Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • @hazz3r It's very tempting, but the "112 hours" part that scares me though :)

    Still hoping for a Switch version down the line, that would help assuage my fears.

  • It's a long ass game, not much has changed. I feel like I'm taking an extra long time on this playthrough too. I think I'm at 90h and I just hit November.

    Still having fun tho. If you count Vanilla, this is my 3rd playthrough.

  • Been think on playing this game since forever but I can't pull the trigger.

  • One of my favourite laugh out loud moments that was touched on in EZAs spoiler mode but I don't think they noticed.

    When Yusuke rearranges Futaba's action figures, they're in the Ginyu Force poses. One of my favourite references of all time.