Bosman at Home?

  • @Matthew-Lawson Until Blood or someone says otherwise, i'd say they're official. I felt a little weird kind of barging into the forum and creating threads for the shows. I figured each show's producer would want to create each show's thread, but again, with E3 planning, I figured they were too busy to tend to the forum and I'd lend a hand.

  • I love Bosman at Home. While infrequent each episode has been pure quality so far, which wasn't always the case with The Final Bosman after Defy bought GT and the whole operation got downsized.

  • @Kasper I hope we get to a point where he can do it more frequently so it goes up on Easy Allies and he can take a bit of money to up the production value. The suit has to come back, and he needs to be able to do his dumb skits again.

  • admin

    We love Kyle and will support him in all things. Feel free to make topics about his episodes from Bosman at home.

  • I just close my eyes and pretend its part of EZA. :sweat_smile:

  • Well hopefully eza are sorting something out for him. Working hard on a new set, new desk, new tie and it's taking time because they are finding the rarest pokemon card to put on the desk.
    Maybe not.

  • Somewhere (youtube/twitch?) I saw a comment from EZA saying it was up to Kyle whether or not to make his show part of EZA. Maybe he's just doing it to get some gaming stuff off his chest when he wants (hence the infrequency of the episodes) and has some other plans for EZA?

    I'd love to see his show become "official" but I think its cool that he's just doing it when he feels like it..

  • I'd really love to see it return as a full-on show, but really I want Kyle to do what he thinks is best for both the show and himself. He hosts the podcast, which is awesome, maybe it's best he save Bosman at Home for when he has an episode he wants to make, instead of it being a scheduled/regular show.

  • Yeah, it definitely seems like Kyle doesn't want to have to fill up an episode when he has nothing to talk about.

  • 17 minutes of Boss! Great episode. Lost myself four times and had to rewind. Amazing.