Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • For Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch:
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  • On one hand I'm dissapointed as I really want Atlus to stop dodging the pile of money that would be releasing P5 on the Switch.

    On the other hand I'm way down for a musou Persona game and it is more intetesting to me that replayong the game on the Switch.

    So overall not what I wantrd it to be, but it works for me.

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    Next up: Persona 5 RTS, Persona 5 Kart, Persona 5: The Telltale Series

  • I adore Persona 5 but by god I cannot stand Musou games. To me, they felt stretched sooooo thin back in 2009 when they were releasing like 2 per year. I liked them in the PS2-era when I was a dumb kid and slashing tons of on-screen enemies had a certain novelty to it but I don't think I'll bite - even with P5 fandom.

    As per Persona 5 Royal, I still have hope it'll release for Switch eventually. 2 years after playing Persona 5 is too soon for me to get an updated version so maybe by the time it releases on Switch, I'll be good and ready to jump back in. I also hope the P-Studio is hard at work on a new Persona 6 or perhaps Catherine 2. Just something new that won't take a decade.

    In all seriousness, I'd play Persona Kart...

  • I'm not biting here, though I might regret it. I'm still really mad over Persona 3. I got the game day one but it wasn't long until the whole FES thing was out. I was pissed enough at the time that I was left short of content unless I spend 40 quid again, but its even worse now because FES is rare and worth quite a bit.

  • Is it really just a game in which you beat up people in the Shibuya scramble crossing?
    I'll wait for the P52F: Tokyo Drift driving game

  • @el-shmiablo
    Don't forget P5 the cereal, P5 the lunchbox, P5 the flamethrower.

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    @tokyoslim 2Fast2Futabaious

  • Persona 5 Part II: Among Thieves

  • @bam541 This made me think of Sly Cooper and now I cant shake the idea of a crosaover of Persona and Sly ...

    that should really happen.

  • @bard91 YO that's a very fun idea
    The first thing i see is Murray being infatuated with Morgana's car form.
    Seeing the Sly team do an all-out attack would make me go crazy.
    This is like my new crossover dream now.

  • Two new small videos related to Royal were released.

    The first one shows a very interesting detail, which confirms that there will be a significant change to the end of the game, this makes sense since they had mentioned how they will add a new semester at the end, but I do hope that whatever change they are making so that the protagonist is free in New Year's makes sense.


    Royal is coming out and I'm diving back in!

  • I'm so torn whether to play Royal or not. I really want to see how different it is, but at the same time I would like to spend my time with new games.

  • @bam541 I've seen there are various videos tackling the subject, but I haven't watched them since I've tried to be on blackout after the announcement back in the concert, since I'll never not play a Persona asap, and just like last time I double dipped on the digital edition to play day one and the limited edition which will arrive sometime later.

    From the little I've heard people say it is worth paying for the new stuff, but again I'm not the most informed this time.

    Personally I'm also eager to play P5 again, I'be been holding on my desire to play any of 3, 4 or 5 for a while now.

  • I gotta say, I loved P5. Second favourite game of 2017 (2016?), but that 100h+ story was WAR and I have even less time now. Nothing can make me buy P5:R. I don't care how great it is, unless I get a year off work, NO WAY JOSE.

  • Some of us might have a year off work.

  • I still haven't played P5 so this is tempting, I'm just worried about the length of it, and the level of anime-ness of the whole thing. If it's like Fire Emblem I'm cool with that, if it's more tropey I might have trouble getting into it.

  • @axel define anime-ness I guess? I mean, the actual P5 Anime wasn't very good. Does that mean that the game itself isn't as anime? Or just that the anime was bad? lol

    Yeah, its long - but to me it's not actually the LENGTH that was the issue before - but the pacing. Certain sections of the game really dragged. Supposedly that has been addressed in Royal, and even with all the additional content in Royal, the overall playtime is supposedly pretty much the same as the original because they've tightened up some of the stuff that went on too long.