Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • @Galaxy40k Of course, nothing is perfect. @Inustar pretty much hit on my sentiments - if you love the game so much and have nothing negative to say, why not just grant that extra .3? A game from a franchise known for excellent dungeon design launches with bland dungeons, receives an extraordinary amount of 10s, and those who score it lower (like a 7) get DDoS'ed from the fan base. It's a very strange situation, so I figured I'd point it out, still not feeling quite right about it.

    Either way, if it received a 0 from every publication, I still wouldn't be able to pump the brakes on this hype train.

  • tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait hopefully i finish the ds3 expansion first.

  • So on the downside ME Andromeda wasn't as good as I wanted it to be and I haven't really felt like playing it in days.

    On the upside though, I now don't have to feel bad about dropping it on Tuesday for P5.

  • When your local Gamestop closes at 9:30 on Monday (and are indeed releasing it at 9) and you don't get out of work until 10. Monday night is gonna be a rough one.

  • I'm insanely excited to play. I'm currently procrastonating on my LAST essay of university and I can't wait to graduate and beat this, but after some of the reviews and the fact I'm still only 27 hours into P4:G, I'm thinking I may grab Nier Automata first just as a palate cleanser before joining in on the hype train.

    The aesthetic of Persona 5 is amazing but some of those textures in some review footage looks whack. Then it also seems like it isn't much of a drastic change from P4, which is fine, but I'm getting really tired of the in-between major story points stuff like hanging out and doing the same dungeons, etc. No review has fully addressed whether these sections are still a drag but Idk if I can punch through P4 then do it all over again right away in P5. Like the dialogue in non-mainline story such as the friendship scenes can be so fact of the matter that I think I need a break before P5.

    Either way, I'm very excited. I may get more excited once I finish these damn assignments and graduate and be free to play games like I did back in middle school lol

  • I'll be playing P5 on PS4 on day 1 add me on PSN VincentDesrd I heard there's some form of multiplayer functions to see how other people play!

  • @fettouhi according to ehat I read on other forums most gamea start pre loading on sundays, and I believe I remember seeing an atlus statement we would be able to do so, so I'm still hoping that is the case

  • Preload is live on Ps4!

  • i have to work launch day which sucks o well ill get to it in the evening

  • I don't think I will get it day 1, all I can find to pre-order is a frigging steelbook edition, I don't want a rancid steelbook tbh, I don't like them, I never use them when they come as bonus.

  • It's almost here!!!! I seriously can't wait!

  • "Preparing to ship"

    Come on Amazon. Don't let me down!

  • You can download the superior japanese voice pack already, which is good as it is an almost 3 gig big download.
    Also I found a store that sells the regular version and ordered it, at least that's what they say, if I still get the Steelbook so be it but they list that one seperately.

  • @Musou-Tensei the take you heart edition comes with both the standard case and the steelbook

  • Less than 3 hours to go for so many years of waiting to payoff.

  • Amazon sent it out today, but it's not coming until tomorrow. I got excited there for a moment!

  • cant wait till tomorrow afterwork

  • Must be shipping from the DC locally. (I hope!) Still hasn't shipped yet. Still due tomorrow.

  • @FF7Cloud But costs more.

  • My copy arrived early this morning. I'm going to jump in soon.