Persona 5 (PS4/PS3)

  • @FF7Cloud it's level 10

  • I took off of work yesterday for a couple reasons, one of which definitely being just to sit down and play a ton of this game.
    This is my first Persona game and I am absolutely loving it so far. Everything in the game has so much charm. I think they do a really good job of easing you into all of the systems, especially as a complete newcomer. I think it helped that I was able to dedicate a whole session to get through the tutorial segment.
    It didn't take much counseling for me to turn my back on club POOP (People Overtly Opposed (to) Persona). [coined by @SabotageTheTruth December 16, 2016]

  • I'm spending all day at work thinking about and reading about p5.

  • @Tragosaurus I'm glad you have finally left that club. It has some great people in it to be fair, but... you've made the right decision.

    @TokyoSlim, Obariyon starts at level 8, if I'm not mistaken. Melee resistance is a life saver. I've been trying to max out certain Personas to see if they gain Null Physical (a la Persona 4) but no luck so far, so either it was removed as a skill or I haven't dug in deep enough. I did get my boy Jack Frost (hee-ho!) and I'll probably fuse a Makami later on today because I love Nuke skills.

    I will admit, I don't like the second dungeon quite as much as the first but it's still much better than all the previous dungeons in other entries.

    I've gotta return to reality/work tomorrow, so that's a bit of a bummer... but I think one more late night session is in order.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Named my protag the canon name "Akira Kurusu". I'm pretty vanilla when it comes to names. Plus it let's me pretend that he's related to Jun from P2.

  • died for the first time today, i forgot in persona that if the Protag dies its game over no matter how much health the party has.

  • For whatever reason I named my MC "Seji Kami" and my club Batman......because I think it will brighten someones day when they see something like "You were rescued by Batman" or "You saved Batman"

  • Welp, the second main boss is certainly more difficult but I managed. :D

    I had the pleasure of fusing Shiki-Ouji which nulls all melee and gun attacks... so I'm probably set for a real long while. If you can manage to negotiate with a treasure demon, DO IT. The benefits are insane.

    I've only encountered the first version but it comes with every single low level multi-hit spell (all of the ma-s). It's extremely helpful for getting less common spells and helps with the requests for specific fusions given by the Velvet Room attendants. Even better, you can summon them for about 4,000 yen, dirt cheap.

  • This game is...

    Fucking. Awesome.

    I played quite a bit of Persona 4 on my PS3 and I enjoyed the hell out of it (I need to finish it someday). But Persona 5 is on another level for me. The story has hooked me immediately, the characters are great, and the gameplay has been massively improved. The whole "thief" theme is perfect and right up my alley. I was trying to finish Mass Effect before this came out but now I'm gonna have to put that off until I'm done with this. I guess that works out well since Andromeda is getting some good patch support so it'll be a better game when I come back to it.

  • I slept four hours last night instead of playing Persona 5, and now I'm at work instead of playing Persona 5. I think my priorities are all screwed up.

    Beat the first dungeon last night, got down to level 6 or 7 or whatever of Mementos. (To where the second impassable door is)

    Everyone is fully equipped with the strongest gear currently available. Still haven't fused Arsene yet. Just hit level 13.

  • I know your feelings

    P4G is destroying my sleep for the past month. Waking up to go to work is worse than ever.

    Mementos are like the P4 dungeons right? With 10 floors and such

  • @alanpk Not sure how many floors mementos has. You reach a door that you can't get past until your notoriety or whatever increases and more people believe in you.

    But yeah, they are pretty similar to P4 dungeons with the exception of how you get around them. Which I won't spoil.

    Also, seems to be less enemies. That could change tho.

  • What did everyone name their team?

    I went with "Rain Dogs" because the Tom Waits album is the first thing I saw when I looked around to try and get inspiration to come up with the name.

  • @TokyoSlim I went with "The Sly Cats" as a nod to Sly Cooper and the the idea of being cat burglars (not to mention the cat imagery going on in the team!).

  • @Light Yeah, I realized afterwards that there's an awful lot of cats on the team for me to call myself Rain Dogs, but my headcanon is now that's intentional obfuscation. Like I'm calling us team Dog so they won't look for a bunch of people running around dressed as and in the company of a cat! Trickster!

  • I named my group the dumb name of The Koshis because it was late at night, I was tired, and my cat Koshi was being adorable next to me.

    I'm into the third dungeon now, and it's still amazing.
    Occasionally the story bugs me, but just for a moment

    The idea that the cops want to catch the Phantom Thieves, seemingly more interested in us than these criminals who have confessed, bugs me. Only for a moment and then I remember it's a game. I mean if they find out what are they gonna do? There is nothing that could be proven in court. I get over my annoyances when I remember it works for the themes of the game, about people in charge ignoring terrible things like abuse in favor of focusing on what is important to them.

  • @Inustar Dude, grown ups are bad. That's all you need to remember. BAD!

  • @Inustar I mean, if Batman can get away with it that being a thing, I'll give Persona a pass.

    @alanpk @TokyoSlim I'd say Mementos is much more similar to Tartarus from P3 (or the Factory from P2), but maybe that's me being picky. Randomly generated floors of the exact same area with a bit of a color swap that locks off areas until you get farther in the story. I'm so grateful that locked chests in this game actually reward you with useful equipment. I remember most of the locked chests in P4G just provided less than stellar accessories to the point where I never cared if I found a chest.

    Just got to the third dungeon. I'm liking the setup much more for this one and the music was already getting me groovin'... but it's time for work now. Damn you real life!

  • The difference is that I hate Tartarus, and I don't (yet?) hate Mementos. ;p

  • @TokyoSlim

    I loved Tartarus, more so than than the P4 dungeons...though I'm liking how P5's are shaping up to be, only have completed the first one.

    Something spooky about Tartarus, it was mysterious and I think it fit with the tone and story. Wouldn't have worked in P4 or P5