As much as I love PS4 having all the exclusives I want...

  • I really want Bayonetta 2 and I hate that I have to buy a whole console in order to play it. Yes I know I can download an emulator on PC but I want to own a copy of the game and not worry about having to run on PC.

    How do you guys feel?

  • I'm still interested in Zelda BOTW first Zelda that has been interesting to me in years. I'm not buying an entire system for one game though. That is the only title on the switch that even remotely interest me and that just isn't enough.

    The same applies to Bayonetta 2 amd Wii U. I wish Nintendo would give me more reasons to buy their systems but I just don't like most of their exclusives and the 3rd party games are sub par to XB and PS.

  • About Bayonetta specifically or exclusives on systems I don't own but I want to play?
    To the former I couldn't care less since I really don't like Bayonetta as a character or the style of those games.
    To the latter I tend to wait for a pricedrop or just don't bother if the system has too few games I care about. The WiiU is a perfect example, I basically only want to play DK: Tropical Freeze on that system so I feel that I can skip getting a WiiU and just play other games.

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    So just buy a copy and put it on your shelf. Then download and play it on an emulator.

  • I'm usually fine with buying a console for excluisve games I really want to play, like if Zelda wouldn't be on Wii U I would probably buy a Switch (maybe not this month but sooner than later), but since it is and the differences between the versions is monecular, I will wait with that till Mario or Xenoblade.
    If you like Bayonetta you should also check out Kamiya's other game, The Wonderful 101, another Wii U exclusive, you can even unlock Bayo characters.

  • im just happy most of the ps4's exclusives are coming to pc so i dont have to buy one. cant wait for nier

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    @Bigdude1 lol wut
    Other than Nier, I can't really think of much else, let alone "Most of the PS4's exclusives"...

  • I'm holding out for the Switch to have some Wii U games downloadable, namely Bayonetta 2 and DK Tropical Freeze, or else I'll be emulating them most likely

  • Well I recently bought a Wii U for Bayonetta 2 and other exclusives, so it definitively sucks that I had to buy another console for it,but I consider it was worth it, at least for myself.

  • @El-Shmiablo

    hit console exclusive and you will see the games also coming to pc

    another notable example is ni no kuni.

    also ni oh is rumored

    and so is death stranding

  • I own multiple systems.

  • @Bigdude1

    There is no way Sony is going to allow Death Stranding to be on pc not when they are using a Sony first party game engine.

  • @Bigdude1 said in As much as I love PS4 having all the exclusives I want...:


    hit console exclusive and you will see the games also coming to pc

    Honestly, it depends on what you like but I don't see games like Bloodborne, Uncharted, Horizon, Gravity Rush 1&2, Infamous, Last Guardian, Ratchet & Clank, Until Dawn, MLB The Show, etc. ever coming to PC.

    also ni oh is rumored

    In the same way Bloodborne is "rumored" to see a PC release. At this point in time there is nothing to go on.

    and so is death stranding

    Pretty sure it was confirmed to be a timed-exclusive (or rather coming to PS4 first) at the time of the announcement. But for how long? Who knows? Might never get ported as well. We haven't even seen gameplay yet and that game is most likely at least 2 years off. We also don't know the details of the deal Kojima has with Playstation. The fact that he's using Horizon's engine (but modified) now could complicate things as well, but who knows?

    I think it's a good idea to not expect that PS4 exclusives will come to PC as well, but instead be happily surprised if some games are shared (as in they simply don't see a release on X1 and the Switch). This could also change if people manage to consistently crack Denuvo games early (since I think that factored into why publishers became more brave when it came to releasing games on PC).

  • @suplextrain i agree the bigs aren't coming, but those aren't the ones i really want admittingly.

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    @Bigdude1 So then saying "Most of PS4's exclusives are coming to PC" might be just a liiiiittle incorrect?

  • @El-Shmiablo its way more than one though

  • its one of my biggest reason getting WiiU in the first place and I don't regret it at all, in fact I don't plan on ever selling my WiiU until know for fact that i can play Bayonetta 2 on switch or better yet on PS4.

  • @Danjin44 at this point it would actually make me somewhat mad if they start porting the Wii U exclusives to switch tbh.

    I only decided to buy a Wii U after they gave details of the Switch, and didn't mention anything of ports, which would have been a great way for them to beef up their library, and if they are still planning on doing it, it would have been a pretty boneheaded move not to announce it before.

  • I wish the PS4 had more exclusives that interested me, I use mine mainly for 3rd Party gaming now

  • @Longview Isn't it normal that non Nintendo systems are mostly used for 3rd party games these days though, since that's the majority of their games?