Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • @GalacticSugarPunk P5 is also the first game I platinum, other that the two Zero Escape games on Vita, and those don't really count since the platinum is essentially beating the games.

    I'm near the end of the ng+ and I'm still having a blast with it, even though I'm just blazing through the palaces in safe mode

  • @GalacticSugarPunk

    It's true that his reveal happens late, but in comparison to other antagonists in the series, I actually understand most of his motivation. Having this complex where you're just never good enough is strangely relatable. Plus, just seeing him lose it and come so close to redemption was great. Loki hype.

    I only hold a platinum for the most distinguished of games. Final Fantasy 7, Rocket League, and Jazzpunk. Those last two are absolutely distinguished. Yep. Looking forward to adding this masterpiece to that short list.

  • Taking a couple day break from persona 5 to play some yooka laylee

    i dont know if ill platinum it i dont have many

    walking dead
    demon's souls (i dont recommend doing this pure bladestone has a ridicules drop rate )
    Rocket Leaugue
    and Dark Souls 3

  • after a ton of save scumming I finally saw all the romance scenes (yes I know I could have seen them on youtube), and I'm also done with all of the social links.

    I'd say that 5 overall has a bit of an edge over 4 in terms of s link quality, but really not by much.

  • I didn't even realize how long the initial tutorial section of this game is on my first go around, but it's pretty lengthy. Took me a good 3-4 hours I think to finally get to where the game was like "K, go prepare and do whatever now".

    Now I can finally start making progress towards my missing trophies though. Took me a solid 45min of save scumming to get the home run trophy (I was really bad at even hitting the ball) and I think it took me a good 2 hours of solid grinding to finally nab the competent negotiator trophy >_> I can't believe I made it through the entire game without ever running into that. The requirements to trigger the hostage situations aren't even remotely extreme... To the point where I'm curious if there's something that got borked in the code/enemy AI script making it not trigger as often as they intended.

    EDIT: Spoilered trophies just in case, though I don't think there was anything too spoilery about what I mentioned.

  • so it seems I screwed up and won't be able to get the platinum on my second playthough.

    Apparently I didn't read a text message from Mishima and because of that I lost access to one of the request, and to boot the reward for that request is a book, so two trophies missed because of that, I could go for it right away, since I wouldn't mind playing the game again, but I gotta play other stuff, so I'll leave that for the future

  • Youtube Video

    Obviously, don't watch that unless you've finished the game. It was just nice to hear someone unpack the game, even if it's unscripted and a little tangential at times. I've really been dying for some focused discussion on Persona 5 from The Nine and it looks as though it'll either be a long while before that happens or it'll never occur.

    Shiki-Ouji hype!

  • @SabotageTheTruth just one thing to say after watching that

    alt text

  • one other thing in relation to that video that I'm relating to, it is HARD for me to play another JRPG right after P5, if it weren't for the fact that I'm was invested in ToCS2 characters and story from the beginning I'm not sure I would be able to keep playing it right now.

  • @bard91 Yeah, I honestly am in the same boat. Granted, I'm still in my second playthrough but even the thought of another JRPG does pretty much nothing for me - which is saying something since it's my favorite genre. X-Com 2 and Yakuza 0 will be my palette cleansers after I get the platinum.

  • Finished playthrough 1 at 132:39
    Was easily the best Persona game I've played so far. Dungeons are diverse and well done. For the most part they were not slogfests or grindy repetitive random mazes like P3 and most of P4G. Characters are among the best in the series, and the social links that I completed (there were a lot in 132 hours) were rewarding and provided a great deal of depth to the characters. This in in the conversation for the best JRPG of the generation, for sure.

    some spoiler stats and thoughts:

    I maxed out 14/21 social links on the first playthrough without using any guides or particular time management strategy. The only social stat I hadn't maxed was guts, and I feel like with one more trip to Big Bang Burger, I might have gotten there... I ended up at level 74. I had whittled the final boss down to 1/3 health by the time I realized that you could target the hands. I was focused on causing him damage because I didn't have a lot of stuff that appeared to work real well against him. I used 2 Soma during that fight. I'm looking at what other people did to beat him and apparently at level 75 I would have gotten God Hand which does a ton of damage to him? He wiped all of my other party members other than MC who was down to about 75 hit points when I was able to pull off a stat boosted/charged/ Vorpal Blade while he was charging up to kill me and I triggered the final animation. (cutting it CLOOOSE)

  • this almost game me a heart attack

    [Rumor] Atlus to Release Sequel to 4th Numbered Game for the PS4, According to Job Listing?

    Now according to the article that could be a transcription error that was simply reffering to Persona 5, but just the possibility is enough to drive me insane.

    On one side of my mind my rationale self doesn't want it to be true, but my other side just wants more.

  • I'm now in the 6th palace and I enjoy the game a lot, one thing about how the story unfolds kinda bothered me though as I think it should have been handled a bit differenetly, this is about Palace 5 and beyond.

    When you beat the boss, Haru's father, you'll get to see how he gets killed which later switches his breakdown.
    Imo this scene shouldn't have been shown at that time, the game should have let the players think that they have succeeded just like the protags think they did and then completely surprised us with Okamura's breakdown during his press conference. Imo that scene should have been shown during the scene where Akechi blackmails the team during the school festival, as part where he tells them that he was almost killed by Okamura's killer as well.

    Also not happy with the NG+ in this game, my brother told me levels and most items don't get transfered (yay, farming for the eternal lockpick again, so much fun, woohoo...), and neither the maxed out confidants, that's kinda shit tbh and makes me less interested in a 2nd playthrough.

  • @Musou-Tensei It was like that in at least P4G (the only other Persona game I've ever NG+) too. What carries over is the persona compendium, your social stats, and some special items.

  • @Musou-Tensei you do retain some of the abilities of the confidants in the NG+, but the levels themselves do reset (it would be weird to me that they didn't)

    not being able to go for the eternal lockpick right away does suck big time.

  • I never even made the unbreakable lockpick. I never ran out of regular lockpicks so it was never a big deal.

  • Spoiler
    just beat Shido whats left now?

  • @FF7Cloud Do you really want to know?

  • @TokyoSlim probally not lol

  • @FF7Cloud Ok, because I'll tell you -

    the part where everyone in the world turns into talking cats and Morganna turns into a mute small boy really got to me.

    That didn't really happen.