Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • man i can't contain myself right now i'm almost finishing persona 3 and persona 4 weating me in my ps3 and the hype is real for persona 5 and that talking of persona 5 in framtrap (the psx extraveganza) make me more hype for the game

  • @valhallaboy you're really gonna have to rush through P4 to make it in time :)

  • My god, Persona 5 is almost here!!! its unreal!!!


    I'm so hyped. I got the PS4 theme they just released and it's soooo good! That music!

  • I also came here to say the free theme on PS4 is absolutely stunning. I've seriously been just listening to the music on loop for awhile. I've been decent at keeping myself calm up until right now.


  • Okay, so real talk: what makes the Persona series so good, and why is P5 looking incredible? I'm not trolling, but genuinely I want to know. I don't play JRPGs anymore - I went on a JRPG binge where I played pretty much nothing except JRPGs for three or four years straight, but then I dropped the genre hard. I completed my first JRPG in a decade, Dragon Quest 8, a few months ago. I'm sort of in the mood to try and get back into some though, and the Persona 5 hype has me interested for sure, but on a surface level it doesn't seem that interesting. I legitimately don't know. What makes Persona so good?

  • @Galaxy40k Well first off, it's pretty gorgeous looking. The character designs appeal to me, but I am an anime fan. The menus are amazing as well, the design and the way you go from one menu to another is super slick and gorgeous.
    The music is great too, just a lot of fun to listen to.
    As for gameplay, well for me I love JRPGS, but Persona manages to seperate itself from other games in the genre. It's set in a modern world, and while it has pretty traditional turn based fighting, it also has bits taken from a dating sim even. It's just as important to spend time with your friends, as it is going through a dungeon.

    It's just unique.

  • @Galaxy40k There are multiple reasons why Persona 3 and 4 are my two favorite games, and for which I think they are special, and for which I'm expecting to also love P5.

    The setting and scenarios are pretty unique and very well done.

    Great characters presented amazingly, with whom you are able to relate and that really make you care for them.

    They present serious topics about problems in society and how people handle them, this makes the game very intersting beyond the main story.

    A conventional but well executed combat system (although the original version of P3 suffered of not having control of the party, which was honestly a pain).

    They cover a wide range of emotions throughout the game, ranging from very serious to pure joy, this made me really care a lot more about the characters.

    An undeniable and palpable sense of style in the games , I can still remember when so many years ago I first played P3 and I was astounded by the intro, and then again when I started going around Iwatodai and the J-Pop tunes completely caught me off guard, and I found myself completely entranced and nodding to the music (also worth noting that this happened during my teenage years when I was most into the black metal persona, so it was particularly unexpected for me to get into it).

    Those are some summed up reasons why I love P3 and P4 (I like P2 but not as much, and I honestly don't think Persona Revelations is a good game).

    And the other fact for which I am very excited is the history and progress of the series, I've played all of the games since P3 release (P3, P3 FES, P4, P4 Golden, P3P) and with the obivous exception of P3P all of this new iterations make significant improvements in the games, and just keep perfecting everything about these games, given that track record I'm expecting P5 to have built even more upon from where P4 Golden left off, and to me that would definitively result in the greatest game there is (given that to me that is P4).

  • @bard91 After I beat the final boss of P4G (I'm super stuck and honestly don't know if I can win) I'm going to start a thread about the game... Can't wait to talk some things over with you all.

  • Persona 5 is GOTY this year only if Red dead Redemption 2 releases then we would have competition. I don't mind either of those two winning GOTY tbh.

  • @JoleeHonso Let's be honest, any games from before E3 will be a very very difficult sell for GOTY. The recency bias is real for end of the year awards.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 will win the majority of awards if it comes out in the holiday. Unless it really messes up by focusing too much on co-op/online stuff and ignoring singleplayer.

    I haven't played any Persona, but I look forward to grabbing the game on release day to see what the hell everyone is hyped for. :)

  • Thanks for the answers guys. Persona might not be my style of game, but I'll be sure to check 5 out later in the year

  • @Galaxy40k Pretty much all the reasons already listed make Persona great - its art style, its use of characters, the music, and the snappy combat.

    The reason I decided to make an additional comment instead of just perpetuate the echo chamber is to mention how the entire series is based around Carl Jung's philosophies. Not only does it explore the ideas he presents (the collective unconscious, personas, shadows, etc.), the series ties them deeply into the lore and characters. Most struggle with understanding who they really are while learning that suppressing your inner self, despite societal pressures to do so, causes a disservice to you and everyone else you know. In a genre situated in mostly saving the world or protecting some crystals, Persona stands out as a game not only set in modern times, but one that has something to say about the human condition.

    Thematically dark, more difficult than the typical RPG, and unwavering in its resolve to tackle serious subjects, Persona has been my favorite franchise out of any medium for over two decades now and I'm sure the 5th will just give me additional ammunition for spreading the gospel.


    It seems there have been some reports of cancellations by amazon of both the Take Your Heart and Steelbook editions, because of an unspecified "defect".

    It seems that in my case the TYH edition is still good, as well as the PS3 version, but I'm keeping an eye out on it.

  • @bard91

    Why are you buying two versions?

  • @MSBi I'm not buying 2, I'm buying 4 :P

    Because I want to have them for collection purposes, and the digital one, because I'm not waiting a week for the game to arrive to my country, and I already have the JP version, which I'm playing after I beat the english one, to practice my japanese.

  • @bard91

    Woaaaa. Damn how much did you spend?.

  • @MSBi about 250$, plus the shipping cost for bringing the games it probably comes up to about $280

  • @bard91

    You must be out of your mind dude. I mean no offence but that's a waste of money if you alone are payment that total amount.

  • @MSBi hahaha I completely agree it is a waste of money :)

    thankfully I have the opportunity to do so, and I care that much about Persona where I can do this without any regrets.