Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC/PS4/XB1)

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    I was having crashes on fullscreen, but I switched to borderless window and it went away.

    Got an i5 4690k/8gb ram/gtx980 sc and it runs......okay.

    They weren't kidding when they recommended 16gb ram.

  • @Art I have a
    16 gb ram
    Geforce GTX 970

    No idea why I'm having so much problems... i think my graphic card reached its day.

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  • @edsortiz lol yea peebee doesn't have a very good face. the sex scene was alittle awkward. loved coras tho dat booty =O

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    Speaking of sex scenes. I see modern day technology is still incapable of applying gravity to boobs.

    Is realism still considered offensive? It's hard to tell. I mean, we are living in [CURRENT YEAR].

  • @Art Yea... Sadly I think its more on the offensive side : /
    @JoleeHonso Cora.. our power wifu

  • @Art getting boob physics right takes tons of dev time. idk if we'll ever get it perfected

  • What!! That's not what real boobs look like. I'm so confused right now.

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    Guess what?! YUGE update! You can now make WHITE characters, and have gay sex with Jaal.

    Not that anyone really cares at this point.

  • "Not that anyone really cares at this point".
    There are people who still care; I still care. A game can be improved after release; people need to stop thinking of a game like it was at launch. Andromeda is much better now than it was at launch week.
    I really enjoyed Andromeda, despite its issues. I desperately want there to be story DLC expansions for this game, but I know that won't happen, because BioWare Montreal is dialing down to just be a support studio for other EA games.
    Anyways, this well-written article chronicles Andromeda's rough development, and it clarifies why the game was mediocre at launch
    Love & Respect.

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    @jifw52 There's gotta be at least ONE dlc expansion. The characters keep talking about the Quarian ark being delayed throughout the whole damn game.

  • I care about Andromeda still... I still want it to be improved, it's just not something I'm going to play again. I got too burnt out with what it was at launch, and it's too tiring to think of starting over from scratch.

    I super look forward to playing this in like a year, from the start and enjoying it more.

  • @Art I am so sad how people dismissed and hated this game to the point that cuts were made. I understand the faces at launch thing and bugs, but the game still had a lot more to give while taking in consideration that its the first one with new people working on it. I had a lot of fun with it and could see a lot of potential

  • @edsortiz it suffered from being released too early. It sucks sure, but you don't get a second chance at first impressions.
    The potential is why I refuse to give up on it entirely, but it's also why it's not getting played anymore. I want to play the best version of that game now.
    I also think it' might be better for people who weren't fans of the original trilogy. You expect more of that, and this game is different.

  • It's always disappointing for a game like this to not be as good as you hoped. However, I'm not upset at all that ppl didn't like the game. Every bad or mediocre game has potential. its an easy thing to say. MEA would have been so much better if... the point is they had poor planning and execution during development.

    After reading the article from kotaku and listening to a discussion they had on it, it makes complete sense why this game was the way it is. It's crazy to hear that the game was pretty much overhauled at the 3/5 to 4/5th point in development and that the last year and a half was what was used to develop the game we got.

    I personally dont how I feel about a 5th game anymore. The trilogy is one of my favourite set of games, but I wasn't excited for this at all and now I'm not sure what it would take for their next game to make me excited. MEA wasn't as bad as a lot of ppl complained it to be. However I think a majority of the criticism is valid. It was definitely a mediocre game. Which isn't all that bad for a lot of ppl, some of you got a ton of enjoyment out of it.

  • There was no Mass Effect: Andromeda news at the EA Play briefing (even though the game was briefly seen in the opening montage). The Mass Effect social media accounts only created a promotional post for multiplayer today. Yeah, I don't think there will be story DLC. I think that sucks, but it is what it is. This is not too surprising because of BioWare Montreal's future status.

    At least EZA's E3 coverage is 5 stars out of 5. :)

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    EA will probably put Mass Effect on hiatus for the next five years or longer.

    Thanks a lot, Canada. Way to screw it up for everyone.

  • @Art What does Canada have to do with it? Lol.

    BioWare Edmonton is in Canada too and they made the ME trilogy. Unless I'm missing a joke here, but Bioware Montreal is one of many studious in Canada.

  • @Art said in Mass Effect: Andromeda - (PC/PS4/XB1):

    EA will probably put Mass Effect on hiatus for the next five years or longer.

    Thanks a lot, Canada. Way to screw it up for everyone.

    There were a lot of factors. Yes some of the blame falls on the team and the director, but they basically were the B or possibly even C team that now had to take on the job of the A team along with working with a new engine that really isn't suited for the kind of game Mass Effect is supposed to be. EA wanting to use Frostbite over say Unreal (and then being forced to give parts of their profits away to Epic or another company) is understandable, but it also hurts the development for some of their games.

  • @jifw52

    So, Jason Schreier from Kotaku made a post on the /r/masseffect sub-reddit yesterday, I reckon shortly after the conference.

    He basically says that everyone at Bioware Montreal (the studio that made the game) who worked on ME:A expected to be moving straight on to the sequel after the original game came out. I can only assume, especially given the in-game hints for a story based DLC, that DLC was also planned as well.

    However, the backlash and poor reception directly affected EA's plans and Bioware Montreal was gutted, and a lot of devs have left or been redistributed to other divisions.

    I think this decision shows in the conference too. It feels so empty. I think if Andromeda had been successful, we'd have seen a fairly large chunk of time dedicated to the ME:A DLC.

    As someone who is a sort of advocate for the quality, memorable, experiences that can be found in Andromeda (The squad relationships, the loyalty missions, the excellent new combat system), knowing that we're never going to get that teased DLC makes me quite sad.

    There's only one thing that cheers me up: imagining a vintage Vauxhall Viva smacking a unwary Reaper in the face as it emerges from deep space at some point in 2186 CE.