Wii U Owners; What's Your GamePad's Battery Life Like These Days?

  • I've owned my Wii U since launch and it's had a bit of use in that time, but I seem to only get about an hour or so out of the pad before I need to charge it up again.

    Anyone else having this issue, or is it just the gamepad succumbing to old age?

  • My Wii U pad doesn't charge at all anymore and it's less than a month old.
    Apparently it's a know problem where you have to disconnect the battery and replug it, but i haven't found a reason to go get my tiny screwdrivers yet.

  • Mine still last the normal amount - but I never felt it was too long to begin with.

  • I've had one for a few years now, but I have not noticed any difference in its battery life.

  • Day 1 owner here as well, still getting 3-4 hours out of my GamePad.

  • Mine is still fine I only tend to play in 1-2 hour bursts then it goes back in the dock so it has never really run out on me.

  • It still has a pretty good battery life when I'm using it, but its battery is always drained if I don't use it for a few weeks, even if I charged it completely the last time I used it. Always kind of annoying when I want to play a game after a bit and the gamepad won't even turn on.

  • Had mine since launch. It used to be 4 hours, now it's more like 2 and a half. It may depend on the game, and if I use it more or not.

  • I wouldn't know, I pretty much always keep it connected.

    I've had it since launch, and I don't really have any complaints though.

  • Mine has the expanded battery, still has strong battery life.

  • I was playing some Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE today and decided to time it. At screen brightness 4 and rumble on my time to red light was 2:43, and time to complete shut down was 3:05

  • I think 3-4 hours from full charge, exactly how long it takes me to get King/Queen in a Splatfest. Although, it is worth mentioning that the battery seems to be getting drained lately by my Wii U frequently dipping off my net connection. (LED switched between yellow and red frequently) The gamepad talks with the Wii U when you're not using it if you have the alerts thing on, so my gamepad will turn itself on to tell me about new releases I don't want or already know about. I believe this is draining my battery when I don't keep it on the plugged in recharge stand.

  • Mine is the same it always has been... which isn't too great to be honest, but I always leave it on charge so not too big a problem.