Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • @bard91 I think the worst instance of that was in Takemi's quest:

    When you finally meet the little girl she had been working to cure, she has the same, pretty bad voice actor as the young boy confidant. That happened after I had met him, so it really threw a cloud over that scene for me.

  • @Haru17 yep that was a easily the lowpoint of all that I've heard

  • I just sent the calling card for 3rd palace (I'm like 33hrs in too!)

    So far how I feel about the characters

    I like Ryuji though I didn't at first, but I've maxed his SL and he's grown on me quite a lot

    Ann has also grown on me a lot, I'm around SL 7 for her, I don't think I'll romance her, but I enjoy her as a character and like Ryuji, I didn't like her at first

    Morgana is pretty awesome, much better than Teddy

    Yusuke might be my least favorite in the entire series (never played P1). I originally thought he was a girl in promotional artwork and gameplay video. I've only started his SL, he might grow on me like the others, but I like him less than I did with the other two at first

    Makoto seems pretty cool. She's the one I'll probably most likely romance (though if I can the maid or doctor, I might go for them instead). I understand her struggles and I like her personality. I thought Sae was her mom actually.

    I like the politician and the maid and doctor. Really good social links. Not sure how I feel about the reporter, only on level 2 or 3 for her. I'm gonna do the fortune teller soon, got enough money saved up after the 3rd palace.

  • WELP. A lot of story stuff just happened. A lot.

    I just finished the 6th palace, so if you're not there yet, steer clear compadres!

    I didn't trust Akechi from the start, but having him join up made me trust him, a little. It's a shame you only get one palace with him because he was the perfect 4th party member for my team (replaced Ann). The plan everyone pulled off to fool him was... extremely elaborate, almost to the point where I don't think the group as a whole could have possibly considered all the outcomes and possibilities. I had to stop where the team needs to find information about Shido's palace so maybe we get revenge on Akechi or maybe he joins back up for... reasons but I just have bad luck in picking 'favorite' party members. They usually end up dying (Shinji in P3) or they turn out to be evil.

  • @ACardAttack Yusuke isn't my favorite, but he grows on you, a bit. At least he did for me.

    Least favorite in the series though? It has to go to this piece of work.

    alt text

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    I actually liked Ken, not the most memorable, but not as awful as people make him out to be. He had a tough life and he's a kid

  • @ACardAttack His actions led to the death of a character... Kinda deplorable, kid or not.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah Ken probably takes that place for me too, I don't see the problem people have with Yusuke really.

    What really made me dislike Ken the most was the female route on P3P, holy shit did that got creepy

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    You mean the

    The guy who killed his mom? Can't blame Ken for that. Apparently Ken shows a little more remorse in the Japanese version as well.

  • @ACardAttack That's right everyone, we've got Persona 3 spoilers going on now!

    Shinji didn't kill Ken's mom on purpose, his Persona was out of control and he couldn't handle it, hence him becoming addicted to the sedatives. Everyone was well aware of Shinji's intent yet even with that knowledge, Ken lured him to an alley with a gun intended to kill Shinji and then himself. Granted things didn't turn out exactly like that but Ken's actions and lust for vengence put Shinji in that position. I've got no sympathy for the little punk. If he shows more remorse in the Japanese version, then maybe it's a bit better but ugh, I never used him in battle for killing off one of my favorite characters.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    There's your problem with Ken, i didn't care for

    The person he got killed

  • Not about the game itself but definitively tied to its success, here's an article with some insight into the recent changes Atlus is making to grow the company.

  • This game made me even happier today, and I wasn't even playing it.

    My best friend from work is a gamer, but hasn't played JRPGs since the SNES days and for the most part dislikes anime (with a few exceptions here and there).

    Naturally whenever we talk about games I eventually end up bringing Persona, and his response has always been dismissive and mockery (in a good friends kinda way), similarly whenever anime is brought up he proceeds to calling me a weeb and that sort stuff.

    After a lot of insistence and expressions of hype from my part I managed to convince him to play the PS3 version (which I lent to him), so finally last week I gave him the game, which he mentioned he would start on the weekend.

    First thing after he comes to the office he comes up to me and tells me:

    "I played 20 hours over the weekend. That game is so good"

    All I'm gonna say is that it feels good, it feels oh sooooo good.

  • im doing the dark maze section in the 6th palace and im starting to get frustrated

  • @FF7Cloud Using the Third Eye makes it a breeze.

  • @SabotageTheTruth its the enemies they always gets crits and 1 hit the protag why does it have to be automatic game over if i still have 3 other party members.

  • @FF7Cloud Yeah, that's something I've been dying for them to fix for awhile now.

    I don't remember that area being too tough, but I've been rolling with Girimehkala for his sweet repel damage for awhile now.

  • @SabotageTheTruth yea im gonna try it again tomorrow with him to see if it makes a difference, i also want one of those witches in that area to for there repels as well beacsue they have magic attacks

  • @FF7Cloud Another thing that can help out is maxing out the Strength arcana. It doesn't actually take up any time to do so since it's just fusing Persona, none of the requests are very difficult, and the reward at the end has the potential to make you extremely overpowered.. if you've got the cash for it, at least.

  • I'm halfway through the fifth dungeon, and it's great. I certainly feel a closer connection to this dungeon than ost of the others, save the first one.
    I'll have to pause on the game though. Sadly my cat passed away today, and since he was a black cat, not sure I'd enjoy P5 right now. Gonna give it a week off I think.