Your extraordinary random game memories

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    Hi Allies,

    This is a thing which I spoke to some friends about recently and I really liked their stories and are now hunting for more! So what am I talking about?

    I want everyone to share a special moment to you that happened in or around a game. I don't speak about "oh this story were so good" specific, I mean more something unexpected that happened which left a big impact on you.

    For me I have a strong memory of playing The Crew, you know that open world "racing MMO" that people rated off. I had super fun in it for hours and hours. Once time I had been playing for far too long, it was about 2 am on a quiet night. I had just done a long mission which ended in Grand Canyon. When I finished there were a group of other members standing together so I drove up to them and used my horn. One of them did a doughnut around us and then started to head off, then another player did the same, and another one. Before I knew it we were all off, driving along inside the canyon, weaving around each other as the unexplored nomads land spread out infront of us. Then all of a sudden this radio channel with smooth atmospheric music started to play. I felt goosebumps coming up all over my body and I felt a sense of fun and calm wash over me. This continued for a good while before we gathered up next to a big rock. Afterwards we did some doughnuts, honked our horns and went out in separate directions.

    Even if that may seem as "a short and simple" thing. It was something that I look back on and it brings a silly grin to my face each time.

    Another of those moments were back in World of Warcraft. I talk vanilla days. At the time I was around 15/16 years old and in quite a bad place mentally. I stayed home from school and decided to level up my first character. It was still morning so the server were quite dead as I was questing along by myself. All of a sudden I bumped into these 2 other players which I decided to team up with. We did like 2 or 3 quests just generally chitchatting and playing with the emotes. One of the people said "lets go on on a fishing adventure!" We ran off to a close by lake and the person put on a ugly had and big boots and nothing else. The other person jumped into the water and yelled out "rawer I'm an murloc!" for some reason this were at the time super funny at the time. We started running around the lake, avoiding the "murloc". Eventually we ended up in a small village where we sat down at a table. Kept on chatting and drank virtual beer. Time went on and it got kinda late, eventually we had to log off, but before we went we asked if we should be friends... I still got contact with these 2 people despite not playing the game for over 6 years.

    Just moments like these are something I think back to on a rainy grey day when life is hard.

    Please share your "random" moments, share some love and respect! Grab a Cup of beverage of your choice and look back with fondness!

    Im looking forward to each story!


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    So I used to be a pretty active member of the community for an old Half-Life mod called The Specialists.
    The Specialists was an homage to action movies, from The Matrix, to Die Hard, to everything John Woo. It's big selling point was that it had working slow-motion in a multiplayer environment, and it worked AMAZINGLY. Seriously, no game has ever come close to replicating how well TS did slow motion online.

    Anyway... there was a map in the mod based off of the London Underground with lots of little side places that lead to boiler rooms, sitting areas, etc.

    I was killing my way through the boiler room section of the map, carrying my trusty sawed-off shotgun, and I spotted somebody at the end of the hallway. They were carrying the PSG-1 which was the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. We both sort of paused for a moment and looked at eachother before we began running towards eachother, firing as many bullets as we could.

    Another note; TS also had a pretty in-depth melee combat system. Punches, kicked, flips, disarms, etc. If you timed a jump kick perfectly you would do what was called a "super kick" and disarm your opponent.

    We had somehow managed to get within melee range of each other, and at the exact same time we both jumped and went for a super-kick disarm, the impacts of which pushed out bodies away from eachother. I had some slow motion saved up from previous kills, and so I activated it at the moment our guns went flying through the air. His PSG-1 went flying towards me, my sawed-off went flying towards him. I mashed the EVERLOVING FUCK out of E to grab his weapon, and before either of us had hit the ground I put a .50 cal sniper roung right through his skull, making him do a backflip in slow motion.

    I actually couldn't believe what had happened, so I stood there for a second, feeling like the biggest badass in the world... only to be mowed down seconds later by somebody running by.

    So yeah. Thats my story.

    I have never felt as awesome in a videogame as I did in that moment.

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    @El-Shmiablo That is awesome! :D Is it still possible to aquire this mod today? It seems like something right up my alley

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    @Lotias Hell yeah it is! The mod got to version 3.0 before the developers finally moved on to bigger and better things (One of them works for Crytek now) but the community largely considers 2.0 and 2.1 to be the best versions of the game.

    Here is a link to the mod if you want to try it out:
    [](link url)

    There was a spiritual successor mod for Half-Life 2 called Double Action that actually had a lot of the same people involved, but there was a lot of infighting between developers and community members that ultimately ended with the game being abandoned.
    There is a UE4 game in the works called Killing, My Friend that seems to be trying to recapture the magic, but there really will never be anything as awesome as TS was back in the day.

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    no-one else got awesome stories to share? :(

  • I just had a brutal moment in Grand Theft Auto V. I drove to the planetarium, like James Dean (in fact, this wasn't my first time), parked, roamed around and returned to the car. Then I noticed the car brand: "Bullet". I got the Bullet.