Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

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    "On a steel horse I ride"

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  • I'm going to assume that it's a pretty popular Karaoke song, so it makes sense in my head canon that it might be referenced by Japanese teens.

    I'm not sure if it's localized or original dialogue tho. But yes, I did notice it, and I even finished the verse.

  • The real question is: Will Morgana stop creeping on Ann if we are in a relationship?

  • @FF7Cloud nope where was it?

  • @bard91

    When Makoto first gets Johanna

    I think Ryuji says it. But don't hold me to that, it was like 20 whatever game hours ago. Lol

  • makoto best waifu

  • Another thing that's surprising me is how many areas there are in the game. This ain't no Inaba, that's for sure.

  • When you wanna date Makoto, Futaba, and Takemi but realize Valentine's Day will probably serve you justice.

    It's hard out here for a pimp.

    Just finished the 4th palace, I'm gonna say that's my favorite one so far.

    I always love manifestations of guilt. Whether it be Silent Hill, The Babadook, or Futaba's palace, it just always resonates with me.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm really liking the dungeon variety so far.

  • 3rd dungeon a difficulty spike for anyone else?

  • @FF7Cloud yep, I had some trouble with that one for sure

  • i hope i can finish persona 5 before May the 3rd

    as you can tell from my new Avatar TITS The 3rd is finally coming out.

  • @FF7Cloud 3rd dungeon is the only one to give me any sort of pushback while playing on hard. I kept running into enemies with no weaknesses and they hit hard on this difficulty. Even with maxed out gear and some grinding in Mementos (and a Persona that nulls melee/gun), it was still a challenge.

    Minor confidant spoiler below, not story related. Just a tip to help make things easier.

    If you boost the Confidant link with Takemi, she eventually sells accessories - and eventually gives a large discount. I was able to get the SP Adhesive 3 accessory for 50,000 yen a pop, which heals 7 SP a turn. Definitely recommend it to ease the pain.

  • Yeah, the max SP regen items are OP. They break the game's difficulty, since it's all based around running out of spells and managing resources with a side dish of RNG. No idea who would buy the lower tiers, though. I think they're all available at the same time, just rinse 3rd/4th palace enemies for yen using that repeated hold up option. And if they fight back, just take an attack and down them again for another set of thousands of yen.

  • I'm honestly curious about how two members of the Nine will take to this game, especially given it's their first dive into Persona.

    BOLD predictions.

    Bosman will find a very small bit of context he doesn't agree with inside the first palace/story arc and it'll be a hard quit. He'll continue to listen to the tunes in his car though.

    Jones will spend several days grinding in Mementos and forget there's other things to do in the game. Level 99 before the third palace.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm very curious about Jones because the only JRPG I've really heard him talk about is FF6, and Persona also being very anime makes me wonder how he will take that aspect of the game. He seems enthusiatic about it though so I'm hopeful.

    And while I love Bosman, he is a walking pile of insanity whose opinions range from insightful to completely demented so while interested in what he thinks I believe what you describe may be a real possibility

  • @bard91 In a perfect world, we'd get a Brandon Plays Pokemon situation (which is still one of my favorite things the Allies have done) but I realize that's a big ask. Plus, there's a lot more to Persona than Pokemon Red, so I can imagine the series would be massive. Ah well, a psyduck can dream.

  • I think characterizing Bosman's tastes as objectively wrong or weird or whatever isn't wise. There are a huge amount of reasons that could separate anyone from every game. Even Persona 5, as pretty great as we all seem to agree the story is, plenty of people are put off by tutorials and turn-based combat.

  • @Haru17 I'm not implying that Bosman's opinions are objectively wrong, and my wording is certainly an exaggerated one, what I essentially wanted to get to is that from what I've seen from him he takes issue with things in games that many would find very odd and even non sensical (to me for example, his arguments against A Link to the Past), that doesn't mean that I'm invalidating his opinions and that these couldn't drive him away from a game, they simply seem very weird to me, specially coming from a person that is obviously very related to the gaming scene.