Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

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  • Ugh, this will make me cringe everytime

    I mean I guess as german and the german pronounciation of things it's easier for me to pronounce japanese words correctly (as long no silent letters are in them, of course now I know that Asuka is pronounced Aska and not Asooka), but this is just bad, did they even try?

  • does anyone know if Persona 5 will receive any benefits from the PS4 Pro? if so, any details on that? o:

  • @aer0blue I'm pretty sure there are no improvements for the Pro

  • @aer0blue alt text

    I keep finding that image (which supposedly lists the first set of games to get a Pro update) when looking for the info, however Japan has had the game for awhile and no Pro updates that I can find. I'm going to guess that even if something was in the works, it will be extremely minimal, especially considering this game is also launching on PS3.

  • @SabotageTheTruth yeah that would make sense. thanks!

  • So the main topic of focus on the internet seems to gravitate towards Edge giving Persona 5 an 8/10


  • @MSBi Due to the internet getting excited over Edge's 10/10 for the new Zelda, I recently looked into most of their scores and I can easily say their likes don't align themselves with my own. Seeing them give games like Rock Band 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV perfect scores makes me doubt them.

    Famitsu gave it a 39/40 forever ago and I'm guessing that's probably how I'll end up feeling... unless something drastic and surprising happens to make me feel lesser towards it.

    Edit: I should also point out 8 out of 10 is still a good score, but yeah.

  • I mean yeah 8/10 is a good score at the end of the day, and I don't really follow Edge so I can't say I know much about their taste, but seeing that they gave a 10 to GTA V and ME2 and specially a near perfect score to Heavy Rain, I would seem to me like they don't fall in line with my taste either.

    I'd be interested to see what impressions they had and where they think it may have fallen short, but I won't look too much into that until after I beat the game.

  • Finished Yakuza 5 loved it, a lot of fun.
    Now my plate is clean for when Persona 5 gets here next week!

  • Reviews are out pretty much everywhere, read/see them at your own discretion, I'm only looking at scores and summaries.

  • Anyone know if I can jump into this series here? I'm very interested in this, but I've never played any previous Persona games.

  • @kariwgoebel don't know but I am doing it. People have been talking about it a lot so I can get back to you after the launch if you want me to and give me 2 cents on what I think if you want ?

  • @fettouhi yeah, I'd be interested. I'm pretty much sold anyway, but I want to finish Horizon Zero Dawn first so it might be awhile before I get to it.

    This game just went to #1 on my interest chart surpassing Nier: Automata as the next game I play.

    Thank goodness I got Nioh and Zelda done for now.

  • 2017 will be remembered as one of greatest year of gaming. i recently replayed entire Nier Automata again so I'm ready dive in to Persona 5.

  • @kariwgoebel kk, ill post somthing about it in this topic then

  • @kariwgoebel You can jump in anywhere really the games are not directly connected to each other.

    I would say there are arguments for P3, P4 and P5.

    P3 is the beggining of the current format of the Persona games and it is really good, but can be seen as kinda dated.

    P4 is a more polished game that P3, and it has more likeable characters and it is better designed. I've seen plenty of people give up on P3 and love P4.

    P5 play one of the greats while it is new :D

    I would not recommend Persona 2 unless you are big traditional JRPG fan, and don't mind dated mechanics. and I wouln't recommend the first game period.

    EDIT: I misread your question :P, but yeah you can absolutely start here.

  • I absolutely love Persona 1 (much more than both parts of Persona 2) but to each their own.

    Strange thing I've noticed with the Persona scoring - the words I'm reading are much more positive than a lot of what I saw for Breath of the Wild (or at least similar in respect) yet the scores themselves are marginally lower. Reading through most BOTW reviews, reviewers were quick to point out flaws but still stamp it with a 10/10, perfect rating yet the overviews I've seen for Persona have listed zero or negligible flaws, calling it one of the best RPGs ever made, yet 9/10. Maybe I didn't dive in deep enough to the Persona reviews because I still know literally nothing about the game and wish to keep it this way, but I can't help but feel like the industry's bias is showing pretty clearly here.

    Luckily, we all love the most trusted review source out there, so I know Ben will give it a fair shake. If I had to bet, probably 4.5 stars due to pacing issues or something along those lines (something the series is notoriously bad for) but... I also wouldn't be surprised to see the fabled perfect rating.

    The most anticipated game of my life (so far) is almost here. Feels good.

  • I went into Gamestop today, traded in a value of $115 in games, paid off my collector's edition preorder, and just let the weight of Tuesday sink into me.

    As much as I loved the release of 3 and 4 (I semi-cosplayed as Katsuya to pick up the copy of the 3rd game), this feels much more of an event because so many of you are anticipating it and the Allies as well. If you haven't watched the latest Easy Allies Podcast, give it a spin. Michael Huber does an incredible service which means even more Allies will be discussing the game after release.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, I watched the IGN review and they mentioned no negatives and it scored a 9.7. That's a great score, to be sure, but it does bug me that they gave BotW a 10, when honestly that review mentioned some small negatives. I like review sites to have more consistency, I guess. I don't mind lower scores, like Edge giving it that 8, cause that is an amazing score. I just want it to be fair, even when compared to other games.

    Either way, I am hyped for this game and am glad reviews are backing that hype up. Hopefully Amazon doesn't fail me, and I get my game in Tuesday.

    Also side note, I hate the internet on April 1st. I did a search for Persona 5 reviews, and something came up about P5 getting a Switch release announced. The day has barely started!