Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • Thanks for the answers guys. Persona might not be my style of game, but I'll be sure to check 5 out later in the year

  • @Galaxy40k Pretty much all the reasons already listed make Persona great - its art style, its use of characters, the music, and the snappy combat.

    The reason I decided to make an additional comment instead of just perpetuate the echo chamber is to mention how the entire series is based around Carl Jung's philosophies. Not only does it explore the ideas he presents (the collective unconscious, personas, shadows, etc.), the series ties them deeply into the lore and characters. Most struggle with understanding who they really are while learning that suppressing your inner self, despite societal pressures to do so, causes a disservice to you and everyone else you know. In a genre situated in mostly saving the world or protecting some crystals, Persona stands out as a game not only set in modern times, but one that has something to say about the human condition.

    Thematically dark, more difficult than the typical RPG, and unwavering in its resolve to tackle serious subjects, Persona has been my favorite franchise out of any medium for over two decades now and I'm sure the 5th will just give me additional ammunition for spreading the gospel.


    It seems there have been some reports of cancellations by amazon of both the Take Your Heart and Steelbook editions, because of an unspecified "defect".

    It seems that in my case the TYH edition is still good, as well as the PS3 version, but I'm keeping an eye out on it.

  • @bard91

    Why are you buying two versions?

  • @MSBi I'm not buying 2, I'm buying 4 :P

    Because I want to have them for collection purposes, and the digital one, because I'm not waiting a week for the game to arrive to my country, and I already have the JP version, which I'm playing after I beat the english one, to practice my japanese.

  • @bard91

    Woaaaa. Damn how much did you spend?.

  • @MSBi about 250$, plus the shipping cost for bringing the games it probably comes up to about $280

  • @bard91

    You must be out of your mind dude. I mean no offence but that's a waste of money if you alone are payment that total amount.

  • @MSBi hahaha I completely agree it is a waste of money :)

    thankfully I have the opportunity to do so, and I care that much about Persona where I can do this without any regrets.

  • @bard91

    Mad respects dude. Such loyalty!

  • As of right now we are officially less than 10 days away from release.

    Get hyped allies, get hyped.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ugh, this will make me cringe everytime

    I mean I guess as german and the german pronounciation of things it's easier for me to pronounce japanese words correctly (as long no silent letters are in them, of course now I know that Asuka is pronounced Aska and not Asooka), but this is just bad, did they even try?

  • does anyone know if Persona 5 will receive any benefits from the PS4 Pro? if so, any details on that? o:

  • @aer0blue I'm pretty sure there are no improvements for the Pro

  • @aer0blue alt text

    I keep finding that image (which supposedly lists the first set of games to get a Pro update) when looking for the info, however Japan has had the game for awhile and no Pro updates that I can find. I'm going to guess that even if something was in the works, it will be extremely minimal, especially considering this game is also launching on PS3.

  • @SabotageTheTruth yeah that would make sense. thanks!

  • So the main topic of focus on the internet seems to gravitate towards Edge giving Persona 5 an 8/10


  • @MSBi Due to the internet getting excited over Edge's 10/10 for the new Zelda, I recently looked into most of their scores and I can easily say their likes don't align themselves with my own. Seeing them give games like Rock Band 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV perfect scores makes me doubt them.

    Famitsu gave it a 39/40 forever ago and I'm guessing that's probably how I'll end up feeling... unless something drastic and surprising happens to make me feel lesser towards it.

    Edit: I should also point out 8 out of 10 is still a good score, but yeah.

  • I mean yeah 8/10 is a good score at the end of the day, and I don't really follow Edge so I can't say I know much about their taste, but seeing that they gave a 10 to GTA V and ME2 and specially a near perfect score to Heavy Rain, I would seem to me like they don't fall in line with my taste either.

    I'd be interested to see what impressions they had and where they think it may have fallen short, but I won't look too much into that until after I beat the game.