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  • @tokeeffe9 yeah, the romancable Kawakami-chan is a bit weird, thematically. But then again, I AM the bad boy.

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    Okay, should have written this a month ago but here we are. I did indeed complete Persona 5 and absolutely loved it. I've only played 4 and 5 but without a doubt I think this is all in all, a better game. This post probably won't be as long as it could have been but I'll try and point out the things I liked towards the end.

    The music was so good. Firstly, the surprise when you hear lyrics on songs was amazing. I loved it. I'm already pumped when Life will Change kicks off but that added to it.

    I ended up romancing Makoto. I agree with @DeweyDecibel where I think the game does go a bit too strong in making her the obvious choice. Maybe they felt with Ann being there so early that they needed to balance it with another character. Either way, Makoto is one very cool character.

    Before getting into any spoilers I've one major issue with the game and with all forms of media that does this. The whole situation with the present actually being the interrogation scene and the past being everything you're playing is awful. I always assumed the interrogation was a flashforward but later in the game they do this awful thing where they withhold information the player clearly should know and I hate it when something does that. It made me so annoyed. The worst thing about it too is that earlier in the game they do something very cool in hinting at something and if they continued down that path, it would have been a much more satisfying way to reveal storypoints.

    Actually I don't think I need to go into spoilers because that kinda covered what I hated about it while still being vague. Other than that I loved this game, I loved how they implemented Mementos in the end (although they're a bit boring) and I was back on board with the story once we got a bit past the interrogation scene.

    100 hours well spent!

  • @tokeeffe9 Good to hear your impressions and that you like it.

    I always find it funny when people bring up mementos as a low point, I personally thought it was pretty well handled (it could be improved ofc) at it just makes me think 'these people have never suffered through Tartarus :)'

    I also suppose it wouldn't be bad to mention that the anime is a mere two weeks away now!!!, based on the previous animes I wouldn't expect greatness but I know in the past it has helped bring people into the franchise so I can only hope this one will do so again.

  • @bard91 said in Persona 5 (PS4/PS3):

    it just makes me think 'these people have never suffered through Tartarus :)'

    That is true. Mementos was 1000x better than Tartarus. It just still seemed a bit too long and drawn out. I think having like

    67 levels

    made it drag on a bit too long. Especially if you mostly ignore it during your playthrough and then have to go through it all at once at the end.

    I didn't play it that way, but it CAN be played that way and that's kind of a drag at the end of the game.

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    Ya it absolutely did and I kinda wondered how the end game would be for people who didn't touch mementos at all. I remember someone coming into my stream and mentioning exactly that. I can imagine that would be a massive drag towards the end.

  • @tokyoslim yeah the fact that it could be non mandatory content that actually ends up being mandatory is unfortunate and I'm sure it s not the intention, but as you say someone could do it that way and the game would be worse for it no doubt.

    I think the same of going through palaces in one sitting with the SP bands from Takemi, I believe those items were an unfortunate need that make it too simple through go through palaces in a single sitting, which I'm positive is not the intention and which I also think makes the game worse, afterall I've heard many times how people see the palaces as too long or too much time in between events (I agree with neither of these) and part of that I think is because of people rushing through palaces. Again I think it is an unfortunate option they had to add, which I think goes against the original intentions of the game.

  • @bard91 Mm, I'd say that depends on the player though. I know of several people that didn't realize those items even existed (because they didn't form a bond with her). Personally, if I didn't finish the palace in the first day, I then felt that subsequent visits to the palace were wasting my time, it was the same in Persona 4. 3 had the exhaustion factor so that actually did seem like it was creator's intent not to breeze through everything in one night but considering it was removed in 4 and 5, I gotta say they have the option available for people that want it. I personally loved the pace of finishing the palace immediately and having weeks left to "relax". I know a few people complained it's strange the characters still talk about being worried, but I mean... you're stealing someone's heart in a metaverse, there's no guarantee it will work, the worry seemed genuine to me.

    tl;dr - if the SP bands weren't in the game, I would have been pretty frustrated.

  • @sabotagethetruth yep that's why I think it is a necessary element that goes against their vision (or what I theorize is their vision)

    they know people would want that ability to do beat a palace in one sitting, but the game is built so that you don't have to do that, and in fact it fits better with the story if you don't.

    And don't get me wrong I love to have weeks available as well, and it is what I've done so in my last two playthroughs, but the way the game is constructed I think it is better paced if you don't do that.

    The wasted time argument is certainly true and one I think a lot people have, in my first playthrough I came in knowing I wouldn't max everything and took my time with each palace not really caring about taking long to beat them and knowing that it would affect how much I got done (which I was cool with knowing I would immediately play the game again :P), but that is me as a fan of the series knowing what to expect, I know that a lot of people think it is frustrating to think they are not doing the 'right' thing everyday.

    Also who the hell doesn't make a bond with Takemi??? Like I get different strokes and all, but like seriously what do they have against perfection?

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