Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • @axel As an anime fan who also has a problem with things being too "anime" some time, I would like to help quell your fears and say that P5 and Persona in general is a pretty comfortable level of anime.

    @TokyoSlim Generally when somebody says something is "too anime" they mean it has a lot of stupid dumb tropey bullshit that you would be embarrassed to let your friends and family see you playing/watching.
    Persona 5 isn't totally devoid of that stuff, but the cringe isn't on the level of, say, Idea Factory garbage.

  • @tokyoslim said in Persona 5 (PS4/PS3):

    Yeah, its long - but to me it's not actually the LENGTH that was the issue before - but the pacing. Certain sections of the game really dragged. Supposedly that has been addressed in Royal, and even with all the additional content in Royal, the overall playtime is supposedly pretty much the same as the original because they've tightened up some of the stuff that went on too long.

    I would finish work and boot up P5 and my evening would be a Mementos session and I couldn't justify going further cause I already spent an hour doing that and I needed to wrap it up for the night. I was always kinda disappointed that my evening was a bit of a waste when I made little progress in the game on those days.

  • @el-shmiablo Yeah that's what I meant, so "comfortable level of anime" sounds good to me :)

  • @el-shmiablo said in Persona 5 (PS4/PS3):

    they mean it has a lot of stupid dumb tropey bullshit that you would be embarrassed to let your friends and family see you playing/watching.

    like fan servicey stuff?

  • @tokyoslim
    To me there's fan service, and "fan service "

    Fan service being thing's like Smash Bros, or Doom 2016 using "RIP an Tear", or like Gearlt or 2B in Soul Calibur having moves (and move names) based around thier individual games. Basically things like that, or say in the context of P5R having the MCs of P3/4 as optional end game bosses.

    "Fan Service " is more like this
    Youtube Video

  • I don't want to derail the topic any further but basically what I meant are the usual anime tropes, some of which I find uncomfortable or cringey for lack of a better word.

    Whether it's character archetypes that often come back, or a generally "strange" attitude towards sex (seems like every male character is either a creepy pervert or a very awkward virgin).

    I'm sure some of you can give me plenty of examples of anime that don't follow these tropes, I'm far from an expert, it's just an impression I got from all the ones I've watched (or games I've played). And it doesn't mean I don't like anime, my favourite ones do contain those tropes, it just gets old sometimes :)

  • I mean, you might get SOME of that kind of thing with Persona, as it's generally become a series about high school age teenagers, but in general those tropes are usually subverted. If there's someone really creepy - they are almost always bad guys. Some general teen horniness tho. I dont think it's anything worse than like Saved by the Bell, or 90210 or other teen focused stuff (I'm dating myself here)

    There's an unfortunately stereotyped duo of gay dudes that are minor recurring characters that get played up as overly friendly bordering on predatory. Which is sad, and would not fly in a Western game. It's literally less than a 5 minutes in a 100h game though, and I think the intention was more like "lets scare these kids a little bit, they probably shouldn't be hanging out in the red light district after dark" kinda deal - but if that's the case the intention was muddled a bit in localization.

    That's the only thing I can think of that isn't handled particularly well in the game.

  • Opencritic score is out for P5R, currently at 95. Reading through the review summaries makes me really confident in trying it out... My wallet's sweating right now.

  • @bam541 damn that is early once again, I'm already as sold as somebody could be, but having to wait two weeks knowing there's an english subtitled version is still rough.

  • I'm all setup up and ready to binge Royal until I beat it just like I did with the original, let's see how fast I can put those 100+ hours into it.