Love & Respect Twitter promotion

  • Good morning allies,

    I think you are missing an opportunity to promote the staff on Love & Respect by making only the winner promote their twitter handle, especially since only Bosman and Jones seem to win bets.

    The people who view the podcast on Patreon probably already know who you are, but the random youtube viewer that makes it all the way to the end, might want to know who everyone else on the couch is as well.

    Making it a prize for the bet winner only seems to be "non-optimal" when it comes to social media presence.

    At least throw out the @EasyAllies twitter handle so people will receive announcements and news as well.

    Love & Respect!

    The Hashtagonist

  • I actually agree with this. I'm a VERY new fan to Easy Allies and the personalities there. I had to go on a hunt to find everyone to follow them. It only took me a few minutes to find them, but it would have been nice to have known.

    The winner could promote their own account then promote a twitter list by the Easy Allies account, much like this:
    (Also, let me know if I'm missing anyone in my list! I'm still getting to know everyone!)

    Just a suggestion!

  • admin

    Well, you should tell this directly to Kyle as it's entirely his decision. That said, everyone's Twitter handles do appear at the start of the show in the video version. Including the Easy Allies Twitter handle might be worth mentioning though.