a little too heavily on past characters like Teddie in P4 - a giant fuzzy bear that would always hit on girls and make bear puns. I think Morgana is much more likable, besides what you mentioned.

    I realized upon waking up this morning I was going to have a long closing shift with absolutely nothing to do. Then I realized I have a Vita and remote play is a thing. It's gonna be a good day everyone!

  • Just popping in to say that I don't own a PS3 or PS4, so I've been experiencing the game by going over to a friend's house and talking about it in real time. It's been a lot of fun so far to be able to talk to another big Persona/JRPG fan in real time while seeing the game after going in with almost no information (HARD media shutdown on this one). He even waited for me to come over before starting the game, which I was really touched by given that he's had it since release day. I just re-completed P4 to build the hype, and it's cool to see the way that P5 has been updating its references, dialogue, and technology to mirror the jumps we've made since P4's release. The use of smartphones was a weird moment of "oh, right, we're not in 2008 anymore".

  • @Haru17 I have few problems with this game, and the few I have are pretty small.
    But one of those is the Morgana crush on Ann. I really hate it when he says "You're so gorgeous Panther" when she kills the enemies. It just irks me.

  • @Inustar and then s/he dosnt know what gender he is but just assumes s/hes a guy, i know its done for comedy but i know where this is going.

  • @Inustar I'm more or less there as well. Some of his voice clips are wearing very thin for me, seeing as he's basically part of the UI. As well as that one, Morgana saying, "Come oooooonnnn" whenever I talk to the Iwai the weapons guy is very frustrating.

  • @Haru17 Morgana is upset with your lack of guts. Seriously, come onnnnnnn.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I got that. I've played, like, a flash RPG with stats before, lol. It's just annoying since there is no way to buy equipment but going through that dialogue. Sort of like Beedle. Like, there are other menus in Persona 5 with options before entering into the store, like Takemi.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    God that battle theme is too good. Quick someone sync it to the dancing KFC guy.

  • @DMCMaster Carrying on the legacy of P4, the battle theme is my favorite music that I've heard so far. Too good.

  • I was tired of Morgana hitting on Ann, so I introduced him to my kitty. They seem to be getting along pretty well so far.

    alt text

    I wish this wasn't so huge but I can't be bothered to resize.

  • I think the new tracks played at night a month or so in, and the trailer song put into palaces once their calling card has been sent are my favorite music so far. Changes to themes in familiar and areas are the most powerful IMO. I look forward to the game doing more of those as it progresses.

  • So glad I got the Heart edition, the OST sampler alone was enough to justify the price...No to hope the full OST gets a western release via normal channels (Itunes, Amazon, ect)

  • @SabotageTheTruth Glad it worked out between your cat and Morgana. I tried to introduce my cat to Morgana, and she just smacked him to the ground repeatedly.

  • I have no intension of looking through 185 posts to see if this has been posted, so I will post it nonetheless.

    Youtube Video

  • So. I was sick most of the weekend, and called in today. So now I have 60 hours into this game. I do have to go back to work tomorrow.

  • @TokyoSlim 60!!!! i thought i had alot at 17

  • @FF7Cloud I went in having finished the first palace dungeon at about 11 hours. I am now on palace dungeon 5.
    I am about to make "Best Girl" decision for play through number one!

  • @Fridge-man A certain amazing fellow posted this earlier.. but I still watch it multiple times daily.

    Loving pretty much everything about the 4th palace. That is all.

  • Having finished the fourth dungeon and over 42 hours in, I'm happy to say I still love this game

    The fourth dungeon was great, and the story for Futaba worked just as well as the Kamoshida one for getting me motivated. I wonder if it's just me either, but the story does seem to be pushing the MC toward a relationship with Makoto. They just seem to be having a lot of the typical cute anime moments together. Not that I mind since she is one of my fave characters so far.

  • Just finished at 105 hours, absolutely love the game, but further reflection and additional playthroughs are required to see if I like it better that 4.