Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • I'm all setup up and ready to binge Royal until I beat it just like I did with the original, let's see how fast I can put those 100+ hours into it.

  • I just finished OG Persona 5!

    Took me 112 hours and I loved every minute!

    @Axel you should totally get into it if you haven’t already. I don’t think it’s very tropey for the vast vast vast majority of the game.

    There were a couple of things that made me feel uncomfortable.

    Some of the monsters were rather phallic for my liking. But there’s very few of them. You’ll see ONE in the first 100 hours of gameplay most likely, but then they show up again at the end.

    Some of the monsters are dressed suggestively too, but it’s nothing compared to the above.

    There’s also one fan service shot shortly after the fourth dungeon, but it’s a split second and is part of quite a wholesome scene overall.

    Overall, I wouldn’t play it in front of my girlfriends parents but I’d play it with my girlfriend. Does that make sense?

  • @hazz3r On regards to the suggestive themes of some of the demons, that's a long legacy from the original SMT designs, and I would say they all generally make for an entertaining design if nothing else, and at this point Mara is a staple of SMT and we wouldn't have it any other way that its phalic glory.

  • @hazz3r It's very tempting, but the "112 hours" part that scares me though :)

    Still hoping for a Switch version down the line, that would help assuage my fears.

  • It's a long ass game, not much has changed. I feel like I'm taking an extra long time on this playthrough too. I think I'm at 90h and I just hit November.

    Still having fun tho. If you count Vanilla, this is my 3rd playthrough.

  • Been think on playing this game since forever but I can't pull the trigger.

  • One of my favourite laugh out loud moments that was touched on in EZAs spoiler mode but I don't think they noticed.

    When Yusuke rearranges Futaba's action figures, they're in the Ginyu Force poses. One of my favourite references of all time.

  • Can someone with P5R do me a quick solid and see if changing your system language to Japanese will change the language of the game itself (EN --> JP)? This is surprisingly hard to google and can only find answers about the opposite (JP --> EN).

  • @naltmank do you mean the audio language? Because that is configurable from the in game settings. I didn't change the system settings but the English version of the game doesn't have any other language for the game itself, afaik for Atlus games the system straight up recognizes the Jp and En versions as different items, I don't have both versions for Royal, but that is the case for the original one at least.

  • @bard91 Nah, I meant written language, but that's what I figured. Mega bummer, but oh well.