Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC/PS4/XB1)

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    after seeing this gameplay trailer I'm pretty much sold on the hype. looks like what no mans sky should of been and its giving me those kotor vibes. also loved the coop multiplayer from ME 3 and inquisition and this offers that again.

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    I'm hyped for it as well. Bought it on Origin about a month ago.

    Going from Horizon to this is gonna be a challenge. Two HUGE games back to back.

  • The exploration trailer finally convinced me. It's gonna be awesome!

  • I'm HYPED to the max but I'm having to delay buying Andromeda because I have way to many huge games to play at the moment, mainly Horizon, Nioh and Zelda. I also still sort of need to play Dragon Age: Inquisition for more than 15 hours....

    Mass Effect is in my top five game franchises but I want to be able to focus my attention on it. So until I can clear my backlog a bit the Andromeda galaxy is going to have to wait....

    I say all this but I'll probably crumble on launch day and fork out for the most expensive digital version of the game because I am weak.

  • @Nillend yea like you I was on the fence but this looks to be a solid game. may not be goty or one of the greats but I will enjoy it. after beating the first 3 it needs to be done.

  • I'm going to wait to purchase this game. I have a lot of games to complete as of today. I wont have time to invest in to this game. Game on the whole looks great. Not digging the characters though. Buy the time I do get around to buying the game the price would have substantially decreased. We also have persona 5 coming so that take priority over this game for me.

  • The exploration trailer does have me more excited, however I will wait on this since I didn't like the direction the series took on the past, so I'll wait and see how it turns out,

  • I've been trying to keep my excitement in check.. and while I'm still a bit nervous, I'm starting to get pretty excited. I loved the first three games and it feels like its been awhile since we've had a good sci-fi adventure game

  • @JoleeHonso I think it will be either strong GOTY contender, or it will be completely forgeotten.

  • @Nillend if its just average I'll still be happy but I have high hopes. its been a long time since we got a new bioware game and this trailer really shows all the world content going on.

  • ME games have a special feeling to me, so I'm excited for this.
    I don't worry too much about this game. It might not be a 10 out of 10, but I know I will enjoy my time with it.
    My opinion might be iffy though, since ME3 is my fave game.

  • I'm going to have to finish Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn before I even touch Andromeda.

    Not to mention that I haven't fully finished Nioh or Yakuza 0.

    I'm still hyped, but nothing is going to pull me out of Hyrule just yet.

  • I am very interested in Andromeda but I am still in the process of saving Hyrule and will be for a while. I think by the time I have wrapped up my time there Persona 5 will be out so I'll be jumping into that. At that point I'll have a pretty hefty backlog that I will have to sift through and rank the significance of to determine playing order. Not sure where Mass Effect will land in that list now but its definitely on there.

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    There appears to be a spicy hot redhead who is probably the only good choice if you're straight because God knows there's not a single good lay in your main squad.

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    You can't take away my sexy redhead!

  • @Fkevy1hre If someone can, then Biowere.

  • For anyone who cares. You can start your Origin Access 7 day trial until March 21 in Europe. This means you could start it today and play Mass Effect on the 16th if you like. However, if your like me and dont live in Europe you can use a VPN to access the 7 day trial at this time. North American 7 days trial ended a week ago just before Mass Effect releases early.

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    I think people should give no mans sky a second chance. Although I admit its not my type of game (something about the colors in the game puts me off). My bro just received a copy this morning and I had a chance to play it for a while and it was not as bad as I was expecting.

  • I just finished Horizon Zero Dawn, so now I could breath for a week or so and then look in Andromeda's direction. I'm on the fence, to be honest. Haven't preordered, definitely waiting for the reviews. When's the embargo, by the way?

    But I do have to say that that Exploration trailer was really good. I wasn't that into this before that, but oh boy, did that have everything I would hope for in a game like this or what! So addictive. Still, I want to hear more about the game as a whole, get some sense of the big picture. Thus, reviews, please.